Just Say No The AUMF – Call Congress Now!

The Obama administration is pushing to pass their AUMF, an authorization for the use of military force against the "Islamic State" – a gang of thugs in a world of thugs that represents no particular threat to the United States. Yes, the War Party is going full blast with a propaganda campaign designed to drag us into yet another bloody futile war in the Middle East.

We’ve been here before – remember? The last time they corralled us into a war in Iraq they handed us cock-and-bull stories about "weapons of mass destruction" and Saddam Hussein’s nonexistent links to the 9/11 attacks. This time they aren’t bothering with any of that: it’s just pure horror stories plus the laughable contention that ISIL represents a credible threat to the US homeland.

It’s time for a preemptive strike at the War Party’s congressional fortress. Please call your congressional representative today and urge them to vote no on the AUMF – because we can win this one. We stopped them last time when Obama decided it was time to bomb Syria. One by one members of Congress who were inclined to authorize that military campaign backed away when faced with a deluge of outraged calls from constituents. We can do it again – oh yes we can!

Please make that call today – because the future of this country, not to mention the peace of the world, depends on it.

And we need your help to stop this war before it starts. Your tax-deductible donation to Antiwar.com will give us the resources to stop the well-funded War Party in its tracks – but we can do it without you! Make your contribution today – because the future of our country. and the peace of the world, depends on it.

11 thoughts on “Just Say No The AUMF – Call Congress Now!”

  1. War the word itself dangerous. This all because of terrorism, Terrorist attack is the major issue all over the world. To get peace we have to attack them back. But in this issue sufferers are the common people. Terrorist not only spoiling their life they are attacking and destroying common people life. When Terrorism stops, then there will peaceful and freedom life all over the world. To stop terrorism, War is the only weapon to kill them and destroy their goal.

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  2. We have the makings of another Gulf of Tonkin in Iraq. We have put a small number of our troops in harm's way by locating them within reach of ISIS. ISIS will attack a vulnerable target and kill some of our troops. The idiot Republicans will demand Obama put in more troops to "deal" with ISIS and our corporate propaganda machine, otherwise known as our news media, will feature pictures of the atrocity and support the drum roll, thereby ensuring increased ad revenues for their corporate owners. Obama will not be able to refuse and we will be back in Iraq providing endless opportunities for our young men and women to die for no good reason. We are going to war again, mark my words.

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  4. Every word in this piece of work is very clear and your passion for this topic shines. Please continue your work in this area and I hope to see more from you in the future.

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