Hillary the Most Corrupt Secretary of State?

Press TV called early this morning seeking comments on an article about Hillary Clinton’s promise to “topple” the top 1%. That topic was too good to resist; here’s the link to their page and file of my monologue, and here are some outtakes:

*Hillary Clinton is perhaps the most corrupt Secretary of State in American history. The Clinton Foundation was getting massive windfalls from foreign governments and entities at the same time that Hillary was doing favors for them.

* For Hillary Clinton to base her presidential campaign on “toppling the 1%” is like her husband campaigning in favor of sexual abstinence. Hillary is apparently basing her presidential hopes on the unlimited gullibility of American voters.

* The real 1% issue is how the Federal Reserve has rigged the economic game to crucify the middle class with zero interest rates. Folks who relied on their savings have been devastated at the same time the Federal Reserve artificially inflates stock values to benefit the richest Americans.

* Instead of fixing this injustice, Hillary wants politicians to have even more power to dictate who gets what. But Hillary’s entire career proves that politicians cannot be trusted with arbitrary power.


17 thoughts on “Hillary the Most Corrupt Secretary of State?”

  1. Reminds me that during Hurricane Katrina, the Clinton woman pretty quickly took the mike to rail against "gougers" who were selling gas, water and food at higher prices than in her hometown. Couldn't just stand in the shadows doing nothing, could she? She is is the confluence of cluelessness and demagoguery.

  2. "…presidential hopes on the unlimited gullibility of American voters."

    First off, I'm not a Clinton admirer…quite the opposite, in fact. That said, that charge could be applied to any and all of the current and recent past Presidential aspirants…there being an overwhelming abundance of "unlimited gullibility" available – not to mention the colossal ambivalent stupidity of the same voters.. It is how the American political system works.

    So, no big revelation there. As for being corrupt…they're all corrupt – some more than others – but they're all corrupt. And the Hilary advocates and admirers will vote for her regardless. Just as the current occupant was elected because he would be the first black President, Hilary will likely win because, and only because she would be the first woman President. It's the kind of "selection process" the ignorant voters go for.

    1. We have to choices for president. "The lesser of two evils is still evil" (Jerry Garcia) I think.

  3. Hillary was supposed to win against Obama. Gore would have won in 2000 if it wasn’t for the Lewinsky scandal. lol. Oddly Bill Clinton would win for certain by a landslide. Hillary can’t win. She has zero charisma just like Gore. She is beyond vulnerable. The game is rigged though. The establishment will come up with another candidate with some appeal to the drooling masses. They always do.

    1. Gore actually won the popular vote by 500,000. In most countries, if you win the popular vote you win the election. Not in the backward USA, where an 18th Century compromise, the obsolete Electoral College, still rules. The same could happen in 2016, where Hillary will almost surely with the popular vote (btw, I despise her and hope that at least one other democrat with stature challenges her).

  4. I hope somebody in the Democratic Party knocks her out. Not that I'm a Democrat. I just don't want her to get anywhere near the White House again.

  5. The Pantsuited One and “Blow Job Bill” are both bought-and-paid-for hacks.

  6. The neo liberals fascism from Sweden to rest of Europe and Hillary Clinton 125 million dollars foreign money given to Clinton foundation speaks the facts of a corrupt system set up by Bill Clinton when he was president and Hillary following the steps. The idea in toppling regimes from Libya to Syria although comes from Paul Wofowitz and starts in 1990s but is been carried out by state department, the use of Muslims extremist in Yugoslavia, Saudis involvement in 911, the Ukraine, Bush regime invading Afghanistan and Iraq; Obama is following the very same steps without willing to engage U.S. military, yet killing innocent people with drone attack in Somali, Afghanistan, Pakistan and etc. Since 1990s world witnessing the rise of the neo fascism which comes in all kind of colors and ideas formed in social political but managed by IMF, Bank of England federal bank and Europe central bank and foreign moneys as Saudis and GCC investing in destruction of people's demand for democracy and people's right both at home and poor nations all over the world.

    1. Agree with everything except your line "Muslim extremists in Yugoslavia". Sorry but the Serbs were the extremists and attacked everybody they could.

  7. The Clintons dwell in this miasma of sleaze. You feel like taking a bath after even seeing one of them, let alone accually listening to one of them And now she wants us to believe they are not in the upper one-percent.

  8. Warren's not running. Saunders can't win. JIM WEBB 2016. I think he's the least likely to be sucked into a war and the most likely to get independents. Moderate Republicans will vote for him too, if they can escape from the basement.

  9. I hope somebody in the Democratic Party knocks her out. Not that I'm a Democrat. I just don't want her to get anywhere near the White House again.

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