CNN Rattles Sabers as Iran Talks Move Into Key Stage

With a 7-day extension hinting at the possibility of a major breakthrough in nuclear negotiations with Iran, CNN turned the tables and instead released a story talking about US bunker-busting bombs being put on standby.

The focus on a “military option” against Iran, the idea that in the middle of key talks the US could just up and attack Iran out of the blue, wasn’t actually based on new anything US officials said. Indeed, the CNN piece relied solely on a single quote from Defense Secretary Ash Carter in an interview from way back in April.

US officials do occasionally make puzzling decisions to threaten to attack Iran, but this was not one of those times, and rather CNN invented this story as a whole cloth exercise in 19th century-style yellow journalism.

There is enough distrust between Iran and the West already, without the media inventing bogus stories about US bombs being readied to launch unilateral attacks.

20 thoughts on “CNN Rattles Sabers as Iran Talks Move Into Key Stage”

  1. Plus CNN shouldn't be promoting criminal actions. Making threats like this against Iran is a violation of law. And to carry out such an attack is of course a violation of law. Those who control our media have a criminal mindset.

      1. CNN, like MSNBC, promotes the liberal interventionist line pushed by Hillary and her R2P acolytes Power and Rice. At least neocon-controlled FOX is a little more honest.

  2. Interesting to note that Iran supports Argentina's mythical Malvinas claims. Google: 'Argentina's Illegitimate Sovereignty Claims' to see Argentina's Malvinas fairy tale exposed.

    1. Imperial Britain has the valuable fishing rights and now oil and gas rights of the Malvinas? Google a map and explain how Britain has these valuable island fishing and mineral rights when England is located on the other side of the world. That is a real fairy tale.

      1. The British Empire was first on the Falklands. Argentina not so much. Deal with it.

        1. Did I mention there was a referendum and the Falkland population votes 99% to stay with the Brits?

          1. Thats what happens when a coloniser implants its people in a foreign land. It did not belong to them at first, and it still does not belong to them.

  3. CNN is owned by Time-Warner, which is owned by the Zionists. What do you expect from Israeli Firsters?

    1. They control pretty much the entire mainstream media. If you must watch TV news, at least Al Jazeera is more honest and objective.

  4. Have a hard time taking anything that CNN says seriously. They can't even tell the difference between Arabic writing and dildos.

  5. CNN (COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK) only had one reporter who told the truth: Rick Sanchez was fired when he said CNN was owned and controlled by the jews. That was the last time i ever watched CNN. Shun all jews, boycott the fascist theocracy of Apartheid israel… Don't buy anything labeled as "kosher" "Purity milk products are the worst, their milk is over a dollar higher than all the others because of the "kosher tax", the "kosher tax" goes directly to the IDF for weapons and torture equipment being used on Palestinian women and children. here's how to identify "kosher" products… there are a lot of synbols used; the most frequently used is the U inside of a circle. the Nazi bar code starts with "729". BDS FOREVER!

  6. scotter – There was another CNN correspondent who told the truth back in GHWB's first Gulf War – Peter Arnett.
    Arnett showed that the "smart bombs" weren't so smart after all. The CIA tried to get him fired for it.

  7. Sommetider folk vide besked med ikke, hvornår turisme findes en sikreste løsning i at opnå os i at blive sundere. Undertegnede har en idé til dem af jer som kan have været kede med aktiviteterne i hverdagen, der findes ved at læse artikler relateret i rejse information, som undertegnede skrev, plus titlen eller sikkert hvis du har snarere du magter også lytte til artikler andre attraktioner, som jeg titlen jeg håber det, jeg giver via disse kommentarer kan ofre en positiv værdi og værd fortil dig alt.

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