Jeb Bush Apes His Brother’s Foreign Policy, Torture Playbook

When it comes to Iraq, Jeb Bush was for it before he was against it, and is now for it again.

Speaking at a National Security Forum in Iowa, Bush sought to distance himself from his previous attempts to distance himself from his brother’s invasion of Iraq, saying he believed the multi-trillion dollar war with the massive death toll was a “pretty good deal” since it ousted Saddam Hussein.

Bush had previously faced a pretty major backlash for saying he’d have invaded Iraq like his brother did, and faced with that insisted he “misunderstood” the question and was actually against it.

Jeb Bush went on to talk torture, saying he believes “in general” torture isn’t appropriate, but refusing to rule out a return to torture if he was elected, saying he “didn’t want to make any blanket statements” about who he is or isn’t going to brutally torture in detention in the future.

At the same time, Bush conceded that he understands torture is “not effective” and said he believes President Obama’s ban on torture was “the proper thing to do.” He then claimed that torture was effective when his brother’s administration did it, and that torture “made the country safe.”

Most candidates haven’t taken official stances on torture, though Sen. Marco Rubio (R – FL) has gone on the record as opposed to the torture ban, believing it is important to keep the torture card “in the deck,” though he was not actually present for the vote on the torture question in the Senate.

11 thoughts on “Jeb Bush Apes His Brother’s Foreign Policy, Torture Playbook”

  1. It was a pretty good deal for the people who made trillions of dollars off of the Iraq war. Bush must be chasing donor dollars (profits) from the Iraq war.

  2. Looks like his "advisors" have told him that regardless of what he says, he's tha adult in the room and will prevail through the Republican primaries. And that's all that matters right now – the primaries. Once he wins the primaries and gets the nomination, he will walk back most of what he says in the primary race in the misguided belief that he is a moderate and will garner the anti-Hillary voters.

    What he doesn't understand is that people dislike Bushes more than they dislike Shillary. They haven't forgotten what Brother Dumya left behind when he left office and it will matter when it comes down to pulling the lever.

    Once he's the nominee, the dems will take off the gloves and do anything and everything to remind the world what the previous Bush did and despite JEBs attempts to define himself as his own man he will fail – he might be but it's the same as the other Bush and the Bush before him. Time to send a message even they won't have a problem understanding.

    Barbara Bush understood clearly what was going to happen if JEB decided to run. She understood all to well that Brother Dubya's legacy was going to be finally litigated and the verdict was not going to be pretty. IT is right that that scab be ripped from the body and the rotten core underneath exposed. Finally.

  3. Jeb Bush makes me want to vomit. He brother George is as dumb as they get, except that it now turns out that at this point in time Jeb is even dumber. These people are disgusting beyond words.

  4. The Bush's and Clinton's are like cockroaches, they thrive in the toxicity they foster and they refuse to do us all a favor by dropping off the face of the planet. I mean, just look at H.W. what is that bastard? Like !80? He's like a damn Sith lord. I'm 27 and he'll probably out live me. Unspeakable evil must do a body good.

  5. Jeb Bush is one of the originators of the PNAC papers that years befor Iraq invasion laid it all out in plain view, trouble is Americans have their heads up their you know what.
    He was the Liason between his oldmans intelligence connections AIPAC SPONSORED AND MEMBERS , AND THE CHENEY energy groups.
    Neither re.Ining Bush were reliable due to heavy coke and Bush the minors stupidity and isanity
    Jeb is thebtrue reprezentative of those whom Chrny and Bush and clear back to Regan’s “Silent Minority.” Sic; and the “Shadow Government.
    Bush is an Internationalist as were all the PNAC but his hands are into billion dollar educational schemes of Agenda 21’s Charter private and part private gov sponsored charter schools for Ll children immediately.
    Also group that sponsors revisionist History text books and soft ware and bibical related creationism.
    A very dangerous man and just what US deserves for the grunting male and lesser male militaryand flag wavers.
    US Presidential race is marriage squabblestreight from family in hell, Bush Hillary and two children The Donald and the who knows nothing except tosay what he is told parrot Barney.

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