Ron Paul on the Iran Deal’s Surprising Supporters

As the neocons continue to bombard Congress demanding that the deal with Iran be killed, a group of former senior US military officers and a group of former Iranian political prisoners living in the US have both signed letters in support of the deal. Who will US lawmakers listen to? Today on the Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

7 thoughts on “Ron Paul on the Iran Deal’s Surprising Supporters”

  1. He's right on the video, and then he is wrong (say it ain't so):

    Has anyone told Ron Paul that his son is against the deal with Iran? That he would risk millions dead and trillions in debt for his political ambitions. Some Libertarian. Now that endorsement would set back Libertarianism unless the do not harm principle is removed, war becomes the health of the state, and then we'd have Imperial Libertarianism. If I was Ron I wouldn't support Rand completely. He is giving the whole movement to his former employee, Dondero! He can say the truth that Rand is good on civil liberties and slightly better than run of the mill on foreign policy on the Republican side but not by much.

    1. Lincoln Chafee wants Snowden to come home and not be punished:
      Why isn't Ron speaking fondly of this guy? He is the closest to Ron Paul on foreign policy out of all of the candidates of the two major parties. He reminds me of Ron Paul in the way he speaks his mind without sending it through a committee to turn it into a sound byte. He is a lot better than Rand. He supports the deal with Iran and voted against the Iraq war. He isn't a libertarian but he also isn't a brand destroyer.

    1. Someone running for President (Lincoln Chafee) wants Snowden to come home and not be punished, voted against the Iraq war, supports the Iran Deal and Ron Paul is endorsing his anti-Iran deal son. His screed in that video concerning those against the deal with Iran fits Rand perfectly. I'm calling Ron Paul out for not choosing the candidate closest to him on foreign policy. He is engaging in nepotism, offering his supporters and encouraging his donors to sell out to the war party when the real peace candidate is barely polling and lacks funds. I'm stating the obvious and it is shameful. I hope Rand Paul buries Paul Inc. and Dondero Libertarianism. Can you imagine Rand running it? Classical liberalism is where it is at. Ron Paul detractors (those who came out strong against him and Lew Rockwell and weren't Koch puppets) may be proven correct that he will ultimately destroy the Libertarian brand. He is undoing all the good he has done by supporting his son.

      1. Wait…what? Ron supports the deal, doesn't he? Rand does not, right?

        I agree with you about Rand, he sucks. But Ron is in a different category in my mind. Ron had his deviations (immigration, etc.), but he seemed to at least deviate with principle in mind. Ron didn't compromise on war/peace. Rand, as far as I can tell, is.

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