Israel Wanted Iran Talks To Deal With Nukes Only

Opponents of the Iran deal – the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – loudly complain that it deals only with the nuclear issue. Why, they ask, didn’t the P5+1 talks also take up Iran’s detention of Americans and its alleged machinations in the Middle East?

They should ask the Israelis.

It was, after all, Israel’s leaders who insisted that the nuclear file be addressed first and on its own, and who pushed back hard against any attempt to forge a more comprehensive understanding or grand bargain with Iran.

So writes David Levy at Foreign Affairs magazine.

Moreover, Iran offered a comprehensive grand bargain to the United States in 2003, in which all outstanding issues would be discussed, including Iran’s support for the Palestinians. Indeed, as part of the proffered grand bargain, Iran accepted Saudi Arabia’s previous Arab Peace Initiative (2002, renewed 2007), which would have included recognition of Israel in a two-state context. President George W. Bush gave Iran’s overture the back of his hand, having branded Iran in 2002 as a member of the Axis of Evil along with Iraq and North Korea. (This was a fine thank-you for Iran’s cooperation after the 9/11 attacks.)

Sheldon Richman is chairman of the trustees of the Center for a Stateless Society. He blogs at Free Association. Reprinted with permission from Free Assocation.

11 thoughts on “Israel Wanted Iran Talks To Deal With Nukes Only”

  1. That is interesting. Likud would be totally screwed on this issue if there was a grand bargain. They'd have nothing to attack otherwise. I think President Obama should repeatedly remind the world that Israel turned down a grand bargain.

  2. Israel has become an expert monkey wrench gang when it comes to middle east peace. It makes zero difference what the deal is, if it includes peace with Iran they'll do whatever it takes to fuck it up. The only thing Zionists care about is being able to slaughter Palestinians with impunity and only Iran and Syria still stand in there way.

  3. Israel has become an expert monkey wrench gang when it comes to middle east peace. It wouldn't matter what the deal was, if it included peace with Iran they would try to find a way to destroy it. The only thing Zionists care about anymore is slaughtering Palestinians and only Iran and Syria are left to stand in there way. Maybe that sounds harsh but take a good hard look at whats left of Gaza and tell me its not true.

  4. I agree with Israel that the talks with Iran should have been on nukes only. United States must support Israel. It is of vital importance. president Obama must take the initiative.

    1. Why? Why does the US have to support Israel? What the hell have they actually done for us or anyone for that matter? Why should we be any more beholden to Israel then apartheid South Africa? A spade is a spade. The Holocaust was an undeniable tragedy but two genocides don't make a right, especially when Palestine had nothing to do with the first one. There's no excuse for mass slaughter and reckless war mongering. Israel burned it's own bridges and Obama showed initiative, for once, by saying enough is enough. Any nation that doesn't make peace an initiative is worthless as an Allie.

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