Justin Raimondo Talks to Alan Colmes About the Trump Campaign as a ‘False Flag’

Wednesday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan spoke with Antiwar.com Editorial Director Justin Raimondo, who has a controversial theory about Donald Trump’s Presidential run. Raimondo believes Donald Trump might be a “false flag” candidate to help hand the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

Raimondo told Alan why he thinks the Democrats are just as pro-war as Republicans, why Trump may drop out of the race (“he’ll pull a Ross Perot”) and guarantee a Clinton victory, and why Trump actually turns off conservative voters.

12 thoughts on “Justin Raimondo Talks to Alan Colmes About the Trump Campaign as a ‘False Flag’”

    1. I like Justin and Trump, but here I think Justin is wrong. Trump is not going to run just to run interference for Hillary. He was the only one that said what she did was criminal. The only reason he refused to say he wouldn't go third party is because it is so clear the establishment Republican Party doesn't want him, so by doing this, he is forcing them to play nice with him. Now, they could force him to declare he won't run 3rd party on threat of being banned from the debates, but that's ok, because then all the cards will be on the table that the GOP made him agree under duress, not based on his actual willingness. If the GOP takes away delegates from the leader, it will be much more appalling than taking delegates from Ron Paul; it would be so offputting, the GOP would automatically lose. Justin is still mad at Trump for attacking Buchanan in 1999; fair enough to be mad, but he's let it cloud his judgment as to what is going on here. To say that 21 million illegals is not a relevant issue shows how clueless Justin is: of course it's relevant. Whether or not you can deport 21 million illegals is a totally different question – what voters (like me) want is a leader who thinks that doing SOMETHING is better than ignoring the topic entirely. Not only will Trump stay, he will win – as a Republican. This thing that Trump is "not a Republican" – hey, I used to be a Democrat, then a Republican, then a libertarian. So what? I know what I believe now, which is not necessarily what I used to believe. Trump works in Democrat cities building buildings – what he wants is to work through the complicated political bureaucracy to get his buildings done. If he voted Democratic to get what he wanted, I wouldn't even begrudge him.

      Raimondo has totally misread this situation. To think that Trump is going to waste all his time, money and energy JUST TO GET POLITICAL FAVORS is sheer madness. And then to say Trump is the most unpresidential presidential candidate since "Mickey Mouse" is petty nonsense, a personal attack that shows that Justin is perfectly willing to forego political analysis in favor of name-calling. I do support Justin's anti-war views, but I've lost respect for him here.

  1. The hapless "Mr Peepers" is still around? It's sure been a long time since I occasionally watched him get beat up by Mad Dog Hannity. I hope his new show lets him talk once in a while…

  2. Pretty good interview. I disagree though when he says that immigration is irrelevant. That is not true, not to the GOP rank and file but also not to the less well off white collar democrat. People who have think tank jobs, government jobs and in academia are living in the bubble on that one.

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