Reuters Claims to Uncovers ‘Secret’ Russian Plan to Build Military Base in Russia

Reuters is releasing huge numbers of articles about Russia’s military today, mostly centering on the idea that Russia’s military advisers in Syria, despite having been there for years, are a new and major issue.

But they also announced an “exclusive” story about Russia planning to build a “major military base” inside Russia, but not far from the Ukrainian border. Despite referring to it as a “secret” base in the article, they confirm that the information was obtained from publicly available Russian military documents.

And the “major” base? Not so much. The base is described as 300 hectare site, which makes it about 700 acres. By comparison, most “major” US military bases are more than 100,000 acres in size, meaning this new base is less than 1% of that.

With the US and other NATO nations setting up sites for more and more deployments along the Russian frontier, it is perhaps unsurprising that Russia should also be building new bases on its western borders. That a publicly available document about a comparatively tiny site should become a “major” and “exclusive” underscores just how eager people are to latch on to anything Russia related.

21 thoughts on “Reuters Claims to Uncovers ‘Secret’ Russian Plan to Build Military Base in Russia”

  1. Reuters has always promoted Putin as an agressor and rebuilder of the old Russian Empire.

    No word on the American Empire from Reuters which is typical of the Anglo press who go out of their way to avoid mentioning it.

  2. ; Skip any article from this beast Reuters–a sinister Jewish operation–untrustworthy . Founder, Paul Julius Freiherr von Reuter (Baron de Reuter) his father was a rabbi, Samuel Levi Josaphat, his mother was Betty Sanders. His birthname was Israel Beer Josafat
    ….n 1872, Nasir al-Din Shah, Shah of Iran, signed an agreement with Reuter, selling him all of railroads, canals, most of the mines, all the government's forests, and all future industries of Iran. George Nathaniel Curzon called it "The most complete and extraordinary surrender of the entire industrial resources of a kingdom into foreign hands that has ever been dreamed

    1. You do know you can be a crook and a Jew without the two having anything to do with each other, right? I hate to play the PC card but lets leave the race bating to the Zionists.

  3. Strange as it may seem, there exists people who fall hook line and sinker into such blatant rubbish. Mainly British and Americans.

  4. The more interesting point is that Putin is falling into the trap of an arms race. The Soviet Union was brought down by an arms race it couldn't afford. The more money Putin spends on bases and the more military advisers he sends to Syria and anywhere else he cares to send them, the better. The reason why people are getting worked up about Putin's advisers in Syria is not that it's new. What's new is Putin's change of policy. As long as he was playing by the rules of the international community (something the Soviet leaders were always careful to do), advisers were no problem. By invading Ukraine, he turned Russia into a pariah state and the very fact that he has used private mercenaries posing as "rebels" makes his activities in Syria suddenly suspicious. As always, Putin has only himself to blame for the mess he's in.

    1. And what about the USA falling into the al Qaeda trap of an arms race, Michael? Remember, there were no more than 50 to 100 in Afghanistan and look at the trillions spent to fight those few terrorists. We are now fighting them all over the Middle East and Africa, not to mention their infiltration to all of North America and Europe. Those cave dwellers are winning – they invited us into their caves and now we can´t find our way out. If trapping a country into an arms race is measurable, then al Qaeda is the absolute winner of winners, they play with the entire western civilization like a puppet on strings.

  5. Lol@ kenny. Yes Kenny we have all heard the propaganda in the MSM. Do you really need to regurgitate it here?

  6. We’ve seen the stories about how the ‘western’ governments are going to step up the propaganda as a counter to what they call ‘russian propaganda’. Is it a coincidence that now we are seeing the AP distribute obvious fakes as ‘news’ on Iran (a fake document supposedly from the IAEA and Russia ( a fake story about Russian troops in Donbas) and now we are seeing Reuters follow with its own load of propaganda. How dare those evil Ruskies build a base in their own country? That’s even worse than before when those evil Ruskies actually massed troops inside their own country.

    Since I think only news from reliable sources is useful, it now seems obvious that both AP and Reuters are unreliable organizations that openly promote the fake propaganda from ‘western’ governments. Cross them off the list of people I might listen to.

  7. Good thing the US government never runs a budget deficit and isn’t wasting money on a whole string of bases in Poland and Estonia and other such important places. How would the US survive if we ever lost Estonia?

  8. This surely must be proof that Russia will invade Latvia. At one level this hysteria is funny, but given Hillary Clinton's assertion that she will get escalate US responses to Russia, not so funny as this type of propaganda lays the ground work for justifying a war against Russia.

  9. WOW!! What a concept! A country building military installations to defend itself from attack. Who knew?

    BTW, Happy 9/11.

  10. Pretty sure Reuters is owned by the Thompson Family of Canada.
    Protestant and often ranked as Canada's richest family.
    Doesn't mean their news service isn't warped, just sayin'.

  11. While launching unilateral action would be extremely risky, it was difficult to predict how Putin would act if his offer of joint action against IS was rejected by Washington, Malashenko said.

  12. Hundreds as opposed to thousands of acres, its still hundreds of thousands of armed Russians camping out, slavering and waiting for the invasion green light. And it's all right next to downtown EUkraine!

  13. Weleens zijn lieden niet uitvinden wanneer het toerisme zijn een zekerste oplossing door ons gezonder worden. Ik heb dezelfde idee aan degenen onder u die al verveeld kunnen bestaan met de activiteiten van het gebruikelijk leven, datgene is door het lezen van artikelen met betrekking tot de reisinformatie die ik schreef en getiteld ofwel misschien als u meer kunt u ook door artikelen te luisteren meerdere attracties datgene ik de titel ik hoop dat wat ik erbij geven via deze opmerkingen kunnen beslist positieve waarde en de moeite waard alles geven.

  14. reuters said they “uncover secrete” from a” publically available document”. This is really stupid! AM I THE ONLY ONE READING THIS CRAP?????????

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