Wild Guesses About ISIS Fuel US Official Hysteria

It could be ISIS. Maybe.

US spy chief James Clapper, best known for lying to Congress about NSA surveillance, is now riled up about refugees “descending on Europe,” saying that even though there’s no evidence of it, he’s super, super worried that those refugees might turn out to be ISIS fighters just sneaking in.

Which is a great story for scaring people, but makes zero sense. In addition to not being backed by any evidence, it vilifies the people fleeing from ISIS and the war surrounding its rise.

It also totally ignores what intelligence officials the world over have made obvious is the biggest reason ISIS is a danger to Western countries. ISIS has a huge number of recruits from Western nations already, including a lot from Europe. Those recruits don’t need to “sneak” into Europe as starving refugees, but rather have passports that would give them access to targets in these nations in ways that traditional Middle Eastern Islamist groups simply don’t.

Demonizing the refugees is very convenient for governments around the world, of course, as it lets them off the hook for having to house refugees who their policies often created in the first place. Not copping to the bad things you’ve done, of course, is simply Clapper’s go-to move, but as the Director of National Intelligence he of all people surely knows better than this.

12 thoughts on “Wild Guesses About ISIS Fuel US Official Hysteria”

    1. No, the wars that he and George W. Bush cooked up and deceived the American people into.
      Obama has not done that much to get us out of it, but he did not start this mess, George W. Bush did, with his violent wars OF terrorism in the Middle East and South Asia.

  1. Well stop supporting these terrorists groups, help the legitimate government of Russian, Syria, Iraq, Iran handle the created situation by USG, Saudis, Wahhabism the English neo liberals and Europe neo economic, including IMF, and political fascism. That's because the USG, intelligent sources been wrong, intentionally or not, since the beginning where as result they have shown their either ignorance to being incompetent since day one. Either scenario, it reminds me when Obama and David Cameron were watching basketball match eating hotdogs…? Like when Bush regime let that Wahhabis family member whom were staying at WH to fly our of the country while it was orderd no flying out of US and no flying to US?

  2. Clapper gives no indication of being worried about Saudi sponsorship of Wahhabi mosques and imams everywhere,including in Europe. http://www.cfr.org/homeland-security/james-clappe… . If there's one place where I'd consider repressive measures it's those places. Since our side strongly defends saudi leadership as being very different from the wealthy individual 'rotten apple' sponsors, who could possibly be against that.

  3. Classic predator behavior 101, when all else fails, blame the victim, blame the victim, blame the victim.
    Next Clapper will tell us they were asking for it, " If they didn't want to be displaced then why did they vote that way?".

    James Clapper is the Bill Cosby of international intelligence.

  4. Neocon confirmed. The ethnocide of Europe is irrelevant. What matters is terrorist fearmongering.

    And of course there are plenty of current and future Islamist terrorists among the "refugees"; one would be a fool not to think there are.

    But the real threat is demographic.

  5. Conrad Hermit…. U..R the man..!!!!
    Especially love the Cosby jibe… PLEASE KEEP – EM COMING…. U

    1. It's been kind of a sh*tty week and that just made my day. Thanks and stay tuned I still have plenty of outrage to go around these days if people are willing to let me bitch.

  6. A veces la población no piensa que la turismo existe una arreglo más segura de ejecutar que hacemos más saludable. Tengo una idea si pretende aquellos de ustedes en comparación a pueden haber sido aburrido con las actividades de la vida cotidiana que es a razón de la lectura de aspectos relacionados cuidadosamente la información de viaje en comparación a escribí y o titulado quizá si tiene más también se logra escuchar a los puntos más atractivos que titulé Espero que lo que doy a través de estos comentarios logran dar un valor positivo y valor para usted todo.

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