Ralph Nader on Left/Right Coalitions Against the Empire

I recently got a chance to discuss American militarism and antiwar politics with Ralph Nader. The Center for Study of Responsive Law created this video in affiliation with the Amherst Political Union.

10 thoughts on “Ralph Nader on Left/Right Coalitions Against the Empire”

  1. Ralph Nader is the greatest American since Eugene Debs and along with the late Hugo Chavez is the primary reason why I write about politics. Once again, he's right on the money.

    The American empire is the greatest threat humanity has faced since the Third Reich. I'm sorry if that sounds bellicose but I challenge anybody to prove it's not true. The only way we can destroy this beast is if working class people, left and right, black and white, from Iowa to Siberia, unite and dismantle this menace together and a good way to start is by abandoning the toxic cesspool of the two party tyranny. Both Republicrats and Dempublicans have made it painfully clear they don't represent us. They represent the corporatist institutions that prey on us. A sick marriage of big business and big government.

    I say f**k em both! Libertarians aim high, Socialists aim low and will shut this motherf**ker down, once and for all!

    1. To be honest, I also think the American empire is a pretty big threat. But not many people can spot that out. Just knowing those with big cash who can wean their power around is just unfair to those who work hard to make a living (or at least reaching the "American dream."

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