Tom Woods and Laurie Calhoun on The Failure of Just War Theory

Awesome interview on the Tom Woods Show.

The just-war tradition is a much-heralded aspect of moral reflection in the Western world. But does this series of criteria for the acceptability of particular wars really serve the purpose of limiting war? It’s a question I’ve changed my mind on in recent years, and Laurie Calhoun helps me to work through the issue in today’s episode.

Listen to audio only here.

7 thoughts on “Tom Woods and Laurie Calhoun on The Failure of Just War Theory”

  1. Never miss an episode of Tom’s show, it’s great!

    I’ve had similar thoughts to the ones expressed in this interview for a long time, but never articulated them quite as clearly as Tom’s guest.

    I’ve basically said Just War theory can maybe work as a pure abstraction, but almost every ACTUAL war miserably fails the test.

    It becomes a matter of “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin,” having nothing to do with the way wars are actually waged, making the theory useless for any real application.

    Politicians are crooks and liars. For all intents and purposes, ALL wars are unjust, corrupt, and based on deception.

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