Dems: Future Leaks Might Be ‘Russian Lies’

After hacker Guccifer 2.0 twice hacked significant Democratic Party targets, first releasing considerable information during the DNC and then hacking the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, party leadership appears to be getting a bit gunshy about future leaks embarrassing their presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. They’re also trying to get in front of such leaks by speculating that whatever they say might be “Russian lies” designed to make Hillary look bad.

Democrats have repeatedly speculated that Guccifer 2.0 amounts to the Russian government, and have suggested the hacks were a Russian plot to get the Republican nominee elected.

There is no evidence to support this claim, and so far the indications are that everything that’s been leaked is spot-on fact. With more than a few embarrassing tidbits already released, the fear that there could be a “October surprise” with more embarrassing tidbits is palpable.

Still, it’s a huge stretch to support that this is all a Russian plot, and stretched further still in speculating that there will be future leaks, let alone that they may be lies. What it is, however, is a tacit admission that there is more leak-able information which party officials believe could be hugely deleterious to the campaign.


10 thoughts on “Dems: Future Leaks Might Be ‘Russian Lies’”

  1. There are people in the government that have Russia obsession, many directly related to their ancestry and over a thousand year old troubled history between them.
    Why drag American people into it. Now, if the people are not catching on — even though Trump tried to hint at it — then more power to the Russia-phobic circles that are trying to score. We are just too dumb to even have a curiosity and enough of common sense to ask what is really going on.

    1. More than one eastern european that I am casually acquainted with are curiously sympathetic to the propaganda here in the U.S. that Russia is the aggressor in the region worth our concern. They are specifically upset with the reunification of Crimea with Russia. I (non-confrontationally as possible) bring up that my understanding is that the majority of Crimeans themselves supported reunification with Russia. They acknowledge the truth of that and then go quiet.

      My take-away is that although Russia is not the monster it once was, there are a lot of truly bad memories on the topic.

  2. Russia has no need to lie, when the US continuously shoots itself in the foot. Russia has a morality about it, whereas, the US is totally devoid of any morality.

  3. Make Hillary look bad? She looks already pretty bad. Bushbama the fifth term, with more antirussian shit … man, how I would like to go back to the times when the chads were hanging.

  4. This is a sad and desperate attempt to use America’s Russophobia to cover Killary’s lying ass. People go on and on about Trumps racism (and rightfully so) but know one gives so much as a peep about the Dempublicans fervent anti-Russian race baiting which is parroted by the same presstitute trolls who love to wax poetic about racial harmony and the evils of white Trumpismo. What f**king hypocrites.

  5. and the lie to set up their excuse for the truth begins.. the truth will be yet another leak and they know it..
    What no one talks about is IF hillary wasn’t such a prolific criminal, THERE WOULD BE NOTHING TO LEAK!

  6. Boris and Natasha did it

    Donald wants us to hate Blacks

    Hillary wants us to hate Russians

    They are both nostalgic for the Fifties

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