Ron Paul on The USS Gerald Ford – A $13 Billion Boondoggle?

What is $3 billion over budget, two years overdue, and not combat ready? The new USS Gerald Ford “super” aircraft carrier! As the Pentagon together with the military-industrial complex try to justify a trillion dollars in military spending, however, conflicts must be ginned up around the world. That is one reason for the increasingly hostile position of the US against Russia and China. It justifies boondoggles like the USS Gerald Ford. It also essentially pushes Russia and China into each other’s arms and may be making a nuclear war more likely in the future. Is it really worth it just to keep Beltway defense contractors in the money? More on the 13 billion dollar boondoggle and the policies that ensure many more to come in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

2 thoughts on “Ron Paul on The USS Gerald Ford – A $13 Billion Boondoggle?”

  1. We need to yank the Yankee carpet out from under the feet of corporatist gangster capitalism.

    Abolish the limited liability corporation.

  2. look i don’t disagree with the industrial military complex paradigm about military spending.

    However you need to look at the motivation of the sources involved. Take J. Michael Gilmore.

    His name is splashed out on nearly ever major project and he is aggressively attacking these projects despite a huge amount of material that says otherwise.

    A lot of people, not just in the US military system have put their name and reputations on these projects. For Michael Gilmore to come out and say otherwise is a big deal.

    When you google his name you’ll see that that branches have begun attacks onto him, long before he flagged the Gerald Ford carrier and F-35 project concerns. Apparently there is a push to get rid of his office so that might explain his aggressive attacks.

    Regarding the length of time to commission the Gerald Ford carrier, 8 years for a new ship isn’t that crazy. The Nimitz CVN-68 was laid down in 1968 but wasn’t commissioned until 1975.

    And the case follows for most of the ships of that class. They took 7-9 years to build.

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