House Expects Friday Vote on 9/11 Lawsuit Bill Opposed by Saudis

Reports out of the Republican leadership say that the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, or JASTA, is expected to come up for a vote in the House of Representatives this week, likely on Friday.

The JASTA allows for 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for damages related to the 2001 terrorist attack. Saudi Arabia threatened the US over the bill back in April, threatening to immediately divest themselves of $750 billion in US treasury assets, potentially collapsing both the US debt market and the dollar.

The Saudi threats initially worked, with the White House threatening a veto, citing the risk of the bill to “taxpayers.” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R – SC) also briefly blocked the bill, though the Senate did eventually pass the bill in mid-May.

In July, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence finally released the notorious “28 pages” from the 9/11 Report, which detailed Saudi government involvement in the attacks.

Increased evidence of official Saudi support for the 9/11 plot has added momentum to the bill, though a veto threat is still believed to be intact, part of the Obama Administration’s substantial support for the Saudi kingdom, and fear of Saudi retaliation.

Those interested in contacting their representative to express support for the legislation can find contact information here. While it is seen as likely that the bill will pass, it is particularly important to emphasize support now, with an eye toward limiting the chances of a successful veto.




One thought on “House Expects Friday Vote on 9/11 Lawsuit Bill Opposed by Saudis”

  1. There’s a lot to 9-11 that’s shrouded in lies, controversy and I know that’s fairly obvious. What’s not controversial is that it was used as an excuse to make war on what now looks like half the real estate in the world.
    And it’s designated as “patriots day” and people are supposed to fly their flags. So this is an essay I have published elsewhere, seems to fit this very closely. and the issue addressed comes up every september eleventh. So now the Saud puppet regime is coming under scrutiny. Cool. The British set up the monarchies in what was once Turkish “property” and for some odd reason the only countries who get invaded by the American-British cabal are those which threw off their Rightful Kings. Now a kingdom is being challenged.

    Let’s hit them from all sides. This essay might do some good. It would probably help if you know beforehand that I’ve been picking up lost and abandoned flags, mostly to shame the people who hate on me because I don’t participate in their fake patriotism.

    “Means I get to pick up your lost or blew-off-your-antenna
    because-you-don’t-know flag-etiquette-and-put-a-87-cent-walmart-flag-on
    your-motor-vehicle and you’re about as smart as you are a “real”
    patriot. Get a grip. If you expect people to stand up for your national
    anthem (not required) or say the pledge of allegiance (also not
    required) or stand up every time The Flag passes by (again, not
    required) first you can line up and take turns helping yourself to a
    Texas size All-you-can-eat buffet of Kiss My Liberal A##, Then you can
    hop out of your vehicle, (after first coming to a full stop, I know it
    sounds obvious but some people are REAL dumb) and pick the flag off the
    side of the road.

    Why not, eh? If you say you love your police state government and you
    love your flag, pick the motherf- (ahem) cloth idol up when you drop it.

    If I had the foolish habit of saluting the flag each time I pass it, I
    would have to glue my right hand over my left chest, just from the ones
    you idiots let fly off your vehicles and leave in the gutter. Hey,
    that’s real patriotism, ain’t it? There’s a lot of evidence, not real
    proof of course, that your rich-bitch masters who you also wish me to
    revere as “leaders” set up 9-11.

    Like no colonels or generals killed at the Pentagon and there were no
    trade ministers, CEOs of any corporations, especially banking, just a
    bunch of lower management and labor employees in the Twin Towers. On a
    Not-Holiday Tuesday in September in the mid morning. I’m calling

    I also ain’t going to fly any flags or do any useless praise for the
    Police State being spread across the world, violently, at a taxpayer
    expense of trillions of dollars, to somehow “avenge” 9-11.

    Note: one of the flags I pulled out of a ditch was just outside Woodland
    Park some years ago, I was out walking that ribbon of highway and saw
    above me that endless skyway, and saw below me a place to duck behind a
    tree to relieve my bladder. And… there, a familiar pattern showed
    up… and I said to myself, as I often do, “Self, another one of those
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    Here’s a nice part. It was in a rat’s nest and really dirty.

    When I got into Woodland Park I stopped at the Fire Station and asked if
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    I wound up doing it myself.

    See, I pick up your flags, and take pictures
    of them, and every now and then post what’s being done in the name of
    Patriotism, to shame you. Not that you have enough personal dignity to
    feel shame, but I try, really I do.

    I used to be a boy scout and when I was in High School I was ROTC and
    when I came of age I joined the Air Farts, and unlike George Bush I
    actually finished my enlistment, stayed in until my Honorable discharge.
    Not that I liked them or agreed with their agenda. I just, you know,
    had given my word to do so.”

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