Ron Paul: FBI Comes Clean On Homegrown Terror

What motivates terrorists to attack the US and US targets overseas? US foreign policy primarily characterized by US bombs fired by drone into countries primarily in the Middle East. This has been Ron Paul’s contention for years. Now we see that the FBI agrees. On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report we discuss a recent article about a leaked FBI internal counter-terrorism study and its (not so) surprising conclusions. Will Washington listen to the work of its own agency and work to change its foreign policy?

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

One thought on “Ron Paul: FBI Comes Clean On Homegrown Terror”

  1. Two part answer to two part question: Yes, and No
    Yes, they’ll listen to the work and analysis of their agencies.
    No, they won’t do anything to upset their carefully crafted bureaucratic and imperial nightmare. The entire body politic in america gives lip service to liberty, justice etc… and really, it comes down to individual interpretation. I could put the Nameless Other description on Them, as in, They usually by accident or design have set up a multi-tiered definition of liberty, law, rights… a sliding scale if you will. Those on the higher tiers get higher levels of liberty.

    “They” are used to the privilege and either don’t actually care about the rights and liberties, or they put themselves into eternal denial.

    Some actually believe they’re serving the masses. Others, probably the majority, are cynical beyond all possibility of redemption. Their personal motto, which they’ll deny, is Every Pig For Himself.

    Barnyard references like that are cheap, I know, and animals are at least more honest about their motives.

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