A Brief History of the Election OMG PUTIN IS TAKING CONTROL OF THIS ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Media ignore Clinton’s weaknesses and Trump’s strengths for 18 months to epically blow election predictions.

No calls for recounts.

Clinton concedes.

No calls for recounts.

Despite over 200 years of the electoral college system, and this being the fifth presidential election where the winner did not receive the majority of the popular vote, Clinton supporters begin bleating about her winning the popular vote so, whatever, she should become president. Many seem surprised to learn of this “electoral” system;

No calls for recounts.

Clinton supporters hold street protests.

No calls for recounts.

Effort made to talk electors out of voting for Trump fails to gain traction.

No calls for recounts.

Two weeks after the election in the midst of the Trump transition OMG the Russians hacked the election Putin is controlling America with RT.com thought waves and fake news so we gotta recount it but only so faith in American democracy is restored.

Jill Stein, who received zero electoral votes and has absolutely nothing to gain from a recount somehow raises more money in a few days than in her entire previous campaign.

We gotta have a recount!

Clinton campaign joins in demand for a recount.

(Standby for cries that the recount, which will show Clinton still losing, is itself crooked as it was done by the same local election officials under the same mind control of the Soviet Bear)

Peter Van Buren blew the whistle on State Department waste and mismanagement during Iraqi reconstruction in his first book, We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People. His latest book is Ghosts of Tom Joad: A Story of the #99 Percent. Reprinted from the his blog with permission.

15 thoughts on “A Brief History of the Election OMG PUTIN IS TAKING CONTROL OF THIS ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Speaking as a Jill Stein supporter and voter, I am grossly disappointed in her involvement in this charade. Congratulations Jill, you may have convinced this leftist to vote Libertarian in 2020. Job well done.

      1. Don’t get too excited. I’m still a Marxist Anarcho-Syndicalist. I just believe in voting for the best antiwar candidate. I pray to Christ that the Libertarians don’t pick Johnson again. He’s not any better than Stein. I got my fingers crossed for Adam Kokesh.

          1. The people I knew on his campaign staff were LP activists who were under the impression that he was after the LP’s nomination, as he was attempting to schedule events around the LP state convention calendar and such.

            But if the LP’s nomination is not what he’s after, that would seem to support my contention that the LP nomination is not something he’ll be getting.

          2. At least some of his campaign staff quit over issues relating to various aspects of his personal conduct (among other things, the “disfiancement” Thane alludes to — accompanied by a tearful video painting him as a controlling, abusive sociopath).

            Not having been there, I can’t say to what extent the various claims are true or false. But they appear to have been very damaging.

  2. Stein does have something to gain: The under-polling for president can just as easily be explained by the poll workers (exclusively GOP and Democrats in most states) discarding minor parties’ candidates’ votes. Since ballot access is based on these vote totals in most states, a serious discrepancy in the Wisconsin total would give minor parties a leg to stand on in demanding full ballot access (because there’s no way of knowing what their *real* vote total is). I threw in $15 because I’m sure she got more than 13,000 votes in Wisconsin, and I’m tired of seeing the minor parties required to get 10-20 times as many petition signatures as the major parties just to get on the ballot.

  3. To echo the More Libertarians theme, there’s nothing to lose by having a recount. Simply because so very many voters smell the stench of rotting ethics in the elections. As mentioned in the article, this isn’t the only time the Electoral College has turned a minority of popular votes into a “landslide” victory.
    In the really acrimonious public debate where of all people the Klan had a hand, and the extreme narrow margin of the popular vote, we the peasants got burned.

    That a Hillary presidency would be equally as disastrous as Trump, that’s well known as well. The two party system failed yet again. That’s why there actually IS a recount mechanism. A sneer attack on anybody who questions the result isn’t conducive. All that will do is deepen the suspicions that the elections are rigged.

    The debate right now in the Tabloid “news” is really stupid. The Enquirer, which is partly bankrolled by Mr Trump and it shows, are screaming all caps headlines like “Hillary and Obama going to prison” which might happen but there’s such a thing as Due Process, they’re both legal scholars, Hillary and Giuliani made sure Donald didn’t face any charges for the crimes he gleefully admits, to a point they were de facto his Defense Attorneys even though they were prosecutors…. That’s just a sample.
    Bottom line on that contract is they’re lawyers, and know the Judges, and prosecutors, in any court jurisdiction. Members of the same club. So is Trump.
    The “going to jail” crap isn’t peddled to the Upper Caste corporate citizens, but to the more ignorant of the Trump Parade.

    A trial with a foregone conclusion is a guilty verdict, has a name, several in fact. Show trial, Lynch Mob, Kangaroo Kourt…

    There’s another all-caps headline, “HOLLYWOOD ELITISTS BEG FORGIVENESS FROM TRUMP!” again crap. Maybe that kind of pandering is effective, but there is still Public Education so even the poorest (like myself) could learn to read and then put it into practice by learning civics and history etc.

    The question then goes back (with no sneers) to Is The Election Rigged? and after that By Whom? The Diebold machines have been in question since their inception. Doesn’t matter if they’re networked. And the number of votes not matching (some in the double digit percentage) the number of people who voted, that’s a huge red flag.

    That either part of the Two-Headed Beast would rig the election, because the Two-Headed Beast wins either way, just one of many questions.

    The idea that the questions arising from the last four times this has happened died naturally isn’t true either. Jeb Bush with his lawsuit against the 2000 recount leaps to mind.

    And again, the people are in storm-the-castle pitchfork-and-torches mode.

    Even the Klan/Skinhead/Pinhead Faction who think (despite Trump denying their contribution to his campaign) that they’ll have the power to attack anybody they don’t like…. they’re screaming foul. Mostly against any attempt at a recount. What do they have to hide?

    We can count on the recount being heavily monitored. That’s good. Glasnost.
    Far more open to scrutiny than the actual election. Whichever of the Big Two wins out, we’re still screwed. Without so much as a kiss.

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