Washington Post Peddles Tarring of Ron Paul Institute as Russian Propaganda

The Washington Post has a history of misrepresenting Ron Paul’s views. Last year the supposed newspaper of record ran a feature article by David A. Fahrenthold in which Fahrenthold grossly mischaracterized Paul as an advocate for calamity, oppression, and poverty – the opposite of the goals Paul routinely expresses and, indeed, expressed clearly in a speech at the event upon which Fahrenthold’s article purported to report. Such fraudulent attacks on the prominent advocate for liberty and a noninterventionist foreign policy fall in line with the newspaper’s agenda. As Future of Freedom Foundation President Jacob G. Hornberger put it in a February editorial, the Post’s agenda is guided by “the interventionist mindset that undergirds the mainstream media.”

On Thursday, the Post published a new article by Craig Timberg complaining of a “flood” of so-called fake news supported by “a sophisticated Russian propaganda campaign that created and spread misleading articles online with the goal of punishing Democrat Hillary Clinton, helping Republican Donald Trump and undermining faith in American democracy,” To advance this conclusion, Timberg points to PropOrNot, an organization of anonymous individuals formed this year, as having identified “more than 200 websites as routine peddlers of Russian propaganda during the election season.” Look on the PropOrNot list. There is the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity’s (RPI) website RonPaulInstitute.org listed among websites termed “Russian propaganda outlets.”

What you will not find on the PropOrNot website is any particularized analysis of why the RPI website, or any website for that matter, is included on the list. Instead, you will see only sweeping generalizations from an anonymous organization. The very popular website drudgereport.com even makes the list. While listed websites span the gamut of political ideas, they tend to share in common an independence from the mainstream media.

Timberg’s article can be seen as yet another big media attempt to shift the blame for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s loss of the presidential election away from Clinton, her campaign, and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that undermined Sen Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) challenge to Clinton in the Democratic primary.

The article may also be seen as another step in the effort to deter people from looking to alternative sources of information by labeling those information sources as traitorous or near-traitorous.

At the same time, the article may be seen as playing a role in the ongoing push to increase tensions between the United States and Russia – a result that benefits people, including those involved in the military-industrial complex, who profit from the growth of US “national security” activity in America and overseas.

This is not the first time Ron Paul and his institute has been attacked for sounding pro-Russian or anti-American. Such attacks have been advanced even by self-proclaimed libertarians.

Expect that such attacks will continue. They are an effort to tar Paul and his institute so people will close themselves off from information Paul and RPI provide each day in furtherance of the institute’s mission to continue and expand Paul’s “lifetime of public advocacy for a peaceful foreign policy and the protection of civil liberties at home.” While peace and liberty will benefit most people, powerful interests seek to prevent the realization of these objectives. Indeed, expect attacks against RPI to escalate as the institute continues to reach growing numbers of people with its educational effort.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Washington Post Peddles Tarring of Ron Paul Institute as Russian Propaganda”

  1. who gives two sh*ts what WaPO says or this group PropOrNot says. They have been outed as the corrupt propagandists that they are. What makes me laugh but it isn’t really funny is how they promote Obama and Democrats in general as caring folks of all people but when you look over Obama’s eight years foreign policy, it has been one of violent murder. He has made Bush Jr look like a prince in comparison. Obama has slaughtered thousands upon thousands of people including many children in 5 or 6 different countries. WaPo and the establishment had failed in their duty to point this out.

  2. Another gross attempt to smear one of this countries finest advocates for peace. It always amazes me how terrified big tough warmonger types are of nonviolent people. Just like bullies, beneath all their growling and snarling, they’re just a bunch of chickensh*t pussies.

  3. Yeah, so, basically, establishment propaganda propeller WaPo is picking up some list by parties unknown found on the Internet and decorating it with “mainstream” credentials. This in the same league as repeating sofa-based “research” by random Internet guy “bellingcat” (who he? dunno, lol!) regarding the involvement of Russia in the shootdown of MH-17. Worthless crap.

    The postmodern irony of post-truth WaPo endorsing a list by a post-truth website declaring other websites as post-truth is not lost.

    The problem apparently is that these outlets (some newssites but otherwise mostly opinion sites) are not “objective” in an approved way. They may say something positive about post-Yeltsin Russia, something bad about the Clintobama circus or something bad about the Wall Street cleptoconomy. Can’t have that.

    Hey – give me partisan or even unhinged messages, let me decide (yeah, a few of those sites have 25% things that make you think, 25% things that make you sweat, and 50% conspiracy rants and the comments may be atrocious … I remember that Zerohedge on Fukushima was hilarious, even more in panic mode than MSM know-nothings)

    So … looks like the Voter – so “preciousss” up till the minute the polling station closes – has been declared unfit to think for himself/herself and in dire need of the caring establishment’s helping hand. We shall have The Minute of Truth, where the piple are rallied around the approved bullhorns for their daily information pap! (no questions shall be asked, all the wars are going well, and are necessary and humanitarian in any case, China and Russia are encroaching on freedoms so we must do something, antisemites and racists are prowling the streets so we must do something here too, but the stock market is up, so all is fine! Let’s talk about “gun culture” and “rape culture” next!)

  4. As they say, the closer you get to the target, the more flak you catch. Ron Paul’s words of freedom and liberty are weapons feared by the Establishment Oligarchs and their MSM propagandist whores. Expect an escalation of such flak as the freedom and liberty movement gains momentum.

  5. Not may people have taken into consideration that Trump ran a successful campaign appealing to many things that originated politically from the father of the Tea Party movement, Ron Paul. I believe we will know just how powerful the establishment really is if they get a billionaire to bow to their agenda rather than follow the wise council of perhaps the only man in Washington who never compromised his constitutional principles. God bless Ron Paul and please pray for president-elect Donald Trump to make sound decisions that align with how our founders intended the executive to seek council and guidance and execute the directives of the people.

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