Ron Paul asks: Will Gen. Kelly Re-Militarize The Drug War?

As head of the US Southern Command, Gen. John Kelly was in charge of the US military involvement in the drug war in Central and South America. He blames the liberalization of marijuana in some US states for the ongoing failure of the drug war, even though the drug war has drug on for decades and marijuana decriminalization is a very recent phenomenon. Will the general take his military approach to the drug war to his domestic position as the next Secretary of Homeland Security? We look at the general and his views in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Ron Paul asks: Will Gen. Kelly Re-Militarize The Drug War?”

  1. Our federal government has fairly well established powers to regulate interstate commerce, and to decide what gets imported into the U.S. from other countries. Intrastate commerce is different. Within states that have elected to regulate marijuana like alcohol, it’s hard to imagine Trump interfering after all the pronouncements he made during the campaign on state’s rights, even our right to legalize and regulate marijuana at the state level.

    If a Trump administration denies states the right to legalize pot, how will states then assert other rights mentioned by Trump and Pence, such as regulation of gay wedding cakes, transgender bathrooms, healthcare insurance, and abortion?

    Set aside for a moment the question of whether or not DHS even has the authority to raid stateside marijuana operations. It takes manpower to do it, so how does this priority rank against other concerns, such as identifying and stopping violent illegal immigrants and other evil-doers intent on killing as many Americans as they can in the homeland with WMD, pressure cooker bombs, guns, knives, or just mowing us down in the crosswalk with delivery trucks? Diverting investigators and other LEOs off those activities, to pursue Kelly’s personal vendetta against state-legal pot, is going to cost innocent American lives — I guarantee it.

  2. Is drug prohibition under the Department of Homeland Security? Why?

    Or even, why do we have such a department? I thought we HAD a “Defense Department.”

  3. it would be great to see santa marta red imported from columbia, thai from thai land,, kona from hawaii .. jamaican from jamacia… WAKE UP SMELL THE MONEY AND BUD! POT IS A GOOD FOR TOO MANY ALIMENTS TO KEEP ILLEGAL..

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