Israeli Army Admits Tweeted Hezbollah Map Actually Fake

Having passed it around to foreign diplomats as a real thing, and tweeted it on Tuesday with the claim it proved Hezbollah’s “war crimes,” the Israeli military today was forced to admit that a map of “Hezbollah positions” around southern Lebanon was actually totally fabricated by the military itself, and not based on any intelligence.

The tweeted image claimed to have been “declassified,” and was hyped as proving Israel’s massive intelligence-gathering capabilities in southern Lebanon, in anticipation of Israel’s next invasion. Officials also say it was presented to foreign diplomats as proof Hezbollah poses a threat to Israeli territory.

This isn’t the first time the Israeli military made stuff up to hype the Hezbollah “threat.” In 2013 the military published a fake Facebook page which they declared would be what Hezbollah’s Facebook page would look like if they had one.

Officials dismissed complaints about them making things up, insisting that the map was illustrative of the sort of thing Hezbollah might well being doing, and that they put it out to underscore just how little intelligence the world has on Hezbollah’s operations.

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      1. Do you think you are exempt from paying the salary of every government employee that exists? So YOU are not their boss? I know I pay the salaries of government employees so I am one of their bosses. Somehow, people – including you, it seems – have forgotten that.

  1. Anything that the israeli government says must be taken with a “by the way of deception” grain of salt.

    1. Careful. Saying things like that will get you banned on here.

        1. True that. I wasn’t disagreeing with you. Simply making an observation based on experience.

        1. So you say. I can say otherwise from first hand experience. Who are you? The website’s official spokesman? Then you know that’s a lie. The surest way to get banned from here is to say factual things about Israel and/or Jews that they don’t want the general public to know about. Like how many countries evicted them historically.

          1. No, you can’t say otherwise from first hand experience. No one has ever been banned from for criticizing Israel — at least not in the several years (seven or so, IIRC) that I’ve been the main comments moderator.

            Criticizing Israel and engaging in hate speech about “the Jews” are two different things. You may have been banned for the latter, and if you do it again you’ll get banned for it again. But you can criticize Israel all day long and twice on Sunday if you like.

          2. In my experience, as I said before, saying factual things about Jews that they’d rather have swept under the rug in **always** labeled as “antisemitism”.

          3. In my experience, people who quack about being persecuted for “saying factual things about Jews” weren’t “saying factual things about Jews.” Fairy tales aren’t facts. And the rules are the rules whether you like them or not. I was just pointing out that you were lying about what the rules are.

          4. Where can those who comment here find these rules to which you allude Tom…????? The rules which commenters here at are expected to observe…when commenting. Thank you in advance….

  2. Oh NO…..!!!!! Not MORE FAKE news…. What about a new direction of fresh thinking!!!!! What about some REAL news….. At least some of the time…????

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