Ron Paul on Getting Real News From Aleppo – With Vanessa Beeley

As the liberation of Aleppo has destroyed the mainstream media’s narrative, with on-the-ground interviews from east Aleppo residents showing that they were in fact being held captive for four years by an al-Qaeda linked terrorist organization. The mainstream fake news purveyors are in a panic. While virtually none of them are actually on the ground in Syria, they have been strangely uniform in their “reporting.” Why is that? Because they all use the same tainted sources — US funded “NGOs” like the “White Helmets.” What’s the truth in Aleppo? Today’s Liberty Report features one of the very few western journalists brave enough to spend time there. Her well-documented findings expose the lies of the interventionists and their enabling friends in the mainstream media. Today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report is joined live from Syria by Vanessa Beeley:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

11 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Getting Real News From Aleppo – With Vanessa Beeley”

  1. The biggest problem that stands out from this video Dr. Paul is that you’re listening to the extreme opposite of the fake news that you’re complaining about in the first place. You are replacing fake news with other fake news so what good does that really do for the American public and the average audience?

    The reporter Vanessa that you invited to your show only provided a story that could have been twisted in any way she liked and without providing any video footage or interviews with real people to support her claims which gives zero credibility to her entire story.

    The truth of the matter is there’s no denying that Bashar Al-Asad is a true dictator who has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians and caused Millions more to become refugees all around the world just like his brutal father did before him (Hafez Al-Asad). Vanessa in her own false reporting even suggested it is the Syrian government forces that caused entire buildings to collapse rather than small fire damage caused by opposition groups. So regardless of whether those opposition groups are doing a good deed on the ground or are also terrorizing the population it remains clear that the Syrian government is and will always be considered as the bigger terrorist in this mess of a situation while innocent people continue to pay the price of imprisonment within the Syrian border under a brutal dictator.

    It’s also no secret that the United States and Israel which borders Syria look to replace Bassar Al-Asad with another brutal dictator rather than seek True Justice and freedom for the Syrian people, repeating what the United States did in Iraq before that. It also remains 100% clear that the United States does not give the innocent Syrian population any human value when it claims it will accept a symbolic “up to” ten thousand Syrian refugees just to show the world that they do care, when a country like Turkey has taken more than 3 million refugees already and counting.

    These are the facts that need to be pointed out in your journalism rather than replacing a set of fake news with more fake news. Just because it is different from the first set of fake news does not make it correct!

    We have 10,000 witnesses in the United States that we can interview And over 3 million more witnesses in Turkey and many more around the world that we can also interview to get the truth rather than rely on one paid journalist to tell us any story that she feels like telling from the center of Damascus under the watch of the Syrian Dictator!!!

    1. 90% of her reporting is on current events? Would you currently want the rebels to take over? Or would you be somewhat happy to report that the moderate head-cutting rebels, albeit al Qaeda, are losing ground? You can’t just count up the number of innocent victims and refugees and blame it all on one person. Not when you’ve got foreign-sponsored fighters that don’t give a darn about how much they destroy the country, how low their odds of winning are, as long as there’s a chance they can replace it with their own horrible idea of Sunni governance. The Saudis and Israelis dream of replacing it with a friendly Sunni ally that further isolates Iran. Americans dream of helping their Saudi “friends”. Even many of the original protesters dreamed of “Christians to Lebanon, and Alawites to the sea!”. Hardly ANYONE cares about the innocent victims, yet we’re all the moral arbiters of placing blame? This idea that meddling in foreign countries has a moral justification is ridiculous when history teaches us it leads to the opposite. Of course Bashar’s not a good guy, the problem is, justifying violence as a means of transition is shameful. It’s easy to just point and say “Dictator. Bad!” and end the argument there.

      1. Hey, they can’t have just rhe government issue declarations that she is a producer of “fake news”, they gotta have individuals enlighten you with the reality like the artificial intelligence person above.

        He or she tells you “we” care and that “we” have witnesses, and gives you Turkey as the example of how “even a country like Turkey is taking 3 million refugees” haha. Turkey is run by a fascist radical Islamic madman who was brought to power by the West to destabilize the country, which would eventually lead to them agreeing ro give away part of its lands for a new Kurdistan, which is what was promised to the Kurds before getting rid of Saddam and giving the richest oil producing areas to the Kurds in Iraq.

        The dictator overthrew the SECULAR army that protected Turkey and its surroundings from radical Islam for over half a century when EVERY SINGLE HIGH LEVEL OFFICER was conveniently accused of being part of deep government that meant to destroy Turkey. The evidence planted was so ridiculous that they had thousands of documents that were “supposedly ORIGINALS” from the late 90’s and early 2000’s which showed every single step the deep government took against Turkey, and of course no answers were given as to why most of those documents were produced using a font that dis not exist in Microsoft Office until the mid 2000’s. Nobody questioned either as to why some of the documents that gave details as to what went on during secret meetings that took place at certain locations were MAKING REFERENCE TO LANDMARKS THAT DID NOT EXIST AT THE TIME of those meetings; for example the document dated from 1997 would say the meeting took place at the building next to the ABCD statue when the ABCD statue wasn’t built until 2004, and so on.

        Ignoring all those, the dictator himself orchestrated a fake coup last summer with less than a 1,000 military personnel involved, and while war planes bombed targets in big cities (targets that had been priorly evacuated to the last security guard) without misses, yet they misses the president’s plane. Himself a graduate of a religious high-school which is not considered a high’school in Turkey since they teach nothing but religion (no math, no science, no literature but only Islamic history) and who claims is a college graduate who has unfortunately lost his diploma, assumes everybody is an idiot like himself appeased the crowds with his heroic deeds. He explained that the rebels came to his hotel in Marmaris in full force but since the president had uber spies who had told him his life was in danger, left the hotel a FULL 5 MINUTES BEFORE the rebel raid. He then got in his plane and while his aides tols him to flee to Greece, he said “no, I can not leave my people” and told the pilots to take him to Istanbul, to the airport that was.under rebel control. There were 2 F16s that tailed his plane and wanted to shjot him but his pilots were bettwr than the F16 pilots (the Turkish Air Force pilots that have been sweeping clean every medal for decades at every competition NATO ever had) were unable to shoot his plane which then landed into the Istanbul airport, just minutes after the rebels surrended.

        He then got on live TV, and while a President should avoid the loss of life of the country’s citizens at all cost, he ordered civilians to run onto the streets ans attack the rebel tanks (about 10 tanks in the whole coup lol). And after they won, he declared it an independence war and started reffering to himself as the supreme commander haha.

        Anyway, Turkey has 2 million refugees but not because they have an awesome president who loves helping people. There have been too many refugees running loose in Europe, so the European Union told the Turkish government that if Turkey would agree to to TAKING ALL REFUGEES FROM EUROPE that they would give Turkey 4 billion euros (somewhere around that number) and that it would be a HUGE STEP FOR TURKEY ON THEIR WAY to becoming a full EU member.

        They had conditions however, and one was basically slavery and trading of slaves. Of course they didn’t put it in those words but EU countries WERE FREE TO COME TO SYRIAN REFUGEE CAMPS AND PICK THOSE THEY FELT WOULD BE ASSETS FOR THEIR RESPECTIVE COUNTRIES. So if they found any scientists, doctors, engineering or anyone their country lacked, the6 got to take them back home with them, while the unwanted refugees would remain in the camps in Turkey (of course most refugees with an education, a good career and money had already gone to the West by legal means before all this happening, so most of the refugees now are underqualified, uneducated Syrian citizens considered low middle class and lower).

        The Turkish president was happy because he has also been placing the refugees in cities that are against any Islamic rule, and by having the demographics of those cities change with Syrian implants who would vote for him, he is also gaining those cities. They won Antalya at the last election, and now they are going for Izmir.

        Clinton wanted exactly the same. She had claimed 10,00 but when Trump confronted her with “thats a lie, it’s 50,000 now and 300,000 long term”, she didn’t deny it and went off on doing the right thing.

        Uneducated muslims in the middleeast already have too many childrem they can barely take care of. Once they go to Western countries and make decent money, they make even more children. There are many with multiple wives who have dozens of children and marriage is as easy as going to the mosque and have the cleric announce you married. For divorce, women are helpless but all men have to do is say “BE DIVORCED” THREE TIMES, and that’s it. The man is free while the woman is considered a slut to be taken advantage of. Their goes the easy way of marriage and divorce.

        You get 300k here, those would be 2 million voters in 20 years and growing almost exponentially.

        Belgium did not allow dual citizenship until the 90’s. They have had a declining population since WWII and finally they thought it may be a good idea to populate their country with fresh bloodlines. Aftwr allowing dual citizenship, their numbers started growing at a steep rate (even though the native Belgians were still declining).

        In the 2000’s, they had a Sharia Party get into politics. While the islamix population was growing at an alarming rate, nobody paid heed much. In 2009, THE FIRST SHARIA COURT IN A WESTERN COUNTRY WAS ESTABLISHED IN ANTWERP. It was meant to dispense justice to the islamic population (no beheading or cutting of limbs but s lot of people dead through stoning, though never officially ordered by court).

        The Belgians realized they had made a mistake and that they would be outnumbered by not just non-Belgians but by Muslims. So they started changing immigration laws. They made it almost impossible to become Belgian by naturalization, making citizens only those highly sought after such as world class athletes, stars or scientists, while Citizenship by Birth was hardened as well with more requirements, and Citizenship by Declaration required the person to take an oath that they WOULD ADAPT TO BELGIAN SOCIETY, SPEAK THE LANGUAGE AND HAVE THE FINANCIAL MEANS while befofe, they could never learn the language, live in islamic communities, do whatever they pleased, etc…

        However IT WAS TOO LATE. BELGIUM EXPECTS THE SHARIA PARTY TO BE THE RULING PARTY OF BELGIUM BY NO LATER THAN 2030 because before then, Muslim voters will have outnumbered original Belgians in terms of population. Of course not all Muslims want Sharia rule but if the others find out about it, you may as well go kill yourself first.

        Detroit had 4 districts with more than 100k muslim immigrants in each, and the muslim population is over 1 million, making it the largest muslim population in the USA.

        Dearborn used to have ex-Iron Curtain immigrants in the late 60’s and 70’s while Detroit was the #1 port of entry to the USA (higher than anywhere including NY). Most worked in the auto industry and with union jobs, they made as much money as decent attorneys make now (not trial attorneys, basically the equivalent of 6 figures now). They had other immigrants as well but the neighborhoods

    2. A.I. If you actually did some research on Vanessa Beeley you would find that she has reported other stories about her time in E. Aleppo and photos of her w/ the real Syria Civil Defence (in Syria you dial 311 on your phone to get them to come to a call out) which the White Helmets are NOT accessible by phone (so how would someone in Syria contact them for help???). “We met with the Director, Dr Zahar Buttal and Dr Bassem Hayak of the Aleppo Medical Association….
      I asked Dr Hayak, who spoke good English, was what he knew of the White Helmets…. his family have told him that the White Helmets are not known in East
      Aleppo. I asked again to be sure, and was told again, people,
      civilians do not know of the White Helmets in East Aleppo.” from Vanessa Beeley an independent journalist who worked on the ground in E. Aleppo.

      Not sure why you think Ms. Beeley is not credible. What research have you done A.I. ???

    3. what a shameful accusation…where are you getting your information from?let me guess …New York Times, CNN BBC the Guardian…

    4. Vanessa’s reporting is backed up by video and interviews by herself and her colleagues. Just because it is not provided in this interview does not mean it does not exist elsewhere for those who care to look for it. You have to do a little bit of work in finding these things out yourself. I hope, one month later, you have done so.

  2. This is a story as old as empire. State Department approved propagandists who call themselves “journalists” regurgitate the tall tales of State Department approved terrorists who call themselves “rebels” verbatim and the corporate mainstream media creates another false narrative. It is only after the fact, and often not even then, once the smoke has settled and the bodies are counted, that we learn the truth. Serbian genocides are revealed to be sectarian battles with each side guilty of their own atrocities. Libyan freedom fighters are revealed to be Al-Qaeda linked terrorists, just as willing to kill American soldiers as innocent civilians. And Syrian hold-outs are revealed to be prisoners of their white helmet saviors, more than grateful to be liberated by anyone, even a dictatorship, as long as the cost isn’t their head or their daughter. The million dollar question here is why then, in gods name, do the people of this country continue to devour the media industrial complexes poison apples and wonder how they got fooled again. Wake up people. Wake up.

  3. Right on Vanessa. I have recently learned of Vanessa’s work and Eva Bartlett and am very much impressed w/ the reporting they are doing to counter the corporate lies from all NATO countries whose sole role is to defend whatever the world’s empire (USA) wants…and the only thing the USA wants is to completely destabilize the Middle East and control all the countries there….with the crown jewel being IRAN. General Wesley Clark laid out this plan right after 9/11 when the US immediately sought to lay the “inside job” on Iraq. What Clark has said was the goal of the USA was to conquer 7 countries in 5 years (Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Iran) so far….so good…just taking longer than expected.

  4. Vanessa Beeley is excellent. She is a fearless journalist, and does her homework. Actual legwork, and scouring for documents and sources. The comments below that Beeley is more fake news are questionable comments and have the odor of an Israeli plant to discredit her. (Beeley started her work with Gaza). Beeley soused out the genesis of the “White Helmets,” the fake ‘human rights’ NGO run by an ex-MI6 guy out of Dubai. She’s been covering Syria for five years. “Daughter of Sir Harold Beeley K.C.M.G C.B.E. Middle Eastern Advisor to Ernest Bevin and Special Envoy to Cairo during both Suez Crises.”

  5. The Syrian war started over a pipeline that the Saudis
    wanted to build through Syria. Assad choose to let Iran
    build their pipeline instead.
    He shouldn’t have done that, because Obama didn’t like it.
    I don’t want to spell out the Saudi- Obama connection
    because I don’t have proof.
    Facts are that Assad got the western economic interests
    against him.
    They run a mighty propaganda machine.
    So now everybody is dancing to the tune, It doesn’t matter
    how false it is.
    There is no good side. Crooked people run the world

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