Ron Paul on the Global War On Terrorism: Are We Winning?

The US State Department comes out yearly with its list of “state sponsors of terrorism,” but to many people overseas it is the US government itself that is a main sponsor of terrorism overseas. The US president claims the right to attack suspected terrorists in any corner of the globe at any time. The current US president has conducted thousands of drone strikes against countries with whom we are not at war, with an estimated 90 percent of strikes not hitting the intended target. The US government ships weapons to groups in places like Syria where it knows they will end up in the hands of al-Qaeda and ISIS. So perhaps US foreign policy is not tackling terrorism, but in fact perpetuating it. More in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

One thought on “Ron Paul on the Global War On Terrorism: Are We Winning?”

  1. short answer: no. Somewhat longer narrative, “we” are making war to annex other economic (political as a business model) systems. Like Ford and GM using rifles, explosives etc in their competition. Capitalism makes some sense as a business model, but politically it falls. Often. Since Capital has our political environment by the short curlies, we’re skewed or something that sounds a lot like it. What war was ever decisively ended? I say none. Maybe just my perspective, but we ain’t ever won anything and the ones who “died with the most toys” … still died. And their last possession would always be the sure knowledge of how futile is “the getting of riches” as Solomon put it. And after writing that he went right back to amassing money and servants and wars for his heirs to fight. Greed Kills.

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