Jack Hunter on the Liberty Movement

Jack Hunter of RARE just wrote an extensive analysis of the state of the Liberty Movement. It is very interesting and quite ecumenical. I don’t agree with everything he says, but it is thoughtful and very generous to most of the “factions” of libertarianism.

I hope you find it as thought-provoking as I did.

Read it here.

One thought on “Jack Hunter on the Liberty Movement”

  1. Rand did his best to blend in to the point he seemed to have daddy issues. He was the first politician the right libertarians clung to this election. Then Trump gained traction for calling the Iraq war a mistake and pissing off the entire elite. It helped too that the person he was running against along with her allies were eager to pick a fight with nuclear Russia and still are.

    Each segment of the liberty movement has a different set of priorities. Trump spoke paleo very well in regard to economics and immigration. His foreign policy was on par with what Rand was selling. If Rand tried to be like Trump he couldn’t have pulled it off. He didn’t have the resources nor the gravitas that Trump does. The soft paleo underbelly of the liberty movement would have been targeted again and again had Rand did well. There would have been a parade of libertarians (again) on TV disowning Rand like they did his father. The paleos vs the rest of the liberty movement seems to be a reoccurring issue. Jack Hunter has been at the epicenter of this problem so he probably knows all about it. There are liberty supporters who don’t care about foreign policy and just want the IRS off their back. There are those (libertarian republicans) that want to drink and drive while not wearing a seat belt, shooting up heroin on a freeway during rush hour with two pistols in hand shooting at dinner in the sky while getting frisky with someone they just met on a street, but are straight up neocon otherwise.

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