New UN Ambassador Threatens Russia Over Ukraine Violence, Demands ‘Return of Crimea’

What a week in US foreign policy! First President Trump approves a commando raid in Yemen that was a total fiasco, leaving one US soldier and scores of innocent women and children dead. Then Trump’s Iran-obsessed National Security Advisor, Gen. Michael Flynn, hijacks a White House Press conference to put Iran “on notice” over its legal testing of a missile and the false claim that it is involved in the Yemen war.

But today marks an own-goal hat trick! Today, President Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley used her first appearance before the UN Security Council to condemn Russia for the renewed violence in eastern Ukraine.

Haley told the Security Council:

I consider it unfortunate that the occasion of my first appearance is one in which I must condemn the aggressive actions of Russia. It is unfortunate because it is a replay of too many instances over many years in which United States representatives have had to do that.

What were the “aggressive actions of Russia”? She did not say. Does she accuse Russia of another “invasion” of Ukraine, as Obama’s mouthpieces endlessly claimed without proof? What exactly did she mean?

But it got even stranger.

Haley went on to tell the Council that US sanctions on Russia would not be lifted until Crimea is returned to Ukraine:

The United States continues to condemn and call for an immediate end to the Russian occupation of Crimea. Crimea is a part of Ukraine. Our Crimea-related sanctions will remain in place until Russia returns control over the peninsula to Ukraine.

That’s quite different from what President Trump has been saying. Asked in July whether the US would end US sanctions on Russia and recognize that Crimea is Russian, President Trump — Haley’s boss — said, “Yes. We would be looking at that.”

Is this a new policy? Should we not be hearing such a dramatic shift from Trump? Or at least Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, now ensconced in Foggy Bottom?

While Ambassador Haley blames the Russians for the re-start of fighting in eastern Ukraine, the real cause may be a bit closer to home. Violence in eastern Ukraine began flaring up not long after a New Year’s Day visit to the front lines in Ukraine by Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), where the two Senators encouraged the Kiev forces to renew their war against the separatist east.

Graham told Ukraine’s 36th Separate Marine Brigade:

I admire the fact that you will fight for your homeland. Your fight is our fight. 2017 will be the year of offense. All of us will go back to Washington and we will push the case against Russia. Enough of a Russian aggression. It is time for them to pay a heavier price. Our fight is not with the Russian people but with Putin. Our promise to you is to take your cause to Washington, inform the American people of your bravery and make the case against Putin to the world.

Not to be outdone, McCain urged the Ukrainian army and president to renew the war:

I believe you will win. I am convinced you will win and we will do everything we can to provide you with what you need to win. We have succeeded not because of equipment but because of your courage. So I thank you and the world is watching and the world is watching because we cannot allow Vladimir Putin to succeed here because if he succeeds here, he will succeed in other countries.

McCain and Graham actually appeared in a video distributed by Ukrainian President Poroshenko encouraging Kiev forces to attack. Watch this shocking video here.

The areas around Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine have been bombarded by Kiev forces for the last several days and elsewhere in Donetsk grad missiles are raining down. And even the US government’s own propaganda mouthpiece, RFE-RL has admitted that the violence in Ukraine is the result of Kiev’s forces engaged in a “creeping offensive” against eastern Ukraine — in clear violation of the Minsk II accords.

Yet Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations took her first appearance before the Security Council to place all of the blame on Moscow’s doorstep. With all evidence to the contrary. Just like her predecessor, the warmongering Samantha Power.

If President Trump is serious about wanting to improve relations with Russia, this is a curious way to go about doing it. If his appointments are not serving his intended policy well it is not too early to make some re-adjustments. He made a name for himself uttering the line, “you’re fired!” Might be time to start dusting the phrase off. We can provide the list.

Starting one’s presidency threatening war on Iran and condemning Russia for an offensive in which it is not involved is not the best way to re-assure the war-weary Americans who voted for Trump over Hillary the hawk.

What a week…and it’s only Thursday. What might happen next?

Daniel McAdams is director of the The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity. Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

57 thoughts on “New UN Ambassador Threatens Russia Over Ukraine Violence, Demands ‘Return of Crimea’”

  1. Not something to be too worried about. The US doesn’t have the balls for a direct confrontation with Russia, and this isn’t an escalation of what was happening under Obama.
    He can threaten all he fu–ing likes. And fwiw, the US doesn’t hold any bargaining chip that’s big enough to trade for the Crimea.

  2. This site no longer serves any useful purpose. It’s few readers are half pro-war and the rest are such a small minority in the US that there’s no hope of stopping their country from running roughshod over the rest of the world.

    Not to even have to mention that those who run it are wrapped up in their libertarian bullshit so completely that it’s taken the place of any kind of antiwar agenda.

    It’s been a slice.

    1. It serves the purpose of you correcting everyone. Otherwise, why would you keep reading it?

  3. All that needs to be done to put the Ukraine brouhaha to sleep is to implement Minsk. The Luhansk and Donetsk uprising has no plans for extra territory. It just wants to be recognized as a special Russian-dominant-ethnic area of Ukraine. Give them autonomy (like to Scots and Basques) and problem is solved. The place will remain in Ukraine. Crimea will stay where it is, i.e. with Russia. Nicky Haley’s text was stupid to tie the lifting of sanctions to Russia’s “return” of Crimea to Kiev. That will never happen and to insist on it will quickly quash any hope of better relations with Russia.

  4. Good bye cruel world!

    Donnie and his friends are like children in an elevator

    Thinking it would fun to push all the buttons

  5. Remember when the U.S rained down death on the people of Vietnam when they resisted occupation?

  6. Agree, it’s quite depressing, the stupidity on display in Trump’s foreign policy.
    Why do candidates keep winning on antiwar themes, and then become enthusiastic warmongers? Compromising material from the NSA? Alien caterpillar implanted in brain? Really wondering.

    1. It’s like Bush The Younger and Reagan pretending to be working class to get elected. Even though the vast majority of Murkans saw right through it.There’s even a tee shirt with a picture of GW, Reagan and John Wayne saying “My heroes have always been cowboys”

      Cowboys or however else the job is described is a really tough, low paid job and none of the three noted above, at all, would be cowboys. Reagan and Wayne played cowboys in the movies. How, you might ask, does that equate to telling the gullible ones that they’re peace love and drugs? Why, it’s simple. If they told the truth on just any of their shenanigans far out my auto-correct actually recognized shenanigans… but it if they told the truth about themselves they wouldn’t be elected street sweepers.

  7. Another well-chosen replacement for uncle- Sam Power. Haley is a confirmed Zionist and loudly supported every possible illegal action past present or future of Israel, hates Russia, ignores facts, and was confirmed 96-4 by the “US Senate” to represent the United States to the world.

  8. Falkland Islands referendum 2013- You must accept the will of the people!
    Crimean Referendum 2014 – You must NOT accept the will of the people!

    Both referendums were 97% in favor. Would the US PLEASE tell the world what they believe is correct? They can’t BOTH be correct!

    1. Did you know the Falklands War was enabled by the U.S. Navy repairing, refueling and provisioning British Navy vessels at the Naval Station at Charleston? Sailors don’t keep their mouths shut about stuff they’re ordered not to discuss. There was a little comradely rivalry between the gobs of both navies. Like on the back of the “Popeye” sailor’s blouse on the U.S. navy has two stars on it. Why? According to some, it’s to commemorate the 2 times the US won over the British Navy. And the large empty space is to put more stars if needed.
      The only way this is relevant is the people who want continual war and seem to be succeeding, also say that the American Public has the attention span of a goldfish and we wouldn’t remember something that happens, 6 days later. We’re, I suppose, to forget that the war specifically named The Crimean was about the most horrid war up to that time. They feed us garbage information and expect most of us to forget it. So, remember. What seems trivial might come in really handy.

      The comment was made that there aren’t enough people to stop the war. Movements have worked before. The GI Rebellion leaps to mind, it brought VietNam into the public eye as it was never reported for almost two decades. The public outcry was so large the bigpigs had to listen, and go lick their wounds for a while. They want us to forget and not teach the newer ranks of people who are told in the schools how noble the war-machine is supposed to be. Counter Recruiting.

      The Recruiters tell the young eager victims that it will give them the skills to succeed in civilian business (assuming they don’t get “wasted”) and the college ads on the TeeVee one-eyed devil offer deals to ex-soldiers, to teach them how to succeed in business now that they’re RECORD PLAYER NEEDLE SCRATCHING ACROSS AN LP 33 1/3rd… now, just a minute, wasn’t there a recruitment ad just in the last commercial break that THE ARMY would do exactly that? They lie to us twice and apparently have enough success with that crap they consider it a profit.

      Sadly, Critical Thought isn’t a required course of study and I bet most schools don’t offer it anyway. Funny how that got put on the schools, you know, not being taught to Ask Questions, especially from trusted government agencies.

  9. What I was afraid of has happened. The US is now a 100% vassal of Israel. We are all Palestinians, now.

    1. The husband of Ivanka is jew, and vital piece for him, thehusbanf fro Chelsea (Hillary daugther) is also jew and more the othe candidate Bernie Sanders is also JEW ! they take tactical positions in our country, Jesus help us,,!

    2. You can download The Green Book of Qaddafi, for free. Might give a few clues as to alternative philosophies to the two (ie one) party system. It’ll take more than Trump to fix it.

    3. Since Hillary stole the Democratic Primary from Bernie Sanders he would be the logical replacement for WorldWideWrestling

  10. Well, that pretty well “done it”. Don’t be surprised if Russia/China launch a simultaneous pre-emptive attack on the US Navy and render a near death blow to the Pentagon’s/Israel’s aspirations. The US will be forced to sign a treaty or risk frying us all while Soros/Rothschilds and ilk ride it out in “undisclosed’ locations.

  11. As a quid pro quo, maybe Russia should ask the US to return Texas to Mexico. After all, the Texians seceded from Mexico in a similar armed revolution to what happened in the Crimean peninsula. The Crimeans, after gaining independence from Ukraine, voted to join Russia.

    1. They won’t need to- Mexicans will be a majority in 30 years. They can peacefully vote to secede. Trump may delay this-but he may not be around long. If he keeps on his warmongering against iran, China and with Russia (Nikki Haley’s provocative speech today) even avid Trump supporters like me will desert him.

      1. Doesn’t bother me a bit that “mexicans” are a larger ethnic group in Texas than Anglos. For that matter there’s a large German population in Texas as well. Or that there’s an Irish and a Chinese neighborhood in Juarez. I took one Indian out of Texas, myself, and one of my brothers and one of my sisters did the same. Couldn’t stand the racist crap. And profound ignorance because Bush and Perry dismantled public education. I’ve got a souvenir of the Texas Miracle, a badly mangled right foot and ankle because I was working out of a Halliburton owned Slave Market in Ft Worth, the pendejo who rented my service at 6 times what I was paid had the brilliant idea to save a few bucks, not buy a second ladder for the second jobsite and had us

        walking up a conveyor belt to get on and off a roof. When the inevitable happened my leg looked like Joe Theismanns. Next time you’re worshipping at the Cult of Donald say hi to my cousin Lee. He buys into that anti-Union and anti-litigation for injured workers crap too. Funny that Donald opposes WORKERS right to petition the government for redress of grievances, call it “frivolous”, but he slaps a slander or libel claim against anybody who talks bad about him.

        Kind of a hypocrisy crisis there. Seems the ones who bark the most of people who aren’t Pure Anglo Saxon buy into that crap as well. Trump allegedly has quoted the price for his spite fence as being within the limits of his own stolen wealth. Maybe he should finance it himself. How much do you want to bet Halliburton has the contract?

  12. Crimea is part of Russia. It always has been. Kruschev ceded it to Ukraine when Ukraine was part of Russia. Ukraine originally was part of Russia with Kiev being the first capital of Russia. So when Ukraine decided to go their own way the people of Crimea voted almost unanimously to stay part of Russia because to do otherwise would be folly. Ukraine should consider the matter closed.

    In light of how Ukraine’s economy has been doing since they became ‘independent’ I believe they were better off before. As point of fact this world would be a much happier place if military politics were replaced entirely with diplomatic politics. The violent posturing by trigger happy corporate storm troopers is the height of immaturity. Bullies in the playground.

    It is well past time when reason should replace revenge. This savage world sits opposite the blissful. However I am convinced that the power elite have the masses so thoroughly hypnotized using fear mechanics that most people are clueless. It is a colossal tragedy that humanity continues to behave like sadistic children.

    1. Crimea has been an integral part of Russia since Catherine the Great took it back from the Ottoman Turks. That’s centuries ago. In fact, Russia should ask for Alaska back.

      1. We can choose to block the implementation of the foolish would be emperors. They hate each other, as much as they hate Jews and Arabs and Jewish Faith or Islam or Christians who oppose them. I think they don’t know peace because they can’t love, not their countrymen or even their families. We can choose to lead, to push from the back if necessary, to teach and the biggest word we have is NO! None of the warmongers aren’t going to fight for their stolen goods any more than they would work for a living.

    1. Jewish isn’t monolithic any more than christianity or islam.. The name “Israel” was given to Jacob when he defied God to his face. The word means “he would pick a fight with God”. Pulling race or religion into the explanations for why people should kill each other is a spectacularly bad idea. Think Crusades. Or the Hundred Years War, which was a Catholic versus Catholic flustercluck which lasted … wait on it… wait… a Hundred Years. And was called a Crusade by all sides. To say that All Jews think the same thing is a descent into madness. To the best of my knowledge I don’t have semitic ancestry and it wouldn’t make any difference. Since I get a few remarks thrown my way every damn time I mention that.

      Or this: Richard Couer De Leon of Robin Hood fame wrote or had recorded that at Akra he had his men shave their beards and to slaughter anybody who had a beard, meaning the Greek Orthodox monks, priests, and pilgrims from all Christendom, and Jews who supposedly were banished from Palestine by the Caliphate.

      And wanted to do the same at Jerusalem, the most misnamed place on earth, beating back Happy, Texas and Philadelphia (the one in Turkey or the one in Pennsylvania, your choice)

      But Prince Saladin won the battle so Richard couldn’t carry out the massacre of Jews and Christians there as well. There’s a lot of villains and a deep dearth of heroes.

      Besides, all the Supremacists and anti-semitic groups look down frowning upon my own ethnicity. It gives added reason to question their motives, especially as they a) tear apart America without consideration of the fact this is their own home too, (making stool in their own backyard) and b) even though Trump denies it, they endorsed him. And still do. As much time as he spends shrieking about SNL or any other comedy troupes and threatening lawsuit, he doesn’t say boo about David Duke continuing to endorse him.

      Funny that. He usually would have his lawyers filing frivolous lawsuits for libel and slander.

      1. I happen to have read one of David Dukes books ‘ Jewish Supremacism’ and I liked it, very pragmatic. Although I agree, not all Jews are sinister. But, 90% of the worlds Jews are not semitic by race, but European-Russian-Khazarian. I , on the other hand am semitic as I am Arab, Muslim and proudly American.

        I was always under the impression that Richard the Lionhearted was a good, just man, guess I was wrong. Thanks for clarifying that. I will take another look into it.

        Trump is a madman, and may God(Our God) help us all.

        1. yeah, i suppose it would be amusing to rehash how the ku klux klowns, the most prolific Terrorist group in america, start in the middle so as not to confuse them, start with the Confederacy getting 300,000 united states soldiers and 200,000 confederate soldiers, because the Plantation Aristocracy like Duke’s family and WashingtonJeffersonJacksonMadison etc son were just too damned lazy to plant, cultivate and harvest their crops for which the Rich Bitches got paid but not the people who did all the work, plus it was the only way the Elitist Rich Bitches could get laid, by having female slaves… and after the Civil war they continued burning churches and schools because they couldn’t figure any other way to keep the black and indian and hispanic americans to believe that white folks were somehow better than them instead of ignorant semi-civilized redneck buffoons, and just this past year they got some stupid kid named Dylann Roof to shoot up yet another Christian Church because the parishioners had darker skin than the White Christians, along with all the burning and bombing of churches, synagogues and mosques and Native sacred sites, trying to convince themselves they’re superior or more civilized than their victims, usually under cover of darkness, but it was all the fault of the Jews and Blacks and Indians

          and Duke and his idiotic racist bitch buddies want to keep the Domestic War going even though they consistently lose, and you want to convince people who are actually educated that you’re interested in any kind of Peace.

          My Great grandmother’s brother was a Confederate soldier in the Cherokee regiment under Stand Wa-Ti.
          He enlisted when he was 14 or maybe 13, the confederates believed in Child Soldiers, but he took a yankee minie ball upside his head, tore off a chunk of skull, doctor said “Nation, that wound will kill you” and sure enough, 80 years later in 145, at the age of 98, most of the klan supporters have a lot of trouble counting past 10 unless they take their shoes off so I’ll just do the math for you, he was wounded near the end of the war, but for the rest of his life he hated black people because the Confederate Elitists like Duke’s great grandfather and other lazy rapist bitches, told him that Blacks were to blame for the war. That’s Cleburne Texas for you. A pit of ignorance.

          But thank you for the entertainment of some jackass Plantation Aristocrat wanting to make believe that a very small group of people are to blame for him not being able to succeed in life.

          In a way it is, the Klan is full of dumb asses who take turns holding each other down. Maybe he could do like Don Black’s son Derek and get a real education.

        2. The jews thing they haveto God and they are the “chosen” maybeis better hope in Jesus, killed for the jes !

  13. So far, in his two weeks in office, Trump has threatened :
    1- Chicago
    6-Attacked Yemen
    7-University of California, Berkeley

    Way to go Mr. Crystal-Meth Head President !!

    1. There’s money to be had, like with the Border Wall, it will be built by Halliburton, in which Pence, Perry and Trump have stock. Trump got his fortune haded to him when he was born, trust fund baby with a 100 million dollar silver spoon, his dad was a War Contractor. It’s a family business. I’ll quote Solomon and say it’s easier for a leopard to change his spots or an Ethiope his skin than a dishonest man to change his heart. The big three mentioned above claim christianity and steal, murder and … well, you know. And they have stock in the DAPL which they’re trying to force through, using the National Guard and by extension the Regular Military to be publicly subsidized private mercenaries.

  14. The crooks politicians have the crook media in their back, they can lie, and lie, and lie…

  15. HILARIOUS! We thought Trump would pursue peace. He may yet surpass Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama in war crimes. He is poised to do so. Surprise! Meet the new boss….

  16. Just another Bimbo chick in the UN representing Americans. When are Americans going to wake up ?

  17. How can an international politician be so abysmally ignorant? Where do these people come from? Perhaps this is the best America can do.

  18. None of this anti-russian stuff is coming from the donald. He is normally quite chatty or tweety or whatever. It is almost like his mouth has been “taped” shut.

  19. I think if McCain and Graham went there thinking they spoke for the govt of U.S. then these two bastards should be immediately arrested.

  20. Putin isn’t stupid. He knows that the deep state really controls the govt of the U.S. and yes, Trump, is just a puppet. Putin will not be suck in to Trump’s slick salesman pitch of nicetys while his deep state stabs him in the back. If Trump was true to his word he would have ripped the new UN ambassador a new one publicly but not a peep from him.

  21. Maybe Putin now smells a distinct aroma of impending sell-out. Not even implying that our new Leader would do something like that to his business partners just because he has a reputation for doing exactly that.

  22. But, it IS on Track. Donald is a pure capitalist, and has beaucoup (that’s french for bookoo) investments, and if you play the wall street way, wall street owns you. There’s a spam like ad comes on Yahoo every time I sign in. For an investment bank which has more resource cash available than the U.S. government. Something on the lines of more than a trillion dollars. And they were bailed out by Uncle Sugar while the poor get bupkis. And the Real Estate moguls, like and including Trump, were the oh damn how do I say this without cliches, they drove the final nail into the economic meltdown a decade ago. And blamed the low income people who were tricked into buying homes on shaky credit.

    The bastordians tell us what our American Dream is supposed to be, then sell that dream to us and only long enough to confiscate our savings then take back the American Dream house in a quiet suburb, two pets, 3.4 children and all the bullshoot they “sold” us. Then they took the derivatives of the intended-to-fail mortgages and sold them as though they were actual money. The poorest americans, who control less than a half a percent of the wealth, are blamed for crashing the economy. Then the poor, mistreated Banks cried for a bailout and got it. In spades and repeatedly.

    The only real possibility of making money in their circles is to have a lot of capital already. The Trillionaire Bank disagrees, they actually want to invest my disability check, bought the hard way by me working for Halliburton and having my legs Figged Up due to their negligence.

    And scum thieves like Trump look down on me. Like he ever earned a dollar by his own labor. He’s got plenty of investments like General Electric which made a half-trillion profit for each of the past two years, mostly on War Contracts, and my brother who is an independent “lumper”, loading and unloading trucks, paid 11000 dollars more than G.E.

    The whole bank advertising crap-fest is ludicrous, and if you put any of your investment in Google Analytics you should look at it again. If the automated advertising Google puts out google somehow believes I have either the resources or the desire to invest in War related stocks, which creeps into just about any stock you can buy on any exchange is tainted with the blood of Americans and foreigners alike. The bit in Dr Strangelove 50 years ago where the American army colonel character is told by Peter Sellers British colonel character to shoot the lock off the pop machine so he could call in on the AT&T pay phone and the American Col. Character says “you’re going to owe Coca Cola corporation a lot of money” yeah. 50 years old and still has that sting. Part of their subsidized income, due to contracts for public entities, includes Military catering services.
    A close analogy, the SouthLake/Carroll school district in eastern Tarrant County Texas was up to it’s collective arse in a contract lawsuit between Pepsi and Coca Cola over which one got the rights to drink machines, snack machines and (at the time it was the richest school district in America, therefore the world) the in-the-publicly-subsidized school cafeteria restaurant fat food, pizza hut vs Dominos, Burger King v McDonalds, Taco Hell, you name it. The restaurants are subsidiaries of the soft drink corporations.

    So if you invest in any of them, you’re getting a profit not only in making rich kids fat at school, you’re getting a profit from poor kids in other countries getting killed by drone strikes in school.

    The only way to stop that would be to either bring down capitalism or let capitalism crash. There’s a nother ad that keep popping up about the Bull Market being the longest and most profitable (for the bankers) since 1929. That’s a statement there. Trump is pure capitalist, the epitome of capital. That bitch pulls in a bunch of bread from Military actions, the ultimate subsidized industry, has no shame about it or at least none that’s publicly displayed, so Hell No he isn’t going to do anything to kill that particular Cash Cow.

    1. Don’t forget his initial Silver Spoon at birth, 100 million, was gotten for war contracts his dad’s workers fulfilled.

      I don’t see any persecution there. Or him having to lift a finger to a shovel, hammer or rifle trigger to get anything. That’s for Peasants, don’t you know.

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