About That Intel ‘Treasure Trove’ From Trump’s Yemen Raid…

Shortly after the President Trump-authorized commando raid on Yemen, Fox News led the mainstream media in reporting on the great “treasure trove” of intelligence that was seized at the compound. With the claimed killing of a senior al-Qaeda official, the mission was proclaimed a success.

Soon the initial triumphalist reporting on the raid gave way to a much darker reality: an American was killed, millions of dollars in US military equipment destroyed, at least a dozen innocent women and children were killed, US military cover had been blown before the attack, the mission was poorly planned, the mission had been turned down twice by President Obama only to be dusted off by President Trump, and so on.

Worse, the raid was probably not on a hardened al-Qaeda compound, as Centcom claimed, but, as the Telegraph writes, on a ramshackle, impoverished village:

But information from US military officials speaking on condition of anonymity, human rights groups and sources on the ground build a different, contradictory, picture, in which massive fire power was brought to bear on a ramshackle village against targets of limited importance in the so called ‘war on terror.’

By this account, the reinforced al-Qaeda ‘headquarters’ was a two room residence crammed in among other houses in the village; the ‘determined enemies.’ which the Pentagon said included women in ‘prepared fighting positions’ were scared residents firing weapons into the night in panic; and the value of the intelligence gathered is still being assessed.

And what about that treasure trove of intelligence? Facing increasing pressure over the botched raid, the Pentagon earlier today released a videotitled “Courses for Destroying The Cross,” to prove just how important was the cache that had been seized.

But the botched part of the botched raid kept botching. It turns out that, as the Telegraph put it, the “video released by Pentagon to prove Donald Trump’s deadly Yemen raid was successful is a decade old and available online.”

So this valuable information could have been been retrieved by a guy with a laptop on YouTube and tens of millions of dollars as well as scores of innocent lives spared. That is why US interventionism is a bad idea. It produces bad results.

We can only hope that the young Trump Administration will learn from this black eye and very quickly retreat from its increasingly aggressive positioning in the Middle East. A president elected on the promise that he would start no new wars is swaggering us into something his panting advisors cannot, in their blind enthusiasm, even imagine.

Daniel McAdams is director of the The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity. Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

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  1. Correction- There were TWO Americans lost but only one was innocent. Eight year old Nora al-Awlaki was an American citizen. And sources on the ground put the death toll at 57. This was more than just a black-eye. It was a My-Lai grade bloodbath that should be front page news. Trump should be impeached for this and imprisoned.

    1. LOL Did you think Obama should be impeached for the thousands he’s responsible for? STFU

        1. In one country maybe- How many did he bomb again? On+Off the books also…
          N was going to push for “something the size of WW2” when he threatened the world w generals b4 leaving (over RussiaDidIt BS)?

        1. Funny how anti-Trump=Pro-Obama, or Probama, as I like to put it. Obama having blood on his hands doesn’t wash Trump’s. I’m not sure why they don’t get this.

          1. I agree and that narrow viewpoint scares me. But I have at least found some flexible Trump supporters. Not Clinton supporters tho. They care nothing abt Libya, Iraq Honduras TPP…I sure hope that changes.

      1. I don’t know what is leading you stupid f**king people to believe that I’m defending Obama or Clinton. Their all goddamn war criminals. They should all be sharing the same bar of soap in prison.

    2. Yeah she was the daughter of the Al Qaeda guy. Way to leave out that detail, ya dope.

          1. You know what the enemy is thinking, and who they are? That’s rhetoric, though, I already know you don’t. It’s like Chivington, one of the Christian Terrorists that infested and still do infest america, said about Native children, “Kill the women because they breed and kill the children because nits make lice”

            The “religious right” is neither. They are, however, the one terrorist group who have killed more americans than all foreign enemies COMBINED.

            Maybe your family wasn’t ever attacked by Right Wing Extremists. Mine was. It’s been a long while but they still never apologized, they kept our land and the commander of Chivington, William Jackson Palmer, has a statue parked in the intersection of Platte and Nevada commemorating him as a hero instead of the murderous puke he and his command truly were. And those who hero-worship them are pukes as well.

      1. I don’t f**king care if she was the daughter of Hitler. She was a goddamn child you heartless twat. Innocent is innocent. I would be appalled if someone killed Trump’s creepy kid too.

        1. In those countries, children of 8 can already use an AK 47. They lose their innocence very quicky there… Ask the Israelians, when they shoot Palestinian children who are throwing stones, they call it “Mowing the grass”.

          1. They wait until they’re 8 only because smaller children can’t physically hold the rifles. Same as amerikkka and Britain with the British innovation Scouting For Boys as set up by 1st Baron Robert Baden-Powell. It wasn’t to start using children as scouts and buglers and drummers, that was already in place. Baden-Powell didn’t use his position of Royal Peer to stop the practice, just train them better so they didn’t get killed as quickly. Scouting and Bugling and Drumming were the most dangerous military positions, and the reasons they used and still use the little ones in war is they’re small in size, don’t have an adult conscience and don’t have a normal fear reaction.

            Reagan ordered UN Ambassador Shirley Temple-Black to veto the resolution in the Security Council to stop the use of Child Soldiers because it would effectively outlaw Scouting and JROTC. What a great and conscientious and noble concern for American children that showed! Hooray! Trump and DeVos want to abolish public education, on the grounds that Children who are peasants won’t have any real chance of rising out of poverty, and they’re small and fearless so they make excellent Slaves in for instance Mining. They say taking away their opportunity to “succeed” in the Coal Mines and similar exploitations.

            The same reason they used Shetland Ponies and Collies in the coal and other mines, because the smaller the miners the less rock they have to remove to make tunnels for them. Or as bobbin changers in cloth mills, because they could get into the small spaces behind the looms.

            What conscientious and Mighty Leaders! And christian too… Want to come up with another snark that “proves” Christian Anglo-Saxon leaders are more Moral and Just? This is, by the way, a great example of what can be done with a public school education. I get to verbally slap down the haughtiest of the Private School Elitist spoiled rich-bitch overgrown overprivileged brats.

            The elitist exceptionalist Manifest Destiny white supremacists prove every time that the White “race” is manifestly NOT superior to all others.

    3. yeah just like hilarry is in prison for letting american personell to die in Benghazi..

      oh wait no one even remembers that anymore

    4. If Hillary didn’t face jail time for leaving our citizens/solders to fend for themselves in Libya. Never even attempting to send in support/rescue during 8hour battle for their lives.4 Dead Americans,what difference does it make?

      1. slave soldiers. Like the Spartans. in the military you have to think like them or be branded a traitor. Be All That You Can Be, Aim High and all the retarded crap we were fed from kindergarten upward.

    5. I remember when Obama dropped a drone on her 16 year old brother but we don’t talk about that.

    6. Yeah- b/c ANY president dealt w/ THIS BS we see, daily- PLUS military who are having rogue groups, sabotage things.

      Trump didnt go in, he okay’d the raid. That is it. Beyond that, Obama put CIA in charge of this propaganda BS last min out the door- and who has been messing w/, taunting and even threatening Trump? The IntelCommunity of RogueElements within- who have been committing the heinous crimes of these failures we have had for decades prior to Trump.

      Trump was not an operator on the ground, nor running the op. He signed something and okayed it. Unlike Barry O-bomb-ya… bombing the p!ss outta everything that moves over there, occupied a country illegally, and then go a peace prize.

      Just b/c you lookup one thing- and try to sound like you have a clue- does not mean you actually see what is in front of you. You only see what you are told/shown. Clearly.

      Nobody spoke up for Obama- so I cannot see impeachment w/ you hysterics. Nobody has even given him room to do things yet- and are judging+talking bout impeachment lol. Educate yourselves, on WHO gets charged, for WHAT – and WHAT CHARGES ANY PRESIDENT is EXEMPT from!

      A president can just about walk up to someone on the streets of DC, and shoot them- and get away w/ it. Unless something shows there was a clear fault PLUS intent by them, they arent getting charged, or impeached.. which is simply a prelim- to see if there is even enough to bring charges in the first place.

      Bush and Obama (and dont forget gool ol Bomb-Balkans-Bill), mutilated children all over the Mid-East. Ppl like you did SUCH a GREAT job speaking up then- with the few of us who actually DID have a voice against that mindless-ignorance which the population had while ppl were torn to shreds.

      1. By the standards of the Nuremberg Tribunals every single American president would be hung from Washington to Trump.

        I’m an anarchist. I’m not drunk on your bipartisan Kool-Aid. I don’t differentiate between tyrants based on the color of their tie. They should all burn in hell, Trump included.

        1. Keep it up little boy You are on your way to jail. Antifa will be assigned the deserving title of “domestic terrorist” in the next week, so keep it up. NO MORE OBAMA to save you.

          1. “Antifa” is fascism with niche branding.

            comrade hermit is an actual anti-fascist.

            If your goons come for him, the appropriate response to them will be to aim center mass and squeeze the trigger until the thug stops moving.

    7. If Hillary won should she have been impeached before she even got into the whitehouse for lying and killing 4 Americans?

      1. No, she should have been imprisoned for the destruction of Libya, Ukraine and Syria. I’m glad she lost but that doesn’t change the fact that Trump is now a war criminal.

    8. Yemen sources say the children were used as shields. Because jihadists love to use the innocents that way. Ugggh.

      1. Maybe if “we” or operatives acting in our name weren’t in those countries blowing away PEOPLE of all ages they wouldn’t be killing nine year old girls or ninety year old grandmothers. And for what? To support the richest bitches in the world getting “their” oil and “their” money from under somebody else’s ground. Same as always.

        1. Petrodollar. Our economy collapses without it. Which is why we have to build from within, go back to gold standard, and like Eisenhower said about the mid East, Let them boil in their oil.

      2. Bullshit. There were no jihadists. Just villagers with familial links to a jihadist propagandist. They attempted to defend their children from a Navy Seal death squad. They died with more heroism than the one American butcher who died in the shootout.

  2. “So called” war on terror? Not enough terrorist attack or beheadings for you? Trash isolationist drivel.

    1. The most prolific and persistent Terrorism campaign in all of history has been White Supremacists here at home. They killed 300,000 US soldiers and 200,000 of their own troops duped into a stupid war to keep slavery legal, and re-formed as the Ku Klux Klan and other “militia” groups like the Tea Party and Minutemen, named for earlier groups at the start of the Revolution, which was mainly, For The Same Reason, the British were working on emancipation, and had actually banned bringing new slaves into the British possessions either by capturing and chaining them or being born a slave. It would have wiped out Slavery in the colonies within one generation. The rights of perverted rapists like Jefferson and Washington and Harry Lee (Robert E was his grandson) to have people work on their farms for no pay, because they were too god-damned LAZY to do the work themselves. Something Trump is really comfortable doing. Get money for work others do, and claim to be “self made”. They continued to this day, and just before the election, when they endorsed Trump obviously with his consent, they wired up one of their stupid redneck fellow cultists, this one barely out of diapers, a stupid kid named Dylann Roof, to murder 9 CHRISTIAN Americans in a church.

      That’s what these “christian” terrorists are most famous for doing. For Centuries. They did this crap as soon as they got kicked out of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales in a series of insane Christian on Christian Murder Sprees in Britain You want a full taste of it, take in a Quaker meeting some time. They’re not actually a church, but were formed as the Society of Friends, christians who refused to kill their neighbors because their neighbors were Catholic or Presbyterian or Huguenots or Episcopalian. Or Pilgrim. Or Puritan. They started slaughtering American natives as soon as they hopped their sorry arrogant racist Illegal Alien asses off their boats.

      The “civil” war killed more American soldiers than all other american wars combined. And that was just in four years. Want more? No? Too bad because I’m in an educatin’ kind of mood. Check out SMU, where Bush has his idolatrous temple to his ego on Church property. Southern Methodist and Southern Baptist, anybody care to raise your hand and politely wait to answer about which corner of Hell spawned them? (Southern Methodists rejoined the Methodist Episcopal church which is now the United Methodist Church since 1968.) They broke off from the main churches because of one issue, whether slaveowners could become missionaries and take their slaves with them in the mission field. Yeah, it was that crass. Not the first or last of the christian on christian murder rampage. In fact it’s been pretty continual. Perpetual, Disreputable.

      Terrorism is the Great American Sport. The US Military has used all classes of Weapons of Mass Destruction, including Lord Jeffrey Amherst and George Washington and Light Horse Harry Lee using smallpox against Chief Pontiac and his tribe, deliberately, because he had insisted on his people actually being PAID if they were going to be used as soldiers. And there’s a lot more. The first time military machine guns were used against American Civilians was when Andrew Carnegie used the Colorado National Guard as publicly subsidized Private Mercenaries at a miners strike in Ludlow, where they MURDERED more American kids than they did adults, and most of the adults killed were non-combatant women. He’s one of the “heroes” who supposedly “built” America. Even though, just like Trump and Bush and so forth Did Not Ever Put Their Hands To Shovel or Hammer to build anything, nor did they fight for the land they “own”. They had Peasants to do the work and the fighting.

      Yeah, Hillary did the same, yadda yadda yadda, and as a New York prosecutor she diligently made sure Trump never got charged for his many crimes, choosing instead to give homeless people the maximum sentences for begging, stealing bread and sleeping under bridges.

  3. The big difference I see so far is that while Barry the effeminate one would roll a
    grenade into a room and then run away snickering, Trump brings the grenade
    personally, sticks it in their hand, pulls the pin and stands there while the other
    guy has to hold the lever and Trump dangles the pin in his face. MAGA

    1. Trump had a chance to enlist or be drafted, but he had the Rich Boy out on that action. He’s never had a fight in his life. Or done any work more strenuous than getting paid a hundred million dollars just for being the child of a rich bitch punk who got a bunch of Government Subsidy money for dealing real estate to the Army.

      I don’t have to worry about him doing anything to me because he can’t. Too much of a wuss. One who throws a really sissified hissie fit if some actors portray him in a humorous skit on Saturday Night Live.

      I’m not calling him effeminate. Just the Crybaby in Chief.

      By the way, boy babies cry a lot more than girl babies. Just saying.

      Just politely ask your mommy if you think that’s not true.

      You have my permission to whine about me saying that.
      And one important way those of my own gender, male, whine and complain is to issue threats and insults, neither of which generally ever gets backed up.

  4. Nobody cares one iota on Obamas relentless drone strikes that killed thousands. Now, everyone is super vigilant with POTUS Trump now calling the shots. Go figure!

    1. Nobody cared? are you sure? Where were you hiding? a comfy cave with the entrance sealed?

        1. yeah, like I’m hip… Trumps own fake news outlet, The National Enquirer, missed it entirely. They did say Trump has a list of “enemies” against whom he’s going to wreak “sweet revenge”

          To the best of my knowledge, he’s never been injured, so on whom is this “sweet revenge” to be inflicted?

  5. Navy SEAL killed & ‘millions of dollars in US military equipment destroyed’ by ‘scared residents firing weapons into the night in panic’….Hmm.

  6. I wish everyone wouldvget the storys straight You don’t know who to believe so much fake news lies Trump needs 2 tone down bragging His exaggerating alotta other things Obama even some b 4 him shoulda had this mess cleaned up Obama & his ego & very long speeches He loves 2 hear himself talk but his ego bragging attitude & JV its under control We’ve got them stopped Hom many times We hear him say that All he did was give’um $ 2 screw USA more Whole White House Obama Bush Shoulda stopped this before got outta hand left for someone else to try and fix Need to be praying wishing hoping Things don’t really go to Hell

  7. We need to do due diligence on this being Trump. I read that it was an Obama command before leaving. Why that day, must find out. If so, like many other things he did the last month, was it a set up? And yes, 7 countries being bombed, 8 years of paid media hidden, hush-hush war, 269B compared to evil Bush’s 126B war funding, close to 27K bombs in one year, basically the baby daddy of ISIS and sufficient funding for an alQueda surge. Geez. Also read that an Obama mole tipped off this alQueda operative that we were coming. And that the child was used as human barrier. Again, thought provoking, must confirm these things.

    As for the bombs. As an enviro myself, where are, were the Obama loving environmental groups on that? Kuwait and Iran had the warmest year last year. That many bombs has to hurt our atmosphere. But Obama. So hush little baby don’t say a word.

    Trump may be mean but he is anti-war but what a war mess he was left with. Sucks for him.

    1. so you make roughly 10 trillion in missing funds into less than half a trillion? Of course Bush and his babysitter Cheney called a lot of that “reconstruction” expenses instead of conquering Iraq for their oil companies. Funny too, about how so much of that Corporate Welfare Warfare money got put into businesses in which they’re heavily vested, like Halliburton? Did you notice that Trump and Perry and Bush and Cheney and The Clintons are heavily in the DAPL program, which Trump has signed an executive order to bypass the Due Process hearings which were predicted to be Kangaroo Court standard procedure to hand over any part of America the Oil Companies want? By the way, Indian Tribal land isn’t U.S. property or territory.

      Trump disagrees. Has for decades. He’s a thief, a liar, a coward. What he isn’t : My president or leader. He doesn’t represent anybody who opposes him, well, most of the voters didn’t vote for him. He didn’t get half the votes that went to the collective Duopoly fake-two-party one beast with two faces… Neither got a full 50%, and Hillary got 3 million more actual human votes. Guess that means most Americans aren’t going to be represented by him. Not a surprise.

      1. Well, if he gets us out of the petrodollar lock down which is the only reason we have these wars, it will be great. We need to go back to gold standard. Middle East, like Eisenhower said, Let them boil in their oil. Every time a regime wants to leave the dollar, we hate them, kill them, do war profit economy to avert our own economic collapse. End it. End the Fed. Reform or end the IRS. If Trump can do it, yay for US. HRC would never have dared. Globalist puppetry for 40 years. Over it.

        1. The fastest way I have of defining “money” or currency is that’s an abstraction, like incorporation or monarchy, a legal fiction. It’s a symbolic representation of resources either extant or promised. And, yes, the dollar is called “The Almighty” and it has a picture of a dead Plantation Elitist who we are supposed to call “Our Father” of “our nation” A lot of idolatry there. People give their lives to it and, really badly, they take a lot of other people’s lives in the process.

          I don’t know what Hillary would do, the differences between her agenda and Trumps are drowned in the sea of similarities. It’s why I suspect she actually acted as his attorney, de facto. She supported or at least never barked very loud against the “Broken Windows” doctrine in Nuevo Jork. Which put the misdemeanors of the very poor as a higher judicial and police priority of thieves like Trump. There are people all over America who are serving a lot of time for stealing a couple of thousand dollars each. I don’t know how much Trump defrauded/stole from Gadafi but some of his rentals go for around a half million for a few days to a week. And Mr Gadafi was renting on behalf of quite a few people.

          If the jackass didn’t TRUMPet his braying about doing the crime I probably never would known about it, because the New York establishment sure as Hell didn’t do anything about it. If he had shut up about it … but he didn’t. Not even during the election.

          The establishment was too busy giving poor people maximum punishments for begging, stealing bread and sleeping under bridges. Didn’t get much opposition from the D side of the aisle either. That’s the way their cartel treats Americans, how would anybody believe they’d treat foreigners any more justly? If he wanted to demonstrate peaceful and just governance he blew it out with the “cracker” barrel cabinet he’s recruited. Some of them were too ostentatious with their racism and greed even for the Bush 1 and Bush 2 regimes.

          The focus is on Trump because right now he’s the one who tells the Army who to kill. Officially.

          1. Trump is anti-war, pro lets make a deal, unlike all the globalists who have been selected, not ever elected. He took no money from lobbyists to run, accepts 1 dollar to serve. Wants to rebuild Ametica so we are not in bondage to petrodollar. Hussein wanted to leave dollar, go Euro, killed, war. Ghadafi wanted to leave dollar go gold, killed, war. Iran, same. We ended up with mullahs. Syria, we tried. But Assad is fighting back our proxy warriors, our contracted radicals, which we armed and funded, alQueda, ISIS, Nusra. USA under Obama was in 7 wars, spent 269B to Bush’s 126B, and dropped close 27K bombs in 2016 alone. Dafuq? Hillary serves her globalists first. Soros is her master. All hail that she is where she belongs. Not in a white house. Warmonger freak, she is. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1896a593ef131039aa4b23adf1227a7507109dffa7eb97469a7c76bc50b21923.jpg

          2. He’s heavily vested in the Oil indusry, he’s vested in the ripoff by the DAPL and so is his chosen energy czar Perry. The DAPL is him, Perry, Bush, all of Wall Street, making war on Americans, in fact NATIVE Americans, to take their sovereignty and land for HIS profit. He’s doing it the way Bush and Nixon and Ike etcetera did, only he’s not hiding it, just giving all of America and the rest of the world the upraised middle finger. He’s using the courts, Congress and the Army to put money in his bank account. Whether he pulls out of Syria and Libya is debatable at best. Whether he’s ripping off not only the Standing Rock Sioux but all other Natives by precedence is very clear. And the Pigs who are fighting the Natives to take away everything we have left, they’ve already done much violence against the very peaceful Protectors. They even used a grenade to blow the arm off a Medic. one of our medics instead of the National Guard’s medics. How many cops or NG publicly paid Privately Owned Mercenary Thug Minions got hurt? If they had any casualties it was self-induced.

            They, including Trump, don’t give a hot damn about right or wrong. He’s putting Federal money into his own businesses, by fiat. He’s not the first. It’s called Graft. They don’t make any distinction between Americans or Foreign Citizens, other than their and especially Trump’s preference for White Anglo Saxons.

            Even without the Stormfront punks and David Duke supporting him, which he and his disciples deny, he appointed a Klansman to be attorney general.

            And there’s Bannon, who views himself as a soldier for Christ, except if the Christians aren’t in line wih his vision of God. Nothing new about that either, the only difference is there’s a pretense of Freedom of Religion in the U.S.

            I owe Trump and his racist AntiChrist Cult nothing. With no apologies. He chose people like Mad Dog and Bannon and all the war mongering freaks in his cabinet knowing full well they’re going to continue being belligerent and will use the enlisted men and women to put money in their hoards the same way they’re putting money into Trumps. It’s grand theft and the only differences being the amount of each ones share.

  8. An operation that was designed by the Obama administration for the next moonless night in January, but BHO would not sign off on because it would happen after Trump took office.

    On another note, why is it that Obama blamed Bush 43 for every problem during the Obama years, but the Dems and media have a hissing fit when it is brought out that this WAS AN OBAMA OP?

  9. The little bitch, and all the other women there was shooting at Americans with an automatic rifles from gun positions on the wall of the compound – duh.

  10. Seriously Obama killed close to a million with his daily drone strikes. He lost 30 yes 30 special ops in one mission in 2011. ISIS is a real threat and an activist judge has decided to reverse POTUS effort to try to make us safe. Wake up!!!!

    1. Give Trump time. He’ll catch up to Obama’s killings quickly enough.

      Actually, I’m more afraid of Caucasian, US-born wingnuts than I am of ISIS.

  11. Kind of in a hurry here, but it came to my attention that speaking or writing about the fact that Trump won’t fight as equal to actual non-violence and therefore making a virtue of violence. Heaven Forfend, literally. Having other people fight on your command is violence. If you want a legal definition of it, if you incite others to commit violence, order them to do so, pay somebody to do so, all of these make it Conspiracy To Commit or Accomplice before, during, or after the fact. Still an act of violence, still a crime, but it doesn’t bother the Country Club elitists in any way. Example: The call to arms and action he keeps making to have the Central Park Five lynched. Or the wars he’s promoting to enhance or replace the current ones. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  12. Hey its the Antiwar Left! How the hell are ya! I haven’t heard from you guys since 2007!

    1. And suddenly the rest of the anti-war libertarians and others can stop being called a racist for their criticisms now, look at that! That’s a positive.

      1. Sorry, I just looked it up in Google. They updated their definition of fascism so that “isolationism” is a synonym of fascism.

  13. Not to come off defending Trump, but this was written as if it was shelved by Obama for practical reasons when in fact his admin specifically stated this was being passed onto the next president. Given the advice Trump likely got from the Pentagon itself and how the intel community seems to be gunning for him, is it possible this was bait to leave egg on his face? His impulsiveness may be a weakness to exploit but there had to be a reason why the mission was compromised so soon, which begs the question: was it from the inside? For something of such importance, perhaps he should have been suspicious of why it could wait for him to get into office first, but in any case advisors – especially ones he inherited, should be worried their heads. Given the nature of the sycophantic media, it also seems odd how little noise they’re making over this when in fact they would normally be smearing him to the best of their abilities for scandals that were pure fiction, let alone an actual one

  14. i doubt this is true. The middle east is ISIS, and this writer is calling for “quick retreat from its increasingly aggressive positioning in the Middle East” as if “knocking out ISIS/terrorism” wernt oen of the main platforms Trump campagined on. This is not US interventionism, its Trump having to sort out the mess obama and bush started in the first place. Im not pro-war, Im just againt slanted reporting that tries to blame the patriot while pushing more leftist ideology. The people do not want “peace” with terrorists or corrupt officials. Its a war that needs to be won for the honest citizens and against the globalist agenda.

    1. Trump’s going to rip off his loyal cult followers first. What has he ever done that was ‘patriotism’? Defrauding his customers, suppliers, and workers doesn’t count, obviously. Oh, and the other investors in his scams.

      Advocating lynching in the Central Park Five incident. Even though the Five were actually proven to be not guilty, after they had spent long terms in prison for it. How about that? He’s sending federales to Chicago, according to his publicity stunt announcements, because some of the Black Lives Matters said things that sounded like inciting lynch mob action against the Pigs. Who, like Trump, never get prosecuted for their crimes.

      But no charges against him for violations of the Riot Act. Or Grand Larceny for ripping off the people of Libya. While and with his support hundreds of thousands of cases of misdemeanors alleged to be committed by homeless people, who unlike Trump don’t have the Judiciary or the prosecutors (Hillary was one) on their side, given the maximum sentences for begging, stealing bread and sleeping under bridges. He’s just another Rich Bitch coward who hides his crimes behind the Army and the Police.

  15. Well, women and children will get killed. If you have a problem with that then no one would win wars cause the enemy would be surrounded by women and children. Im glad millions were spent on this mission. Better then spending millions on training. Where is your complaint on training costs. Lol such a fact less anti trump anti war article. Humans= proprietors of death. We know the best ways to elliminate each others. It will never change.

    1. Does that mean nobody should ever strive for peace and other forms of, you know, treating people as people instead of “enemies”? How very cynical! Cynical and Skeptical aren’t synonymous to each other, but each is an antonym to Gullible, and as far as I can see, you need all three to maintain a war. Or any other crime. Schmiel and Schmozl are two sides of the same coin.

      1. As a former operator, what i pulled the trigger on did not mean shit to me, about .028 ms. U dont win wars with compasion. U get home, find nut job liberals protesting yet they have no idea on how to win anything. Go to Syria, use your tactics. Let me know how you end up.

        1. As a former Airman and still a supposed “free” citizen of a supposedly “free” nation I’m going to answer that. The first is wars are never won. Again, if YOU weren’t in THEIR country fighting as an armed slave, a minion of a mad empire no matter who sits in the white house or on the supreme court, then YOU wouldn’t be blowing away kids and OTHER HUMAN BEINGS IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES. If you say you have no choice but to obey the orders of your “superiors” then you’re claiming that you are Their Inferior. There was a GI Rebellion at the tag end of “our” imperialist war in VietNam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand… none of that actually declared war.

          People with uniforms rebelled against their so-called Masters and won.

          If you say that you or any military operators are fighting for “our” freedom you’re merely repeating the same lies they taught you to chant in Basic Training.

          If you’re ignorant or stupid that would be almost forgivable. So, are you ignorant or are you well aware that evil men told you to do evil deeds to put money in their banks? You can always stop. Tell the so called Leaders NO. And Trump does have a lot of money coming into his account, every penny is blood money, not just from the people of the nations, the
          PEOPLE your forcing to be a part of the Empire, and all in the name of “Freedom”

          The Air Farts told me to chant their words too. They didn’t get me to kill anybody. I got a medical discharge, otherwise I would have chosen between conscience and Orders. Screw orders, and the rotten bastards who issue them.

          1. Perhaps you should change your name to liberal former Airman. Looking thru all your posts, your way to liberal to even give oppinions related to politics or war. U sir, would never win. I would just carpet nuke them all and then sit on a big throne, I am winner. This is the difference

          2. Oh, sure, if you were running things anywhere. You outed yourself. In real world terms, everybody who puts his feet on that path dies the same as everybody else, you win nothing. If death is simply that, just nothingness with no afterlife, you only break even. Add afterlife into it, you’d burn forever. No victory there either. Oh, and killing people leads to them killing in return. It’s kind of a reality of our species. How many civilizations were actually thrown into dust, say, in Israel, over the past 5K years that Salem aka Jerusalem has an uncontested timeline, have just gone extinct with no traces?

            I mean, in 1880 Troy and the Hittites were considered myth, by 1911 they were actually found. And the traces are still here and so is their genetic record. So, with the self-proclaimed Greatest Armies Ever Seen all having rolled over that tiny little wee itty-bitty small piece of land you would think that one or more of the “races” would have been obliterated, right?

            But they’re still there. Your own “Mightiest Army Ever” is going down, same as the rest. You can accuse anybody you want for your failure, but your failure built itself, and all you’re doing is surrendering to it.

            Einstein, who was not a psychologist, had a famous definition of insanity. Look it up. Freud, who was a psychologist, and badly misnamed just like Jerusalem or Philadelphia or Texas, look it up, but his name means Joy and he was about the most miserable mother trucker in recent history, had definitions of insanity too. Maybe you could look into that as well.

            Believe what your officers and chaplains tell you, like a good little Cultic Slave. They’ll give you some truly worthless pot-metal trinkets and they in cycles just abandon you when you become aged or otherwise disabled. They might give you a nice funeral. That’s all you’re getting out of your “service” and all any of the rest of the world are getting out of it. I would say sorry but I’m not the one who did it to you.

  16. How did millions of $ worth of equipment, 4 Americans get wounded and one killed if it was just a ‘ramshackle, impoverished village’? Here’s how this works. The writer knows nothing and just makes it up. Invent some “inside” source that doesn’t exist and you have a fake story.

    1. Maybe they were brave and were more motivated by the fact that they were defending their families and communities which YOUR Empire was invading, hell, Natives here in america often were outnumbered and outgunned and still won a few victories. Think that might be the case?

  17. Why doesn’t the Crybaby in Chief unloose an avalanche of tweets to the American Nazi Coalition for still insisting that he’s their boy? Instead he threatens to “Destroy” a senator for not obeying him and calls any criticism from say, his pick for SCOTUS reminding him he’s still supposed to actually obey laws, he calls such impudence Treason (using his own Fake News outlet The Enquirer) and actually considers them Attacks. No Sir! Somebody saying something you don’t like is NOT an attack. It’s not even illegal. Unlike threatening people with Destruction. The Commander Dude In Denial needs to learn the fact, threats are actual CRIMES.

    Unless he and his disciples really believe him to be above all laws. In which case he’s not only a criminal but also a psychopath.

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