Rep. Maxine Waters: Trump Must Be Impeached Because Putin Invaded Korea!

It is often not fully understood just how ignorant most US Representatives are when it comes to the finer details of foreign policy. Members get their news from an even narrower pool of information than many Americans, who are by and large abandoning the mainstream media. They read the Washington Post or they rely on their staffers, who read the Washington Post. Most Members enjoy being considered experts in the issues upon which they are voting, but the fact is they are very poorly informed.

However, there are gradations of moderately badly informed to “whaaat??!?? Did she really say that???” badly informed.

Those are the murky waters we often navigate when we sample the wit and wisdom of Rep. Maxine Waters, a 13-term Democrat from Los Angeles.

In a press conference last Friday, Rep. Waters did not disappoint. Asked by the media why she called for the impeachment of President Trump when he has not yet been a month in office, Rep. Waters replied, “I am not calling for the impeachment yet. He’s doing it himself.”

She continued:

Let me just say the statement I made was a statement in response to questions and pleas that I am getting from many citizens across this country. What are we going to do? How can a president, who is acting in the manner that he’s acting, whether he’s talking about the travel ban, the way that he’s talking to Muslims, or whether he’s talking about his relationship to Putin, and the Kremlin – and knowing that they have hacked our D-triple-C – DNC, and knowing that he is responsible for supplying the bombs that killed innocent children and families in, um – in, um– yeah, in Aleppo.

And the fact that he is wrapping his arms around Putin while Putin is continuing to advance into Korea – I think that he is leading himself into that kind of position where folks will begin to ask, what are we going to do? And the answer is going to be, eventually, we’ve got to do something about him. We cannot continue to have a president who’s acting in this manner. It’s dangerous to the United States of America.

Watching the video, the word “Aleppo” was thrown at her from the press corps when she couldn’t remember where she was (falsely) accusing Putin of killing innocent women and children.

But what was a real attention-getter was her accusation that President Trump must be impeached because President Putin invaded Korea. The conspiracy theorists angry about Hillary’s loss have invented all manner of bizarre explanations accusing Putin of masterminding the Trump victory, but thus far no one has accused Putin of invading Korea.

She meant “Crimea” you might say. Don’t be so sure. Members should be given a blank map whenever they talk with presumed authority about anywhere abroad. They should be forced to find the place they are about to start talking about before the microphone is switched on. If they can’t, they shouldn’t.

Watch for yourself:

Daniel McAdams is director of the The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity. Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

20 thoughts on “Rep. Maxine Waters: Trump Must Be Impeached Because Putin Invaded Korea!”

  1. Korea, Crimea, diarrhea… these kind of words get confused when ya don’t speak Ebonics. You can only imagine what her aids sound like when they are yabbering into her earpiece what she is supposed to be saying. Kudos to Maxine for employing the unemployable. Shame on you for calling her out on it. Next thing you’ll be reporting on a congressman saying something about floating islands or some other such crazy thing.

  2. My rep is Bob Brady, Both he & many of his staffers I’ve contacted about anti-war stuff through the years in all seriousness would likely qualify for special education programs. He doesn’t have overly much in the way of language arts or math or geography or foreign language skills, and appears to have the intellectual curiosity of a chair. If you were wondering what happened to Ben Franklin’s old seat in Congress, it’s been occupied for 30 years by a formal idiot.

  3. I only wish that this woman was a moron, but that would mean that she has an IQ of 50 to 70. She does not. She is an imbecile, which has an IQ of less than
    50. This is pitiful, but not uncommon in our Congress.

  4. Add to that, Nancy Pelosi just said she couldn’t find common ground “now that President Bush was in the White House.” Methinks there is a dose of dementia making the rounds on the hill. The late, great Tom Clancy was 100% correct: “Washington DC – 350 square miles surrounded by reality.”

  5. They also think Al Nusra and every other violent Sunni Jihadist group in Syria are moderate.

  6. No wonder we have war.US presidents should all be impeached for bombing Yugoslavia,Libya,Iraq,Afghanistan and whoever and killing and torturing the indigenous people in America and so forth and so on………………..Just leave the world alone,please.

    1. Yugoslavia and Libya were liberated from mass atrocities. Funny how the “anti-war” crowd is in love with warmongers like Putin.

      1. You are disgusting, and are almost as stupid as Maxine Waters, Yugoslavia was the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Serbians, who were murdered, raped, and had their children sold as sex slaves and killed for their organs by VIOLENT US FUNDED JIHADISTS. The media had it all backward, it was the Serbs getting ethnically cleansed by radical Islamist scum in Bosnia and Kosovo, the KLA is a terrorist, drug, arms, sex slave, and organ trafficking organization with links to Al-Qaeda that the US supported, they were on a campaign of terror in Kosovo and the Serbs went in to save the lives of their people and fight terror, but NATO viciously attacked them, and their people were slaughtered. Putin isn’t going to allow the same to happen to Syria, that is why he is graciously protecting its people, the REAL WARMONGERS are people like Waters, and its low information stooges like you that make them get away with it.

  7. I still remember Maxine for taking on the CIA’s Nicaraguan coke pipeline in South Central after Garry Webb’s Dark Alliance articles hit (talk about great journalism). It’s sad to see how far down the partisan rabbit hole she’s fallen. Washington truly does make fools of us all.

  8. Her and Pelosi are swapping their meds. Just two crazy old farts who need to admit that it’s time to mothball the pantsuits. It’s time to put on your sweats and do some mall walking.

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