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The news that President Trump is seriously considering neoconservative Elliott Abrams for the key position of Deputy Secretary of State should alarm all Americans who want to "avoid the mistakes of the past," as Trump put it in his major foreign policy speech. Abrams stands for everything the President said he opposes: regime change, globalism, hostility to Russia, endless wars on behalf of ungrateful "allies."

No matter what you think of Trump, Abrams in a key State Department position represents a grave threat to peace.

In addition, Abrams was indicted and convicted in the infamous "Contra-gate" scandal of the 1980s, when he collaborated in a plot to cover up paying ransom to Iran for the hostages they had taken.

Although he was pardoned by George HW Bush, this hardly alters his criminal status – and that’s the least of his crimes. During that same period he was instrumental in supporting not only the Nicaraguan contras, but also the terrorist "death squads" that wreaked devastation on El Salvador – a horrific phenomenon that led directly to the chaos that has turned that country into a killing field ruled by criminals.

Tens of thousands of Salvadorans are today showing up at our southern border due to Abrams’ activities in the Reagan era.

Abrams is a prominent member of a faction that has been responsible for most of the devastation that the United States has wrought throughout the Middle East and the world since 9/11. He supported the Iraq war: he supports regime change in Syria. His entire career exemplifies all that is wrong with the conduct of US foreign policy in recent times.

In short, Abrams must be stopped.

The post of Deputy Secretary of State is subject to confirmation by the Senate. Although as of this writing Abrams’ appointment is by no means certain, now is the time to act.

No matter what you think of Trump, this must be stopped. Contact the White House and call your Senators. Tell them: No on Abrams!

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    1. I too am disappointed with the saber rattling with Iran. I must say however that I can’t understand why Iran choose to test their missile so soon into the Trump Administration. Was it to show their real face? Was it to solve some domestic issue the Ayatollah is dealing with? I am antiwar, but certainly the “other side” must seek peace too.

      1. Yeah, and we should have no trouble giving foreign emissaries full disclosure every time something gets tested at White Sands, Huntsville or Aberdeen. Especially nations against we have lifted the nuclear powered whoopin’ stick. Sorry about the hillbilly slang.

  1. except those who are opposing trump. It will be hard as hell to convince people in, say, Iran, that people in america don’t actually overwhelmingly hate them. Like all the people who scream at us domestically about every verbalized brain fart of anybody who claims to be an Imam anywhere south and east of Italy.

    Only I sense they get better reporting, more complete, and actually recognize the names of our selected “representatives”. For instance, in 2007 Ahminedinaja, the president who didn’t have much power, the job of referee at a soccer match would hold more power, and the way people in America know to pronounce his name is the semi-mnenomic “I’m in a dinner jacket” came to New York to give a lecture at a university and the FOX wingnuts went insane because a) he was allowed to speak at all b) they weren’t allowed to censor it, take one word from a paragraph, three from another and half a sentence from an unrelated speech somebody else made. and c) at the same time the New York Times made a legitimate business deal to give MoveOn a half page ad at half price. Of course FreedomCorp Fox never would make such a deal, no not nevers, They said it was an illegal contribution to the Democratic Party even though nobody was actually picked in any primaries and wouldn’t be for months. it took them half a page to say the Bushwackers were lying to us.

    In Iran they broadcast every congressional hearing and the entire speeches made by everybody involved in great detail on their version of PBS and NPR.

    When GW made a huge ugly misinformed and or Fake News speech about the Ba’ath Party in Iraq, Saddam had the whole thing broadcast on loudpeakers everywhere. Live. On the teevee and radio.

    But the efforts do have limitations. Many of the Rest Of The World must think Pam Gellar and Ollie North are somehow elected officials, from the way the noise machine crafts their broadcasts.

    While the students at Columbia and the people of Iran were getting a live and uncensored listen to Dinner Jacket speaking, and the Fox “OUTRAGE!” week long scream fest, I was in Ft Worth, the Greyhound had these huge TVs in every room turned up LOUD showing the FOX “OUTRAGE!” slander all damned evening. I had to go outside in the thousand degree summer heat of Texas just to get away from it. Were they offering, you may ask, an unabridged broadcast of the President of Iran speaking live in New York?

    To which I might reply “Hell to the F- No!” because they were broadcasting Gellar and North and O’Reilly screaming their opinions on what MoveOn and NYT and Iranian people as a homogeneous lump might be doing or thinking.

    Just a comment on the level of reporting here and abroad. Oh,and “our” news is always chock full of the opinions of Ex-Pat Iranians who got run out along with their puppet Shah. It’s pretty much a wash, everything is tainted with partisanship.


    1. Getting rid of these people is not easy when they are the brethren of those who own the exclusive right to print our money and lend it to US at interest. End the Fed and the wars will end. But that takes a president who is willing to die for that cause.

  3. Why didn’t you guys do one of these things for Mad Dog Mattis? Not enough of a body count for ya?

    My point is Abrams wouldn’t be the first war criminal welcomed with open arms by Trump and he probably won’t be the last. After all, bird of a feather….

    1. What if… you know, Kissinger… got a Baby Donald executive order for complete world amnesty? I mean, he’s Abram’s god(less)father who taught him everything he knows, said and did.

      I don’t keep up with him much, other than knowing he’s one of the worst war criminals and has an outstanding warrant from the Hague and is still alive.

      The Crybaby in Chief has a huge and deep conceit that he runs the world, not the first one who said it but he has a loudspeaker from Hell to make sure everybody hears it. Maybe that “from Hell” is literal. I mean, I do have a reputation of quoting my faith. One part of it is that every empire falls, Solomon said it. His empire got split in half while he was dying. He got to see it happen.

      And when the Empire is failing fast, each successive Emperor says the same stupid bill shut about “We have the mightiest Army the world has ever seen” It’s famous last words on the line of “I bet I can outrun those lions” or “see, it’s not loaded” or “your sister is prettier than you”.

      And all the emperors we’ve had in my brief sojourn in this Vale of Tears, have said exactly that. The situation isn’t getting weird. More like really depressing because we know it so very well. Shoot, we have more than century of films and other video devices showing where that same lame sentiment has been put to the test, and the same result every damn time. We got Pershing riding all over Northern Mexico trying to capture Doroteo Aranga aka Pancho Villa, failing miserable and our school history books say it was a victory. In a way it was, for Mexico.

      But, yeah…. The U.S. has been protecting Kissinger for a long while and showing the rest of the world a long middle finger all that time.

  4. Do any of you party piñatas get it now? There is no party lines except for the line of money changers and bribe takers/politicians taking a swing at your pea brains with a bat that cost 4 million dollars because the sports equipment company needed a bailout for stock owners. DO YOU GET IT YET?

  5. Dr, Steve Pieczenik served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations, Nixon, Ford and Carter, while also working under
    Reagan and Bush senior. Pieczenik says he was directly told by a prominent general that 9/11 was a stand down and a false flag operation, and that he is prepared to go to a grand jury to reveal the general’s name.“They ran the attacks,” said Pieczenik, naming Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Stephen Hadley, ELLIOTT ABRAMS, and Condoleezza Rice amongst others as having been directly involved.

    1. So, now that Sessions is confirmed will someone be talking to Pieczenik? I won’t hold my breath.

  6. One of Sen. Klobuchar’s (D-MN) told me on the phone today that Elliott Abrams is not on the list of potential appointees to the DoS. Can anybody confirm that? I don’t really trust Klobuchar after she went to the Baltics with McCain and Graham.

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