Former Intelligence Officials: CIA Disguised Their Own Cyberattacks With Russian Footprints

Former Senior Intel Officer Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer and former NSA official William Binney weigh in with Fox News’ Sean Hannity:

9 thoughts on “Former Intelligence Officials: CIA Disguised Their Own Cyberattacks With Russian Footprints”

  1. Just as crazy and beside the point as the theory of the Russians doing it.

    And it’s all founded in Trump’s few words that he never really meant. And words that he hasn’t repeated and obviously doesn’t want to repeat. He wants the notion that he would make nice with Putin to just go away.

    But it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Now the Republicans are inventing their own theories to counter the Dems and their Russians did it theories.

    And even if Trump came right out and admitted that he lied and made it up on improving US/Russia relations, it’s too late because of this escalation of the fight, along with the now longstanding Dem accusations.

    Real and honest antiwar people can figure this all out. I would suggest that even Thomas Knapp has it square in his mind, even though he doesn’t state it all directly. At least he doesn’t oppose the truth.

    And now, we are seeing demonstration after demonstration of real evidence as it happens, that Trump is nothing even close to pacifist, and is really and truly as prowar as any previous president. Probably moreso in the single fact that he’s just not mentally fit to be your president.

  2. Man oh man, I bet that psychopath fu–er would like to have those few words on Russia/US relations back.
    Clinton has to be laughing her ass off on how she was able to pick up on it and set the stage for Trump’s fall from grace with the American people.
    Honestly and truly, when was it ever hard to get 2/3’s of Americans foaming at the mouth for war? And especially when it could be with the great Satan! Russia! LOL

    The Russia hate is pre-programmed into their skulls from childhood. It’s a slamdunk!

      1. Yes. Everybody has been manipulated into a situation in which neither major party are playing as the antiwar side against Trump. The Dems, with Hillary, were happy to be manipulated into being the prowar side because it appeared to be the opposite of Trump’s phony remarks on US/Russia relations.

        And the Repubs are Trump’s side right now and are going to be pursuing their domestic agenda with Trump in the driver’s seat.

        The situation in which one major party can play the antiwar role is not going to develop until the Repubs get around to opposing Trump. That will happen but it may not happen in time to stop Trump’s march to allout war in the ME and onwards. And of course, no party will be any kind of a match for huge military victories in the ME, in the hearts and minds of the American people.

        Isn’t it a curious situation that’s developed. It’s almost too perfect to have just happened by accident. Yet it’s just too unbeievable to think that Trump and his cohorts thought it out beforehand. Trump came too fast and very opposed by the R party. I just can’t get to believing that he was all prearranged. YOu?

        1. Hillary and Democratic and Republican Party leaderships, controlled by the neocons, all supported war prior to this Trump is a Russian agent/puppet narrative. Trump’s pre-election foreign policy rhetoric was a mixed bag. Now sadly the neocons appear to be firmly in charge of foreign policy.

  3. My main concern is when are the Elected Officials of All Party’s and the News Media going to actual get off their (A****s) and get to Work. All I see and hear from all of these people is He said She said. This is just plain NUT’S ! While the rest of us are working and producing result’s that contribute, again the News Media and Elected Politicians are doing absolutely nothing but creating “Wag the Dog” and the Big Smoke Screen. Get to Work Dammit !

  4. It wouldn’t be too presumptuous to say that all governments, as far as their budgets allow, will use dissidents from Other Nations to use as intel officers.
    It’s a universal constant.

  5. I hate this site for posting a video which makes me agree with Sean Hannity, lol. He’s right, though; and, his two guests are great. “We’re being swindled.” Gold.

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