Ron Paul on the Race For Raqqa: Major US Escalation In Syria

US boots are on the ground in Syria. Nearly 1,000 to be exact. Not counting CIA or contractors. President Trump has ordered several hundred US Marines onto Syrian soil (without permission) to participate in the attack on Raqqa, and he has sent several dozen Army Rangers to Manbij to try to prevent US-backed forces and Turkish-backed forces from killing each other instead of killing ISIS. The Russians have also sent troops to Manbij – at the request of the US-backed YPG forces! Is Trump’s Syria to just take all that was wrong with Obama’s Syria and double it? We discuss in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

14 thoughts on “Ron Paul on the Race For Raqqa: Major US Escalation In Syria”

    1. Intervention is permanent occupation comrade.

      There’s a longer post coming if Thomas doesn’t kill it. It’s a little hard on ol Ron lying about the US saving Saudi in the Gulf war. Thomas and I talked about that issue but it didn’t last to any kind of conclusion. I think Thomas didn’t want to talk about it but I could be wrong.

      Are you honest enough or are you still pouting over something I said? Something?

    2. Time to put all of our differences aside comrade. That which we have feared could happen, is now starting to happen. Trump’s military buildup in the ME will start slowly but will escalate quickly as needs present themselves in order to bring about quick and convincing victory.

  1. Ron got it close to being right. Intervention is permanent occupation. But Ron’s an American so he can be excused for not outright condemning it. Then he spends about half the time talking about Obama, but that can be excused too for the next 4 years at least.

    Then he had to go and lie about the Gulf war saving Saudi Arabia so 8 minutes was enough of that for me.

    1. I think Ron is a man of integrity and won’t knowingly lie. Iraq had already invaded Kuwait. You think Saudi Arabia wasn’t in danger–maybe not immediately, but if Saddam saw he could get away with invading Kuwait, how long before he started looking towards the Saudi’s? Not defending Bush here, just Ron Paul.

      1. Ron Paul either lied or he has bought the story of the huge Iraqi buildup on the Saudi border.
        The only possibility if Ron didn’t lie is that his patriotism won’t allow him to admit the evil involved by the US in this issue. The 1500-2000 Iraqi tanks and the 250,000 Iraqi troops just weren’t there. And the only spin that could be put on that by Americans is based on a lie.

        Antiwar people who need to be truthful to themselves won’t try to counterspin the truth. Thomas made a halfway attempt at doing that but likely abandoned it and thought better.

        That lie sits well alongside all the other lies the US told to justify that war.

        1. There’s no need to ask me why I backed out of a debate. I didn’t back out of a debate because there was no debate to back out of. I simply related my own experience/knowledge in response to a claim you made.

          I’m not going to debate the size of the initial Iraqi presence on the Saudi border immediately after the annexation of Kuwait with you because I have precisely zero knowledge of the subject.

          1. You implied that you did have knowledge and you saw evidence that the Iraqi forces had been present. I provided more evidence to dispute that but you didn’t carry it any further.
            I think the issue then became one of the scale of the Iraqi presence. You made no submission as to the scale.
            You may want to concede the fact that the US lied to justify war, or you may not. I can’t leave the issue up in the air after Ron Paul revived it for us.

            Can you not see the vital importance of coming to some conclusion on this issue? It’s at the heart of everything that has happened since the fall of the Soviet Union. Can you think of a more watershed moment in time that carries more importance to establish here on this site concerning the antiwar portion of it’s purpose?

            I would suggest that in the spirit of the antiwar cause, the first reaction of our friends here would be more appropriate if they accepted the detalis of how the SC monitor presents the situation and then take it upon themselves to disprove it.

          2. Fwiw, I highly value your input in our discussions because I think that we are contributing at least as much or more than others by doing it. It will hopefully encourage others to take part in our useful conversations. IMO few are capable of meeting the challenge by some are. You are likely as aware as I of who those few are.

  2. Trump’s grand plan is in motion. He’s what he has always appeared to be, a psychopathic madman with the ambitions of a little boy. Our best hope now is that somehow Americans will be able to rise above their domestic politics that divides them and concentrate on stopping Trump.

    The military buildup will begin slowly but will accelerate. Trump’s plan is a huge show of convincing military force. He’s never lied about that. How Russia can fit in to that, who knows. Maybe at one time he imagined Russia as a willing ally and participant.

    Few people amongst the US’s allies will not be taken in by the initial show of strength and the opportunity to bask in the victories. Even fewer Americans will fail to be taken it. If there is any appreciable show of resistance then maybe it will have to start here on this site and grow from that.

    To come together in our antiwar cause is going to call for Americans to lay aside their domestic politics of party preferences. And unfortunately, it’s going to call for our Raimondo to come back to our cause. He’s too big a rep for the site to ignore.

    Ron Paul, you can be a part of this because your main libertarian cause is common to our antiwar cause. Now is the time for all of us to do our best to stop Trump. There’s no longer any doubt that he is as evil as he has always portrayed himself.

  3. The US has always been behind sectioning off Syria, like it has done with other countries before. This is the policy that the Turkish government is no longer supporting, because it eventually will endanger the unity of Turkey, too.

    The Kurds need their own country, but the US government as midwife will go about as well as it did for South Sudan. In short, it will be a total disaster all around.

  4. we All know that info wars is now info-trump dick Cheney runs the show so ask bush what is going on or condoliza rice and Exxon Mobil.,cheney promised a new Perl harbor version 2017 he has giving you trump a live peel harbor so get ready folks . is coming another 9/11 Cheney original trump puppet style.

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