Rand Paul Responds to McCain: ‘He’s Proof We Need Term Limits’

Watch it!

9 thoughts on “Rand Paul Responds to McCain: ‘He’s Proof We Need Term Limits’”

  1. Nothing for antiwar people to get too excited about there. Although, he could get some balls and speak to the issue of nato expansion. I doubt it because he’s not on the right track for that, he’s playing up the money angle of US wars.

  2. Nothing but a distraction now from the real danger of what the US is getting away with against N.Korea (China) under Trump and his new regime. With Raimondo’s blessing!

    1. When antiwar people get themselves a prospect such as Rand Paul, they need to keep an eye on him, groom him carefully, and smack him down when he strays and takes the easy way out.
      Yet here, he avoids the real issue and gets away with kicking McCain’s ass in a gentle way that won’t do any good.
      He’s useless from now on.

    2. You should run if you think you can do better! All the antiwar folks here should run.

      Since Rand is a better politician than I’d be, I cheer the man.

      1. There is that about “professional politicians” and the house of Congress being filled with lawyers, well, who exactly should make laws, somebody who knows the laws or somebody who doesn’t have any idea what he’s doing? And if somebody has a large fortune he gained by the actions of Professional Politicians, de facto his “employees” who work for his class to the exclusion of the 270 million Americans who aren’t in the 1%, is such a person really morally qualified to be a president, with the possibility of funneling even more taxpayer money into his own enterprises?

        Of course that’s the standard reason I get from people who are defending their vote for him. And they always say not similar phrases but always the Same Words… “he’s a businessman and not a professional politician”

        That McCain demanded that all the Republicans be solid in their support for the Trump doctrine or they are “traitors” smacks of fascism. In a similar scene from about 130 years ago involving Democratic Party “ward bosses” like Boss Tweed and others at Tammany Hall that kind of actions were considered really bad politics. Mostly because they were bad politics.

        1. Partisan loyalty is dangerous.

          David Stockman defended Trump somewhere by saying it’s positive that Trump hasn’t been steeped in the Washington swamp.

          Others, ah “populists”, were saying a random plumber would likely be better than most any politician we have now.

          Somewhere, maybe Aristotle, I read how when aristocrats were arguing for their rights, they’d demonstrate how they know better than the masses, that their talents were necessary. So, I think it’s a constant battle that human societies have faced everywhere.

          You mention lawyers, a joke I found funny during the Trump campaign is how our lawyer politicians would be more concerned about outsourcing if it were lawyer jobs being outsourced.

          The example given was education booths set up in multiple foreign polities to train foreigners how to become lawyers in America. And upon passing the bar, they were then brought here to replace an American lawyer, work for less.

          The joke was written in a funny way, but you can see how that’s funny I’m sure :) Professionals don’t tend to care until their own jobs are threatened, haha. It’s like with medieval guilds. The lawyer “guild” promotes lawyer interests at the expense of the rest of society. And other professions act similarly.

  3. If not a purposeful US escalation into China’s sphere of influence, it certainly is going to accomplish that as it’s main goal. Bearing in mind that it’s no secret from any of us here on this site that the US is totally to blame for N.Korea’s actions.

    You Americans can bet that China is not fooled.

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