Sen. Rand Paul: Politicians Want ‘To Send Your Kids To War With No Debate’

On Monday, the Senate voted 97-2 to cut off debate on approving the admission of Montenegro to NATO. The two Senators to vote no were Republicans Rand Paul and Mike Lee.

Watch his speech to the Senate:

7 thoughts on “Sen. Rand Paul: Politicians Want ‘To Send Your Kids To War With No Debate’”

  1. Capitalism was propped up from the beginning by government largess. The reason for it outlasting some but not all socialist economies was plundered resources from conquered nations. NATO has itself failed many times. There was an incident at Ft Bliss Texas, (Juarez/El Paso) while the Turks (ethnically Greek, {Odysseus, Trojan War, Rings a Bell?} long time for a war to recur..) and Greece (also ethnically Greek) were forcibly separated by U.S. soldiers in the U.S. because they were both represented by NATO, engaged in training exercises, when the Cyprus war broke out. They were going to scrap it out on Ft Bliss. Probably more U.S. installations. I was a kid and this was a big news issue in El Paso. Likewise when the British knocked it around with Argentina over the Malvinas/Falkans, the U.S. was embroiled in wars across the world, like Beirut and Afghanistan leap to mind, and against the lawful government of Nicaragua vs The Contras, the U.S. was breaking treaty after treaty, the Domino Effect was driven by the U.S., maybe equal to the involvement of U.S.S.R. but certainly not less…

    One example, maybe enough? The U.S. is also tangled in an imperialist treaty which is often interpreted by Congress and the Pentagon as an excuse to “take out” puppet dictators who break their puppet strings long enough to give Washington the middle finger. In the British/Argentine conflict, still not resolved just like Athens and Troy, (Lebanon also isn’t Arabic, ethnically, but Greek) but there were conflicting treaties on all sides. Britain and NATO, Argentina and the Carib and Mexico down to Tierra del Fuego is covered by OAS.

    But the U.S. was provisioning British naval vessels at Charleston. My brother was stationed there at the time. It’s supposedly classified because we were violently ignoring the OAS treaties, still are, but a shipload of British sailors on shore leave at one time is too big to ignore or hide. Concurrent with all the other Flying Sh@tstorm in which “we” were involved. Although for most Americans it’s a taxation/monetary involvement and guess what? NONE of the Big Powerful were asking any of us for anything but the money, Shut up and sign the check, citizen. Nothing to see here, keep moving.

    OK, nother sample.. The Battle at Greasy Grass aka Little Bighorn aka Custer Battlefield National Monument (the current name) was supposedly supporting a bunch of treaties on the newly created concentration camps errr I mean “reservation” system with the biggest players being the Crow, Lakota, Cheyenne and last but least the 7th Cavalry. I deliberately omitted the “not” part of that worn out old phrase. Because there was a huge religious rally going down about what to do with the Illegal Alien Town of Deadwood.

    Unlike the Standing Rock encampment “protest” the Tribes did in fact resist when the U.S. Army and police (Crow Reservation Police) attacked.

    It’s been going on for a very long time and conflicting treaties with Native autonomous governments was one of the issues addressed in the Declaration of Independence. Because some of the tribes sided with the Redcoat British and some sided with the equally invasive American British. The “founders” made it clear they considered the Natives honoring their treaties with the Redcoat British were “bad indians” and those honoring THE SAME TREATIES with the Colonial British ‘good indians’.. Like, this was 44 years before the invention of the Cherokee Syllabary, most of the peope did not even SPEAK English much less read and write it, and the two English chiefs were named George.

    But we get roped into their insane imperialist actions over and over. Rand should know this, he is educated, but Kentucky was a deeply controversial part of the early republic, Daniel Boone was an illegal invader and the treaties pushing back the boundaries of the Ohio River Treaty lands and creation of the territory of Indiana was the official oath breaking concerning those issues. The Louisiana Purchase and Napoleonic Wars was the next treaty-busting catalyst. With all that, and of course the many fractures in OAS and NATO, does anybody seriously harbor any questions of Why Does Nobody Actually Trust the U.S.?

    I would bet a nickel that schoolkids in Russia and Germany get a better history of U.S. treaties with the Natives than what the Deciders tell our kids.

    NATO and OAS are derivatives of that.

    1. Keep it shorter brother, your posts are too important to not be read because of the length.
      Read one of Raimondo’s excessively long ones and you see how he goes off into never-never land which nobody gives a sh-t about. With him the point’s the point and it can’t be glossed over by bullsh-t.

  2. If senator Rand Paul can’t speak the truth on Nato expansion then why would anybody choose to believe him on anything else to do with more wars and more cannon fodder.
    Rand Paul needs to be a part of a vote where his vote actually means something and is critical to the outcome. Then he would be demonstrating a real reason why those opposed to more wars should support him.

    Welfare wagon? Blahhhh. How can any honesty come out of his cakehole after that? He even speaks on and promotes the idea that Russia is doing what the Dem party is accusing Russia of doing. That come before the 4 minute mark in the video! And he goes on to make it clear several times that little Montenegro wouldn’t benefit the US. Inferring outright that Nato beneifts US security and little countries wouldn’t.

    In fairness to Rand Paul though, a vote to oppose a war where he became one of the deciders in a close vote, would finish his political career.

    1. It’s curious, though, isn’t it …. that those who vote their conscience are often recognized for standing by their convictions. I say “Bravo!”

      1. I don’t know what you could be suggesting but in any case Rand Paul is full of bullsh-t and is afraid to speak his conscience. Listen to him spill his guts with his hate rhetoric against Russia between 2 and 5 minutes into the video!

        Let’s imagine John McCain listening to his speech. Let’s imagine what he would be thinking:
        ****** what in hell is Rand talking about, none of that has anything to do with the real reason of bringing Montenegro into the nato fold. Doesn’t he know that the real reason is to completely surround Russia with Nato countries and thereby leave no small country out of being a part of the complete encroachment on Russia’s borders? Doesn’t Rand understand? And what’s this crap about sending your sons/daughers to fight for Montenegro?********

        1. If he wasn’t correct, I would agree with you. Just one problem tho, his argument is exactly spot on, the history is verifiable, and although he doesn’t liked Russia, he doesn’t want a war with them.
          You DO realize that for the first time in the history of the globe, we actually have the bombs necessary to “bomb the world back to the Stone Age”.
          I certainly hope ‘your’ sons and daughters are ready for Battle when Russia perceives they must loosen the strangulation of the country by the USA, sorry, NATO.

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