What’s ‘Excessively Objectionable or Crude’ About This Antiwar App?

“Five years ago, I made a simple iPhone app. It would send you a push notification every time a U.S. drone strike was reported in the news. Apple rejected the app three times, calling it “excessively objectionable or crude content.”… After 12 Rejections, Apple Accepts App

So, is it the covert U.S. drone strikes, the people who carry them out and the civilians they kill,  the App that let’s folks track them, or is it Apple for trying to censor that information which is “objectionable” and “crude?” 

Maybe you want it?

2 thoughts on “What’s ‘Excessively Objectionable or Crude’ About This Antiwar App?”

  1. I looked for it. “metadata” was listed as an app but when I tried to select it, I got “Metadata +”, some kind of photoediting tool costing $4.99

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