Ron Paul on Escalation Everywhere: Will Trump’s Foreign Policy Succeed?

Across the globe, there is not a single “hot spot” where the Trump Administration is not escalating conflict. Drone strikes are up over 400 percent. Civilian deaths are skyrocketing in Iraq and Syria after stepped-up US bombardment. The Pentagon says it needs thousands more troops for Afghanistan and more military participation in the horrible war on Yemen. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in South Korea that “all options are on the table” with regards to North Korea, which suggests even a first-strike nuclear weapon is “on the table.” More artillery is being moved to Russia’s border. By increasing US military involvement in every single area of tension is the President working to make us safer, or are we one accident away from a major, possibly world, war? A survey of US military escalation in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

8 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Escalation Everywhere: Will Trump’s Foreign Policy Succeed?”

  1. If we left today, in what manner would we have “lost”?

    Isn’t “success” in a war defined as ending the war?

    1. You can never win a war when YOU are the one prosecuting it on a pack of lies and half-truths! Then throw in all the half-brained ideologies that the US government allegedly uses to base its foreign policies on and you have a stew worthy of world destruction!

  2. Daniel asks us:
    “By increasing US military involvement in every single area of tension is the President working to make us safer, or are we one accident away from a major, possibly world, war?”

    Seriously Daniel?

    Yes, he could be serious because the tone is changing and many have put their faith in Trump. “Bomb the sh-t out of them” and Trump’s supporters loved it! And now there are some indications that support of that kind of evil comment is growing.

    This is what makes Raimondo’s faith in Trump so hard to stomach.

    F-ck Raimondo. He can’t win his point completely as long as some of us are allowed to fight against him on it. And Trump is never going to give him the vindication he needs so badly, so eventually we’ll win out. That is, unless he has us shut down.

  3. Americ: Mind your own business and leave others to mind theirs. Stop selling weapons to Saudis and all other despots who have never had democracy in their lives. Leave the people to sort out their own problems. Try meddling into your next door neighbour’s affairs and see where that gets you??? Weapon manufacturers will always manufacture wars to create demand for their products. Diversify and stop this genocide. We in the Middle East have had enough of this interference. I am 70 years old and have never seen the US/UK being a power for good??? Do you have no shame?? No humanity???

    1. They’re burning down ‘terror’ camps like the one at Standing Rock. To my soul that says they’re not giving a damn who they burn, shoot, explode, or whatever nasty unpleasant ways to kill or subjugate people.
      It won’t give you any satisfaction that the arrogant pricks kill Christians and Jews and or their own countrymen with as much ease and lack of remorse. Doesn’t bring peace to my heart either. And they do it in the name of God. The Project for the New American Century plotted out, and very publicly, that they would have an airbase within an hour of flight time to every oil production location. Wells to refineries to shipping routes. But they have their limits. infinity belongs to God.

      They have no shame. Shame is a function of pride and dignity. Of which they have none.

  4. Ron Paul and Daniel probably come closer than any Americans to facing the issue of why the US is starting wars throughout the world. But they are still afraid to face the truth. That’s because there would be very little sympathy for the truth amongst Americans.

    If you’re looking for the truth then you’ll have to get it from foreign sources.

    However, I will say that General Wesley Clark broached the truth when he came clean on the PNAC agenda. It can be denied that is still the agenda but that’s not true.

    His comments were probably not accepted by half of your country because it was said in the spirit of domestic partisan politics.

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