Help Support Will Grigg

The great champion of liberty, anti-war, anti-police state writer and orator, William N. Grigg, our hero, our friend, our colleague, needs our help. Will is recovering from a sudden and serious medical crisis. His hospitalization and recovery will be costly. The Grigg family appreciates any financial support you can offer.

Update: $9,350 raised in 4 days. Thank you!

If you can’t donate, please share this gofundme link with your networks.

Will’s work is incredibly important and it must continue, but right now, he and his family need our support. Will needs time to heal so he can heroically fight for freedom for many more years to come.

We are all better off for having known Will’s generous nature, his acerbic wit, and his fearless commentary, so now is the time to show Will and his family how much he means to us.

Have you benefited from his tremendous intellect? I can say, without a doubt, that Will Grigg forever changed my life years ago, and I’m better for it. Any financial assistance for the Grigg family is greatly appreciated while Will’s condition improves and he begins to recover.

As of this writing, we have raised $1,775 in 5 hours $3,310 in 12hrs, but we can do better than that!

Please help us support the Grigg family with your financial contribution and/or by sharing the link with your networks on Facebook, Twitter, blog posts, emails, texts, phone calls, or by any means necessary.

Stepping up to assist Will Grigg is the best way to show your support for liberty and undermine the State right now.

Updates will continue to be posted at The Libertarian Institute, so please feel free to check back soon for more info and share it with others.

We need Will and Will needs our help. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Again, the link to support Will:

Thank you!

Reprinted from The Libertarian Institute.

6 thoughts on “Help Support Will Grigg”

  1. Stepping up to assist Will Grigg is the best way to show your support for liberty and undermine the State right now.”


    My sympathies for Mister Grigg but nobody should be put in this kind of situation where charity is the only solution.

    What could possibly be the meaning of the quote about supporting liberty and undermining the state?

    Can someone explain what that means? It seems to me that the good that can out of this poor suffering individual’s situation is for America to look after all it’s people.

    1. There’s no such thing as “America” to “look after” anyone. All caring and looking after is done by and/or supported by individuals. The state is just a way of centralizing all that individual activity, and it’s not a very good way.

      The fundraiser for Will is close to making its goal. Will you match my $5 USD donation with whatever that is in Loonies? That’s the solution. Everything else is just making excuses.

      1. The caring and looking after everybody by individuals isn’t meeting the needs of the people. Only government can do that Thomas. But I’m glad to hear that the money has been raised. Maybe it would have been helpful for us to know how much money needed to be raised? I’ve heard stories of hundred of thousands of dollars for a two week stay in a hospital but that may not be the case in this instance.

        In loonies it would be over $6. I’m sorry but we don’t encourage charity nearly as much in Canada because it’s just a way of taking the responsibility off those who have the responsibility. This is as true with health care as it is with tips being stolen by the boss in a restaurant. So asking me for charity to uphold the US system on health care would be like me asking you to donate to electing a socialist in Canada.

        Glad to hear the goal is close for Will. I didn’t think I should follow you into this discussion here on this thread but I did against my better judgment. I didn’t want to be a part of going off topic further, along with you for obvious reasons. I would suggest taking any further discussion on the issues to another thread.

        1. “The caring and looking after everybody by individuals isn’t meeting the needs of the people. Only government can do that Thomas.”

          If government can do that, how come in all of human history it never has?

          1. Actually Thomas, It would be more correct to say that in all of human history, only government has looked after all the people. In many ways, with of course some failures.

            But we’re talking about health care and government is really the only kind of health care that has stood the test of time and succeeded. My country is an example of the success of universal health care. Along with practically all modern countries of the world with the exception of yours.

            Yours seems to be waiting for the great libertarian awakening when pies will fall from the sky and make everybody well again.

            Better than the second coming of baby jesus by a mile!

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