Dennis Kucinich Asks, ‘Why Are We Helping ISIS?’

Former presidential candidate and United States House of Representatives Member Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is not buying the Trump administration line on the US missile attack last week in Syria. Interviewed at Fox News, Kucinich both rejects the reason offered for the attack and says the attack will help the Islamic State (ISIS), which President Donald Trump has said it is a high priority for the US to counter.

Kucinich explains in the interview that there is no clear proof presented that the Syria government used chemical weapons in the country – the purported justification for the US missile attack. Kucinich also asks, “Why are we helping ISIS?” The Syria military that the US attacked last week is attempting to defeat ISIS in Syria.

Kucinich also addresses in the interview how the US attacking the Syria military advances the desires of the Saudi Arabia government that is seeking to overthrow the Syria government. Mentioning Saudi involvement in the September 11, 2001 attacks in America, Kucinich further asks, “Why are we helping the people who helped bring about 9/11?”

Looking to the potential of the US government forcing regime change in Syria, Kucinich paints a dire picture. Kucinich says:

And we have to keep in mind, if the US forces regime change here, look at Iraq, look at Libya, look at the human effect – over a million Iraqis died in that war already. We don’t want to be responsible for inflaming a war, and we sure don’t want to be responsible for putting ISIS and al-Qaeda in charge.

Watch Kucinich’s complete interview here:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity. Massie is a member of the Ron Paul Institute.

21 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich Asks, ‘Why Are We Helping ISIS?’”

  1. DK:”Assad probably wasn’t behind the attacks..”
    H: “So how are we going to remove Assad from power.”
    DK: “Our leaders claim to be fighting ISIS and al Qaeda. Why are we attacking the army that is fighting ISIS and al Qaeda?”
    H: “So can the Russians help us remove Assad from power?”
    DK: “Those terror groups are funded bySaudi Arabia which probably helped with the 9/11 attacks.”
    H: “That’s very nice. What would you propose to get rid of Assad?”

    …and so forth.

    1. Sorry, Iran has been convicted on 911 and most all of the hijackers were in Iran the previous 18 months.

      Putin and Assad are not fighting ISIS, thanks for the laughs, the russian pansies are only good at covering up the gassing of children.

      1. Pansies are a very stout plant, they even bloom in winter whenever there are a couple of days with above freezing temperature. I’ve noticed that most of the people who use the term pansy as an insult are a) Male and b) really insecure about the way their masculinity is perceived by Other Guys.

        Iran was never convicted of anything. Other than getting rid of the British appointed Washington/London Puppet Hereditary Dictator Shah Reza-Palavi.. The U.S had a long history of Regime Change, usually on false evidence, which even though disproved for a very long time some people in America believe the Spanish sank the U.S.S Maine and the ‘defenders’ of the Alamo ‘fought for the right to be free’. If they wanted freedom, according to U.S. Other and Contradictory propaganda the U.S. is the bastion of freedom, so why didn’t they stay the Hell in the U.S. instead of going to Texas which was part of a completely separate nation? One which, unlike the U.S., had ordered the emancipation of all slaves. The U.S. mostly illegal immigrants to Mexico, like Austin and Travis, had slaves and that was one of their biggest whining complaints, so who was the party offering ‘freedom’ and which party wanted freedom with a lot of exceptions, especially people who were “property”.

        This is the kind of propaganda the official government has poured into my ears and eyes for 56 years now.

        So you really need to give some real evidence, not something you got from Limbaugh or the Bill O, Really? factor.

        There’s another bit, came out before the alleged assassination with no actual corpus delicti of bin Laden…

        The FBI had a supposed “age progression” picture on their website, but it wasn’t. it’ was actually a doctored picture of a Spanish member of parliament. Caught, they were, in a lie. And their excuse was they hadn’t any reliable evidence he was still alive, for years. Nothing they could verify. No pictures, no audio transmissions, nothing.

        Given that they’re part of the same propaganda group who tell us all YOU know about Syria and North Korea, well, I’ll stick to other sources and consider there might be a bit or two of truth slipped into the propaganda.

  2. Another politician with real guts to go against the flow. This was as much on target as Tulsi Gabbard was.
    Surprise! That Fox News would even allow Kucinich to say what he did. Even though their man tried to use the lowest of demonization tactics to stop his message from getting through.

    The American people have some good political leaders. They just have to smarten up now and choose the right ones.

    If a Republican can break out of the mold now, this could become infectious and very encouraging for the antiwar cause.

    1. It was the good ol’ days when we had real choices like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, and Mike Gravel! I noticed their absence in the last presidential election.

  3. “Why can’t everybody at just get with the program”

    Because, believe it or not, none of us think of the site’s comment section as a command HQ where we come to get our marching orders from Field Marshal Don.

    1. I won’t be making any apologies for my antiwar position and the fact that “I” have remained consistent.

      No doubt, your position gives you the balls to say what you like without having to worry about anybody else saying anything too risky in return.

      So fill your boots if that’s what you need. I play on even and fair terms, not your terms.

        1. Prove the lies one way or another, perhaps? The U.S. government has opened hostilities against Native Americans, giving the same oil companies more subsidies, Corporate Welfare you might say, by using state police and National guard mercenaries in North Dakota. Or did you not know that? It was in the news.

          Some ‘freedom’.

  4. Sure, Damascus has a park dedicated to Grand daddy Park and Israel has attacked Syria twelve times in the past 2 years because Hezbollah gets their missiles to fire into Israel that way, I suppose Dennis and Ron Paul thinks Israel is also helping ISIS.

  5. As usual, Kucinich’s trip like Gabbard’s was paid for by Assad allies, Tulsi may well get bounced from her rep. position like Dennis has.

    1. Or, in an alternate scenario, the Fascist Fanatic Trump Cult gets bounced.

      Insults and party-line propaganda just don’t get the job done.

      Speaking of Good Job Well Done, states’ rights proponent Jeff Session has proposed widening the net on dissenters, which can only be done by the Federal troops over-riding the states. Also he and Trump have announced their disdain for the Judiciary and Congress both houses, and declared that the Executive has the power to ‘trump’ Judicial and Legislative on any issue.

      So, even though you’ve answered this question already, where are YOU going to stand when the Federal Gestapo come for those who dare resist the Mighty Trump?

  6. Assad and Putin are not attacking ISIS, they are attacking civilians, if a person loves the refugee crisis, they’ll love Assad, he’s the main cause of it.

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