Ron Paul on New Syria Sanctions and Still Unproven Gas Attack Claim

President Trump has yet to provide any credible evidence that the gas attack in Syria earlier this month was carried out by Assad, and in the meantime very serious questions about the veracity of White House claims are arising from very credible experts. Yet the Administration seems ever more determined now that it has done a 180 degree turn and demanded regime change for Syria. Late last week the White House announced sanctions on 271 Syrian scientists who Trump claims are working on chemical weapons. The proof? None. How to explain this sudden embrace of the neocon line on Syria and elsewhere? It might be telling that according to recent press reports the architect of the disastrous Iraq war, Paul Wolfowitz, is lending advice on the Middle East to Defense Secretary Mattis and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster. They have all apparently been friends for years. More in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

11 thoughts on “Ron Paul on New Syria Sanctions and Still Unproven Gas Attack Claim”

  1. Their last point is important: Whistleblowers needed, perhaps now more than ever.

  2. Virtually all those in USGov leadership roles are not interested in peace; MIC makes for favors to dispense & $contributions for re-election. But wars can’t be waged if few are willing to join military & work for Dept of Defense (what a truth-twisted name!). Depopularize both military participation & “support the troops” mania.

    1. Take a day off from sanity and watch TV all day. The advertising for just about every commercial product is being taken over by militarism. Toys, breakfast cereals, restaurants, cars, beer commercials, good thing we don’t have tobacco commercials anymore, or we’ll have a campaign like Lucky Strike GREEN is going to War! (the tobacco company changed the color on the packets because the red dye had a lot of chromium in it and chromium was needed for aircraft parts) Rice Krispies cereal was touted as “Shot from Guns!” (Let’s get the kids involved!) That last one was courtesy of my Mom and her sisters, they were kids at the time. The Recruiters are getting worse.

  3. Wolfowitz? The same jackass who thought Iraq could be conquered by 10,000 troops in under one hour?

    One of the biggest reason why US foreign policy is so recalcitrant and feckless is that former F-ups are continually called upon to lend an opinion just because they have putative experience.

    The truth about the gas attack might take some time to wiggle to the surface, especially if claims made by the administration turn out bankrupt. They will likely bury it as long as possible. The media will likely be reticent to dig, having all thrown roses at Trump’s feet for a little “shock and awe”. Never underestimate either the willful ignorance or the ignominious glorification (by the media) of reckless bombing under the guise of humanitarian concerns. It seems they learned not a damned thing from the debacle of Iraq. They have simply gone back to sleep since then.

    1. Nice post. In defense of Paul, I never saw any statement of his that he was a supporter of Trump. He did say he liked SOME of the things he was saying on the campaign trail (like bring the troops home). Also, it didn’t take him long to publicly criticize Trump. Contrast these statements to those of other public figures. I suspect Paul’s attacks on Trump will accelerate (they already have). Also, His voice is more important than mine as it gets heard (or read) by a lot more people. Thank goodness he is still around to offer his contrarian views.

    2. I think most Trump supporters were so because he was the only anti Hitlery choice. Trump would not have stood a chance at election running against most anyone else.

      And Ron Paul was never a Trump supporter and I’m amazed that you would attempt to claim such.

      1. In Florida, there were four choices on the ballot in addition to Trump and Clinton.

        There were at least three choices, at least one of which was neither Clinton nor Trump, on the ballot in every state.

        There are lots of excuses for having voted for Trump. But Harry Callahan was right: Excuses are like assholes — everybody’s got one and they all stink.

        1. You’re ignoring the Republicrats’ stranglehold on ballot access which, as Ron Paul has said, makes a third-party candidate unelectable.

  4. For all those deluded conspiracy theorists out there ! The mainstream news almost without exception supports accusations that Syria uses Sarin gas and that
    Assad kills his own citizens ! They all agree that the ‘moderate’ opposition, ‘free
    speech’ community service activists, with only peaceful intentions, as they are deserve both our support and protection – but I am beginning to wonder who it is doing the fighting ? Oh, sorry ! Assad ! Sorry for my foolish mistake ! If you do not think a concerted conspiracy is taking place, I suggest you visit the Atlantic Council website and others pushing almost identical stories ! And yes – they cover events in the Ukraine as well ! Conspiracy ! They just SUPPORT each other ! What’s WRONG with that ? Just pass the hymn-sheet around ! Please feel welcome to join in the singing !

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