Ron Paul on Memorial Day: What Should We Remember?

Memorial Day should not be a celebration of militarism. It is intended to be a day to memorialize those who have died in battle. What to memorialize? Watch today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report!

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

2 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Memorial Day: What Should We Remember?”

  1. It was originally a day to decorate the graves of those Americans from both the north and the south who were murdered by the federal terrorism of Abraham Lincoln.

  2. The 50,000 young Americans killed in 3 days at Gettysburg which outstripped the American casualty numbers of the 2 decades in Vietnam.

    And the continued violence by the Ku Klux Klan, starting at the Ft Pillow Massacre at the orders of Confederate Gen.Nathan Bedford-Forrest, plantation ‘aristocrat’, until the present day. (The murder of American soldiers by American soldiers based entirely on the color of their skin)

    The continuation of legalized slavery based on skin color starting on 12OCT1492 to the present day.

    The constant threat of murder of Americans by cowardly PIGS who are aligned with the Heritage Foundation and the Klan and other Fascist racist rat bastards. They’ve got another lynch mob sub-Klan called the Safe Streets war on anybody who doesn’t bow down and worship the Police State. Or people who ‘associate’ with the counter-militia of Black Lives Matters, and other groups who have been forced to defend their own neighborhoods from the Global Police State operatives who have been empowered by the Courts to shoot people in the back (their preferred target area) for “looking dangerous”.
    Like the Real Man shot to death in Tulsa and the PIG who murdered him acquitted. Or Marquise Hudspeth who was gunned down with 8 bullets in his back on 15MAR2003 in Bossier City LA, and the Klan organized a fundraising barbecue for the poor defenseless PIGS and David Duke declaring, with no refute by the PIGS that the Ku Klux Klan is an auxiliary police organization . They didn’t deny it, The Supremacists are living proof that the so called ‘white’ so called ‘race’ is NOT supreme.

    Then there’s the murder in the Fremont Co Colorado jail of which I’m a witness of John Christopher Walter by medical and security staff, especially Sgt Greene, Cpl Maas and Cpl Hudspeth, and covered up for 3 years now by the Southeastern Colorado’s Judicial District. John Walter was by the way White.

    The pro-pig caucus should remember that allowing one group to be targeted by the Fascist Police State means their Gestapo can do it to anybody with the same level of impunity.

    The PIGS and the privately owned publicly paid National Guard and Police in North Dakota violently defending their Masters’ pipeline project from the people whose land and water was given, again at public expense, Sovereign lands of the Lakota nation. Just one more violent ripoff of Americans started 12OCT1492.

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