We are looking for a few good eccentric billionaires, big foundations, or corporate megaliths…
but until peace is profitable, all we have is you.


Our matching funds are here: $32,000 that must be matched dollar for dollar for us to receive the full amount. Now is the time to make your tax-deductible donation – because nothing is more powerful than peace.

Each week a new "hot spot" pops up on our radar: Korea, Kurdistan, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Ukraine, the list goes on and on. These are regions where the United States is either instigating conflicts or increasing their intensity.

We must wrap up our fundraising drive as soon as possible. Events are moving swiftly, and Antiwar.com needs to focus on the job we’ve been doing with a very small staff for over 21 years. No matter what the political winds, we provide our readers with original coverage of all the hot spots, giving both the context and the daily updates that have made us a leader – and a source of controversy!

Yes, we have a viewpoint: backed up with facts, not foolishness. We’re accountable to no one but our readers, who expect the highest standards of quality.

The news won’t wait for us to make our fundraising goal: the War Party persists.

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Angela Keaton
Executive Director

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