London Attacks: Ron Paul Says Don’t Blame Iran

UK Prime Minister Theresa May wants to blame YouTube for yesterday’s deadly London attack. She thinks terrorism can be stopped by pushing the “superiority” of British values…and more bombs on the Middle East. President Trump wants to ban people from seven countries – even though no one from those countries has killed Americans on US soil since the 1970s. Why is it that when they talk about terrorism, politicians can never admit the role our foreign policy plays?

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “London Attacks: Ron Paul Says Don’t Blame Iran”

  1. Remember, for every British government, regardless of Conservative or the- Labour, the Saudi-petrodollars is seen as the pivot; the greatest budgetary supplement to the British defence ministry. The theme, “They [the Saudis] contribute to our prosperity” has almost and irrevocably become the government’s own kind of self-deprecating exercise in defence of its arms exports and totally misguided foreign policy vis a vis Riyadh: The usual communique designed to shield the Saudi rulers from any criticism that may be seen as offensive to them. Despite years of mounting evidence which directly castigates the Al Saud family, as the most rigid abusers of human rights & [The] proponents of the Sunni Islamic extremism in Wahhabi-Salafist institution, which is the official state policy – The blood-soaked tentacles of which have long & already reached the European capitals and cities. Is it therefore, surprising when we witness [the] petrodollars-based foreign policy is guilty of producing the kind of barbarism; a blowback through which young children and innocent bystanders are murdered in Manchester & London: How many times do these jihadi terrorist-animals have to spill the blood of innocent people in towns and cities across the UK, before those in charge of the deep state in this country, wake-up to the [bloody] fact that it is the British foreign policy in the Middle East, which is motivating these murderers to do acts of terrorism!
    Dear Home Secretary, it does [Not] matter how twisted one’s religious ideology is: It ultimately does [Not] produce terrorism; poverty & frustration do!

  2. When you are an aggressor nation intent on violating other nations, the “truth” becomes a 180 degree turn! To all the war making monsters out there who use these “terrorists” to spur their wicked agendas- may God punish YOU AND YOURS for all the crimes and despair you have caused this world! I include your families because of all the women and children you seem oblivious to murdering!

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