Libya Report: New Wrinkle in US Plan for Gaddafi-Free Libya

Field Marshall Khalifa Haftar, head of the Libyan National Army, has stated that former Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Saif Islam, "is free and in a safe place." Haftar further said he welcomed the idea of the younger Gaddafi playing some sort of political role in Libya’s future.

In an interview (Arabic) with Al-Hayat newspaper, Haftar also stressed that he had no problems with moderate Muslim Brotherhood members but could never deal with the extremist elements.

The recent talks in Paris between Haftar and UN-backed Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj were little more than a "show," an attempt to stage manage an impression of a Libyan unity government. It failed!

The Libyan Muslim Brotherhood’s Executive’s rejected all communiqués from Paris despite the olive branch extended to it by Haftar.

The United States, UK, and the UN are egging on their regional and international allies including France to finish the job in Libya to totally discount any thought of allowing Saif a role in the future of Libya. This new colonial order is afraid of his growing popularity.

To the West, Saif al-Islam is the poster child of the old order. The US and the UN want Saif al-Islam on trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague also to isolate and silence him. Quite simply he knows too much about the West’s past duplicity.

Additionally, Saif al-Islam is wrongfully being held responsible for his father’s actions, from Lockerbie, which ironically his father was not involved in, to being part of the alleged plot of his father with Qatar to kill the then Saudi King Abdullah.

The West has become skeptical of Haftar mainly due to his closeness to Russia, however both Haftar and Saif Gaddafi are popular with the Libyan people.

It is likely the West would prefer Haftar out of the picture, but his recent battlefield successes make that look unlikely…for now.

With tribal support, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi could contribute to a Mandela style reconciliation process. But the West would then be forced to face that its "liberation" of Libya did not produce the kind of result it foresaw. And the West cannot stand to be shown to be wrong when it comes to its "regime change" operations, even when its consistent failures are impossible to ignore.

For immediate purposes, the West appears to have scored a major coup by setting the stage for Libya to spit-out Saif al-Islam right into the open jail cell in the ICC despite the lack of evidence against him. The ICC is merely a tool of the American dominated UN and Gaddafi’s son, the victim.

Will the US and its allies succeed in their conspiracy? And what happens next in Libya if they do?

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Libya Report: New Wrinkle in US Plan for Gaddafi-Free Libya”

  1. Nice article Mr.. Gulistian…. We are hungry for news, especially GOOD news about Libya and Siaf All Gadaffi… The sacking of Lybia sees to have awoken the slumbering bear.. Just in time for the attempt on Syria

  2. Nice article by Mr. Gulistian.. I, we crave for any news about Libya & Saif Al, especially good news!!!!!!

  3. Gaddafi Sr. was a wild card and an eccentric to put it mildly. But he did appear to have genuinely cared for his people. They benefited from the best education and healthcare systems on the continent under his rule. When you compare the quality of life there to that of the population of Africa’s other big oil producer Nigeria, a long time American allie, the difference is stark and staggering. When you compare the quality of the life there under Gaddafi to the quality of life there now, the difference is downright earth shattering.

    The opposition to Gaddafi in Libya was always a minority that apposed Gaddafi because of his status as a tribal outsider rather than his despotism, which they coveted. This opposition only became victorious thanks to the aid of Al-Qaeda and NATO. As an ethnic Irish Catholic, my feelings towards Gaddafi are equally biased. He gave aid, no strings attached, to my people back in Armagh when the communist bloc couldn’t be bothered to give a sh*t about a united Ireland. The good Colonel had a shared antipathy towards the Crown and monarchs in general. If Gaddafi’s son is anything like his father then I welcome his introduction into the mix. Maybe if we’re lucky he’ll reintroduce his fathers flirtations with direct democracy to his tattered country. It might just be the one thing that could save that deeply divided desert nation that used to welcome refugees rather than create them.

  4. The trump fellow still owes them a refund and apology for the ripoff he still boasts of doing. And the piracy against the Morning Glory tanker, as he does have some ‘assets’ meaning Big Oil investment. Not holding my breath on that, he hasn’t yet apologized or compensated for the ripoffs of Americans either.

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