Ron Paul asks: Will Nikki Haley Get Her Iran War?

US Ambassador to the UN made a big show of holding a press conference to demonstrate an “Iranian” missile that the Houthis in Yemen fired onto Saudi territory as an example of Iran’s violation of the JPCOA agreement. It was a scene reminiscent of then-Secretary of State Colin Powell’s “mobile Iraqi chemical weapons labs” demonstration at the UN. And about as truthful. Will President Trump re-purpose US troops in Syria to confront Iran and thereby grant the neocons their number one desire? We discuss in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Ron Paul asks: Will Nikki Haley Get Her Iran War?”

  1. Not sure if this is good news or bad news. The thing is, if Trump and company are flinging themselves madly on their horses and galloping off in all directions, threatening war with Iran and North Korea while at the same time continuing the fight in Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Niger, and god knows where else… is there a chance they won’t get to have any of their wars for lack of focus? The carriers can’t be off the coast of Iran and off Korea at the same time.

    It’s a faint hope but it’s a hope just the same.

    1. At heart I believe Trump is a protectionist who does not understand that he can not make America great again and wage all the wars started by the long Clinton/Bush/Obama war machine while allowing them to start more (“god knows where else” includes on-going covert wars against the Mercosur nations in Latin America, on-going conflicts in Northern Africa, as you mentioned, as well as in Central Africa, and now against Sourthern Africa, and in various conflicts in Southeast Asia once again, while intriguing to get India and Pakistan further in-trapped in the failure that is the Afghanistan War where the only success is that of the drug kingpins and shadow bankers bringing Afghan heroin to all of our neighborhoods, across class, in the America of 2017. Trumps successes will fail because of his acquiescence to the insane geopolitical and permanent war, let all-fight-all attitudes of the War Party leading both of the phony corrupt electoral parties, both Republican and Democrat. Trumps ignorance will trip him up. You can’t grow jobs and wages while waging war everywhere. Even gutting social entitlements, as Trump’s Republicans are drooling to do, won’t provide enough money to keep America going, is we keep being the primary aggressor in the world. Other nations are now setting better examples for the people of the world. We should be that example, that shining city on the hill showing what a democratic republic should look like. What peace, justice and prosperity should look like. Other nations are now doing that. And the world is responding. Trump is on the path of death and destruction built by his insane, war mongering recent predecessors and his false friends from the military-industrial-complex and Wall St., and foreign provocateurs that will benefit from the not-so New National Security Strategy just announced by the President. China, Russia and the rest of the BRICS nations now under attack in Trump’s covert wars, are proceeding on a different path than that of Trump and those around him. Instead of the now 300 year old system of geopolitics focused on imperial colonialism, unbridled free trade rape of markets, and war to a geo-economic system focused on infrastructure development of the entire world. I don’t particularly like the internal political system of all the BRICS nations, nor do I feel comfortable with all aspects of their cultures but the idea of “beautiful countries, beautiful world” is the first Great Idea since the Rennaissance and is certainly worth discussion by our leaders. Instead, McMaster’s wants to nuke North Korea and Haley wants to nuke Tehran. Trump must not listen to the madding voices around him or America will suffer its greatest losses, I am afraid. You can’t wage war against everyone and not expect to get hurt. The rest of us can hope for the best, but we should be preparing for the worst.

  2. Israel firmly wants Americans to destroy Iran, they successfully navigated a weak President into attacking Iraq and had Hillary Clinton as cheerleader in facilitating the insurgency in Syria.
    Now it is time for US forces to target Iran and Nikki Haley along with Kushner and Friedman are just the team to get this done.
    Congress won’t stand in the way of AIPAC and Trump may need a war if he ever expects to get elected again.

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