NBA Removes Palestine From Website at Israeli Behest

Officials “apologize” to Israel for “oversight.”

Signing up for an internationally accessible website almost always means including your country of origin. The same has been true of, for years.

Then today, Israel suddenly expressed outrage at that fact, with their Sports Ministry having noticed that occupied Palestine is an option, declaring that to be “an imaginary state” and demanding it be removed.

Sports Minister Miri Regev insisted there is no such thing as occupied territory, and that the NBA’s listing was not in keeping with President Trump declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

Perhaps even more incredibly, the NBA immediately relented, saying it was an “oversight,” and apologizing for including Palestine as an option.

It’s not at all clear what provoked Israel to go after, as virtually every website with a registration system has similar options for Palestinian users. That the NBA immediately caved in, and even apologized, likely means they won’t be the last, and that Israel is going to start brow-beating websites on a regular basis.

  • Pat Dunne

    Sounds like this was prearranged and sent as a warning to others.

    • tom

      We can’t remind the world of Israel’s punching bag now can we? Ever wonder why athletes salaries have gotten so out-of-hand? One clue would be to notice the religion of most of the agents. Society in general is being sucked dry by these parasites! Boycott a game because the athletes protest a crucial issue? I would boycott sport events to get the parasites out of the game. Salaries are so high that many parents are now steering their children to pro sports careers. The USA could sure use a lot more doctors and engineers and scientists!

      • genesfan

        What if those doctors, engineers and scientists want to watch the Cavs play the Warriors?

  • jsinton

    Will the players protest in solidarity with Palestine? Maybe some? I imagine the NBA calculates the public doesn’t mind, but it’s still not good publicity. Perhaps never they’ll hear it on the MSM, eh?

    • Pat Dunne

      NBA owners are generally leaning towards the Zionists so this was likely more a corporate gesture.
      Frankly I think it is time “Israel First” folks move on.

  • Nelson Barley

    Yes well look at who the NBA commissioner is….

  • America Firster

    NBA is Jewish dominated at the ownership level.

  • N30rebel

    Circumcision is next!

  • Bill Denison

    Fuck Israel, It will be a cold day in hell I let a bunch of greed/war mongers redraw my world map.

  • Jay Hall

    So many true Cowards in the USA. :(

  • rosemerry

    “N”BA I assume stands for NATIONAL; does it mean the US? If so, why does it have to ask Israel’s permission for listing a country?

    • MvGuy

      Good question rosemerry….


      The question is,will the constitution and this nation survive Zionism?

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    When do Black Americans get their own Israel?

    The Holocaust is the rationale for wealthy Europeans to steal land from peasants.

    The Torah is a forged land deed, not a moral guide.

    • RMS145

      It exists, it‘s called Liberia.

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        And we fund it equally to Israel?

  • PayPal doesn’t list Palestine or allow Palestinians living in the occupied territories to use their service. Western Union doesn’t list Palestine. You have to use Moneygram if you want to send money there. I’m sure they’ll be pressuring other web sites as they find them. Shame on the NBA for chickening out. We should all call them to complain.