Best Wishes to Robert Parry for a Speedy Recovery

I was shocked to hear that the Robert Parry, the editor/publisher of Consortium News, suffered a stroke on Christmas Eve. His stroke affected his eyesight (especially his reading and thus his writing) although apparently not much else.

Consortium News has been an almost daily addition to’s front page for a long time and Robert Parry’s excellent analysis is on our site several times a week. Unlike many on the left since the election of Trump, Parry has kept a strong and well-reasoned analysis of “Russia-gate” and the DC hawks.

We hope for Bob’s quick recovery. He is a good friend, and an important part of the antiwar movement.

Read Bob’s lengthy announcement about his condition.

5 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Robert Parry for a Speedy Recovery”

  1. Robert, we are all in sympathy and await your recovery with great hope. Our world would be impoverished without your efforts. From the October Surprise to Iran Contra, the Iraq Wars and Mideast, you have covered the takeover of US government and mass media by oligarchy, and your Consortium News is the best US site for independent thinkers. Your work ranks with Twain, Seldes, Murrow, Woodward, and Stone, and we need you.

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