Koreans Agree To Talk to Koreans… Nikki Haley Furious!

In the last several days, North and South Korea have agreed to hold high-level talks, to re-establish a direct communication link, and to participate in the coming winter Olympic games. Taken together it appears a significant step toward reducing tensions on the peninsula and reducing the risk of catastrophic war. You would think the US would be pleased at the developments and hopeful that diplomacy might take over from saber-rattling. But you would be wrong. US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has poured cold water on the developments, screeching that North Korea must first give up its nuclear program before talks can even take place. For more, tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

16 thoughts on “Koreans Agree To Talk to Koreans… Nikki Haley Furious!”

  1. The Trump/Nikki collaboration will have a problem now. They cannot cut funding or sanction S Korea.
    What’s left?? Diplomacy.
    Trump will declare victory take credit and tweet onward.

    1. Or…. they will ramp up their war plans. Yemen is holding its own, Syria is lost, Iran may be difficult to stir up shit (they know who’s trying), Niger is going nowhere, Libya is pushing back and now, North Korea may be off. That leaves the deep state with only Ukraine, and that’s a bit too close to their ‘allies’ in Europe. I guess they could start another war in Sudan or Somalia, but China is investing there now…..

      1. The Deepers have been waiting decades for war in Europe again. After they gained full control of states in 63 it has been on the “to do” list. Don’t count out a resurgence in anti Russian rhetoric in Deep Media. Trump needs to expose Poopy Bush, sorry Poppy Bush, will be the string to unravel the entire ball. Is one of the few left if not the only one left from Dallas. Hopefully the ball goes back to 33 and exposes the extent of it all

    2. If his actions result in lasting peace between NK and SK, then he should declare victory.

      Trump keeps landing on his feet and deserves credit for it.

  2. But don’tcha know ‘we’ own the world and space (Hermann Goering) and ‘our’ soldiers are killing other people for being in the countries in which they were born or where they fled when their homes got bombed the living dogshit out of to end a sentence a preposition with, to protect ‘us’ just like ‘our’ government tells ‘us’ and always using the Royal Editorial.possessive (us, we, our)

    1. You’re either with us or against us!

      Neocons tell me all the time how I should “move to Somalia” if I’m not with the Deep State. My folks built this country, and yes I realise that means we took the land from Amerindians who deserve compensation. But regardless, I’m not moving to Somalia, and I’m in my right to say, empire isn’t American (or at least isn’t in line with the original vision of America.)

      1. I love it when Neocons do that. I like to point out to them that phrase was first used by Jesus Christ who being God in the flesh knew all humans thoughts/desires and being their Creator He could make that assertion. So they must be pushing Jesus off His throne and ruling the world?

        Now here’s the kicker: Most of them have rejected the Pre-Tribulation Rapture and dismissed that Christ Himself will reign on earth for the 1000 years but rather the Church (usually Roman Catholic/Calvinists) will in His stead and they have the authority to enforce that transformation (onward Christian solider) any way they see fit and those non-Christian pigs had better get “saved” or they’ll get steamrolled. When I mention to them that’s exactly what the Muslims think with their Mahdi messiah, their response is an icy glare and clenched fists.

        1. as a Christian of mixed heritage I got a lot of the Dominion bovine faeces from as many opinion slingers as could fit into the line… I couldn’t tell, if blindfolded and taken into a Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran, or Catholic church I wouldn’t be able to tell which was which. Except the Catholic because the priests will have acolytes go down the aisles sprinkling water on the people. On the Cherokee side I had at least one relative, my great grandmothers brother, was a Confederate soldier and took a yankee minie ball upside the head, tore off a chunk of skull. Doctor said “Nation, that wound will kill you” and sure enough 80 years later it did. He was 18 at the end of the war and 98 when he died. My dad knew him but he was 6 or 7 when he died. Said he ranted a lot about black people because he believed they started the war.

          Beyond that I don’t know any of their motives for their statements or actions. That was on the Nation side of the family. My grandpa RV Brown (that’s a southern deal, it was his entire name) whose grandfather came to Texas at the onset of the Trail of Tears on the Cherokee side at the age of 4. And his dad who held slaves. Which he inherited. So there’s a lot of twists and this in only 5 generations of one family. If I extrapolate it with a .1 factor, 20 percent of what I described, and try to fit any social pattern my mind would be boggled just from the first 3 iterations. Most we can do, and each iteration of pacifism, lead by example, could also work. Simply because most people in the world have never taken another human life.

          That gives me a motive to keep on. That and I do like people. Not much I could do if I didn’t like them, a short trail of corpses ending with mine. Maybe somebody who has been filled with violence and hate can find that sentiment, written by or quoted from me, entendera solamente Dios su misma.

  3. Reunite Korea! Give the god-emperor ruling family of NK a special status akin to the emperor of Japan. Let them reunite, and then have us all exit entirely.

  4. Deepers want Kim armed. Halley isn’t stupid. Hope he finishes what the last president who stood up to Deep State started. But when you are a New Yorker who has dealt with their Mob wing I’m sure there isn’t much that will scare you.
    Just don’t except a ride in a convertible with no secret service riding with.

  5. F@#k Nikki Haley. Not literally, of course – who wants those STDs. But as more and more of the world ignores this ignorant bitch, her screeching will undoubtedly grow ever louder.

  6. Describing her as an idiot is not sufficient to capture the truth.

    The woman is a kind of shabby little circus act, but then look who appointed her.

  7. Those naughty Koreans! How dare they talk to each other about what to do in their own country!

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