Who Really Defeated ISIS?

Who defeated the Islamic State In Syria?

Before answering that question. What is the ISIS? Can the public overcome its chronic amnesia and think back to the sudden appearance of ISIS dressed in brand new black uniforms, gleaming white NIKE’s and driving Toyota trunks? They seemed to appear out of nowhere in 2014. ISIS looked as if it were a mirage when it appeared, or more likely a CIA staged scene from Hollywood.

No sooner had ISIS appeared than it went on a head chopping binge that repulsed and frightened the US public. Washington officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry rang the alarm that this hoard of Islamic crazies wanted to invade the US and “kill us all”. A well-compliant mainstream media swallowed Washington’s script and regurgitated it to frighten a US public. The public gave its silent consent for more war really aimed at Bashar al-Assad.

The next question is who created ISIS? ISIS “can trace its roots back to the late Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a Jordanian. In 2004, a year after the US-led invasion of Iraq, Zarqawi pledged allegiance to Osama Bin Laden and formed al-Qaeda in Iraq” [ BBC News December 2, 2016 ]. Al-Qaeda in Iraq did not exist until after the US invasion by the Bush-Cheney administration.

The US invasion of Iraq was based on pure unadulterated lies that Saddam Hussein supported al-Qaeda, was involved in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US and had weapons of mass destruction. Al-Qaeda in Iraq was predictable blowback, resistance against a US illegal invasion. Bush who admitted that he creates his own reality, had hallucinations of a grateful Iraqi people, who had just been bombed back to the Stone Age with Shock and Awe, throwing kisses and flowers at the US expeditionary force as liberators.

Then came the failed Surge in 2007 [ The Nation], when the US allied with Sunnis to defeat the remnants of the Iraqi Ba’ath Party, which was an Arab Nationalist Party neither Sunni nor Shia. The cynical sponsoring and siding with radical Islam goes back to the British “Great Game” of the early 1900’s. It was the British double-dealing with both Sunnis and Shias to supplant the Ottoman Empire, and turn Sunni against Shia to divide and conquer Southwest Asia. It is the story of Lawrence of Arabia, Winston Churchill and World War One.

One could then pick up the story after World War Two when the US was opposing Arab anti-colonial nationalism and communism during the Cold War. It was the “Grand Chessboard” strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski who convinced Jimmy Carter in 1980’s to back the Islamic radical mujahideen mercenaries and destroy Afghanistan in order to lure the Soviet Union into a Vietnam-type trap. Brzezinski was so proud of his success that he would later rhetorically ask to his shame, which is more important “Some stirred-up Moslems” or winning the Cold War.

If Brzezinski was so clever he would have learned from the British early 1900’s Southwest Asia super spy Gertrude Bell. As she would later say, the British Empire encouraging and sponsoring of radical Islam backfired into a big failure. But the US does not know history, even its own history of repeated blunders of encouraging and sponsoring radical Islam against Arab anti-colonial nationalism.

So instead the US enlisted the most radical right-wing fascist regime in the history of the world, the Absolute Monarchy of Saudi Arabia to bankroll Sunnis against Arab nationalism. They gladly funded US regime change projects against secular Arab states. The US flush with cash from the Saudis went about encouraging, training and paying mercenaries from all over Southwest Asia to overthrow Bashar al-Assad. Assad did not share the US role as the world leader of capitalist globalization. Instead Assad was using Syria’s wealth for the benefit of the Syrian people, just as Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi. ” Assad must go“, chanted Obama, Clinton, Kerry and Saudi Wahhabis. To the US it did not matter how many Syrians, Libyan or Iraqis died. As Madeleine Albright had said, “500,000 dead Iraqi children are worth it“.

It was the US and its allies the Absolute Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States that created ISIS. Mercenaries from all over the Muslim world were recruited and even supported with their own air force, the United States Airforce. The mainstream media gave the US the cover story the US was backing “well-vetted moderate [‘Jeffersonian democrats’ really] Islamists”. The mainstream media are criminal coconspirators for spreading war propaganda, the Guardian being one of the worst offenders, with a few rare exceptions, such as Trevor Timm’s reporting.

Now with the ringing in of the 2018 New Year, we can expect the US to be patting itself on the back for defeating ISIS in 2017 . The real story is that it was Assad, Russia, Hezbollah and Iran that defeated ISIS (so far). For those without amnesia they may remember back to when Russia released videos of endless convoys of black-market ISIS oil tankers heading into Turkey. ISIS was partially funding itself with stolen oil and enriching black marketeers of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Somehow, the US with all of its technology and thousands of bombing missions in Syria never saw all those tankers. Nor could they find ISIS fighters, so instead they bombed the Syrian army. The US only saw what it wanted to see and what it wanted to bomb. It was not ISIS. Here are the videos of Russian jets taking out ISIS oil tankers:

Russian jets bomb hundreds of ISIS oil tankers in Syria (Image by from YouTube) Russian jets bomb ISIS oil tankers in Syria.

Some of the mainstream media grudgingly acknowledges that Russia had a hand in rolling back ISIS. Even then the mainstream media downplays the Russian contribution to a support roll, rather than the primary force. Instead the US mainstream media gives the credit to ” the US and 67 other nations from around the world”. It was, they say the US that “trained, supported and provided air support” to local Syrian rebel good-guys, the mythical democratic moderates, that the US was supporting that defeated ISIS. City after city, and village after village were destroyed by ISIS, US bombing and an invisible US moderate rebel force as it created hundreds of thousands of Syrian casualties and refugees.

According to the mainstream media, the Russians stepped in late “to provide air support for the Syrian government”backing the regime of President Bashar al-Assad against rebels threatening his rule, but also targeting some ISIS territory”. Unmentioned is that Russia was legally “invited” by the legitimate government of Syria, while the US and its coalition are committing a war crime of aggression against a fellow member country of the United Nations.

Now we are going to be hearing that one year of Trump did what 8 years of Obama could not do. We are going to be hearing more of how in just one year “ISIS went from attracting thousands of foreign fighters to its anti-Western cause and plotting devastating terror attacks all over the world, to surrendering en masse”. It was the “US-led bombing campaign and US-backed and trained forces” that defeated ISIS, supposedly.

Yes, after six plus years of the most powerful military force in the history of the world, with the most technologically advanced weapons ever invented, and an annual military budget of $1 Trillion the US finally defeated a ragtag mercenary paramilitary of about 30,000 fighters .

The whole story of the US war on terrorism is an incredible and unbelievable tale of pabulum that Washington and its mainstream repeaters have been feeding to the US public since 9-11. It stinks.

David William Pear is an amateur columnist. After retiring in 2009, David started writing on economic, political and social subjects. He is a regular columnist for The Real News Network, Op Ed News, and an editor for OEN. His articles have also appeared in Truth Out, Consortium News, Russia Insider, and other publications.

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  1. Amazingly, all of this is known, and has been for a while. But the scribes that pass for media journalists, no longer control global narrative. The alternative information sources are growing in number, size and quality. Population around the world is armed with fhe little hand held devices that take pictures and videos, and send them around the globe. Some of the most thorough and precise information comes from our own men and women on the ground, and are increasingly present at various sites attracting less attention. The latest one is the airlift of ISIS soldiers to Afghanistan.

    My initial reaction to ISIS, showing up on the scene so smartly dressed, and exquisitely cruel— so designed to instill fear far and wide to help infuse badly needed support for the war. Any war. Specially in the Middle East. It was clear from the beggining that ISIS was the hammer against Syrian and Iraqi Sunnis that did not wish to join the mythical opposition, or abandon ties to Baghdad and Damascus. Yes, they killed Shia and Christians — but the majority of their victims were Sunnis. Because, Sunni young men are the backbone of Syrian Army. And this is why ISIS was particularly cruel to any captured soldiers. ISIS was and still is — the excuse for continuing global military interventions, as well as the placeholder for future territorial enclaves for US bases. Kurds participated in this sham, and most often having deals cut with ISIS. Such major deals include Manbij and Raqqa.

    There is only one credit due to Trump — by declaring ISIS the enemy, he forced the issue of actually fighting them. While the games continued on the ground — at least the question of victory had to be raised, and end point identified. Russia did help by declaring the war agains ISIS essentially over, forcing US to claim victory. And now, coming up with lame excuses to stay under whatever pretext. Obama was very successful in enabling ISIS to spread. And keep in mind the political turmoil in Turkey, with out media scribes blaming Erdogan. That should have given everyone a pause. Good and complying leaders are never demonized — but Erdogan was. His opposition lost power in May 2016, and attempted a coup/assasination in July. After that, Erdogan was free to conduct foreign policy free of Gulen/Soros insiders, and is today along with Iran and Russia, a sponsor of political reconciliation talks in Astana. Turkey must also be credited with cutting off the planned Kurdish control along Turkish border, by connecting Afrin and Kobane Kurdish areas. By securing corridor between Jarabulus and Al-Bab, this US project has been abandoned. In our state of amnesia, let us not forget that US did everything to help ISIS hang on to Al-Bab, including providing intelligence that helped ISIS several times attack Turkish army and inflict heavy losses. Kurds — in the meantime — were waiting on the sideline , spouting propaganda about Al-Bab being Kurdish, and their intent to capture it from ISIS. But Turkey was not without help. Al-Bab was the first operation in Syria where Russian air force joined Turkish airforce in destroying ISIS. Our media scribes then put full faith in eventual fight between Turkush sponsored FredeSyrian army leftovers, and Syrian army, once they get in direct contact following the ouster of ISIS. Well, it did not happen — and the corridor is maintained until today between Turkey, their former rebels and Syrian Army. Afrin Kurds were encouraged to try a breakout, but were beaten back — to the point of Turkey threatening of invading. Since , Afrin Kurds greatefully accepted Syrian military, as well as Syrian flag over their town halls. Grand plans for a Kurdish state are now reduced to Kobane region. Yet, US is now trying to bribe Arab tribes in the former ISIS region to form another new New Syrian Army against Assad. So far with no success, but it will not be difficult with some monthly salary and new unifirms to repackage former ISIS. Ine cannot let that investment go to vaste. But they are throwing money away. There is no anti-Assad energy out there — just the opposite.

    In the meantime, Al-Qaeda under its third name has been well supplied and protected by propaganda in US and Europe. White Helmets propaganda, and corrupt Holywood insured that Al-Qaeda has been off the radar, while leaving it up to Russia to crush them. Until today, we are not informed about the battle for Aleppo by our scribes. Nor are we being shown Christmas celebrations this year in Aleppo and Damascus. This attempt to destroy Syria as a nation and a state backfired. Relationship between Christians and Moslems has never been better in a long, long time. West has lost Christians of the Middle East. In the eyes of these Christians, the West is dead. They see that Iran is not in Syria to help Shia, Turkey is not there to help Sunnis, and Russia is not there to help Christians. But to save Syria and all its population.

  2. Short and Sweet. Russia and her allies defeated the US sponsored,trained and armed ISIS,AlQaeda,Al Nusra, Ad Nauseum.

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