Ron Paul on Bolton to the White House – Pre-Emptive War on the Way?

President Trump’s shocking decision to appoint arch-neocon John Bolton to be his National Security Advisor has us wondering whether the old discredited GW Bush policy of “pre-emptive” war is back on the menu. Not only did Bolton help lie us into the Iraq war…he still thinks it was a really good idea! He has published articles calling for US pre-emptive strikes on Iran and North Korea and even called once for a US attack on Cuba! For a president who campaigned on how stupid all the foreign wars have been, he is sure picking a strange cabinet.

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Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

9 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Bolton to the White House – Pre-Emptive War on the Way?”

  1. Cuba! Forgot about Cuba. So we’ve got continuing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia, with North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and no doubt Venezuela on deck.

    Ha! Bet you all forgot Venezuela.

    Nothing crazy about this picture at all.

    1. Why do we have sanctions on Venezuela anyway? It makes no sense.

      They’re a key oil trading partner. Who cares if they’re socialist and the government is violating its own laws?

      I don’t understand how Americans can support these conflicts. Others claim it makes sense to them. We get to feel powerful I suppose, helping to starve all these people?

      I don’t like Venezuela’s socialism, but it’s also none of my dang business.

      1. The sanctions are there because the U.S. govt wants to bring the country to it’s knees which will inevitably start a civil war or worse. When that happens the CIA will rush in with Colombian military and intelligence assistance and bring about a Pinochet like regime and a decades long reign of terror.

        1. I appreciate the reply, and you almost certainly know more than I on this topic.

          But blowback empowers Venezuela’s Socialism. If the US were friendly with Venezuela, then it would likely become more conservative over time. It’d try socialism, socialism would continue to fail, and then someone would favour a more market oriented approach that didn’t allow foreigners to take power nor allow the few to grow morbidly wealthy.

          We mayn’t have political experimentation like that, because we’re constantly battling each other.

          If a real Trumplican were in office, he’d be best buddies with Maduro. And if Maduro confiscates some gringo’s investment, that (like so much else) is none of our business.

        2. Please read my response above…Fusion GPS is CIA/FBI cit out corporation and has never left Venezuela and is a media distortion agency.

      2. Follow Thor Halversen…He is a U of Penn Law School graduate and a son of the Venezuela…He has seen the Corporate interests in country be taken over by CIA claiming to be working to return to capitalism only to find the CIA had usurped all local ownership of the oil resources…He claims Fusion GPS of Kelly Ore fame during the Pee Per Report is nothing more than a joint FBI/CIA marketing group that does smear for the highest bidder. They blackmail or smear and take money from either side of the isaue…Hows that for weaponizing journalism?

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