Glenn Greenwald and Tucker Carlson Tell the Truth About Going to War in Syria

10 thoughts on “Glenn Greenwald and Tucker Carlson Tell the Truth About Going to War in Syria”

  1. These shows with Tucker Carlson have been the best on the subject on American TV, nevertheless, Tucker needs to likewise answer, how were these weapons dropped from the sky? Do the Rebels have that technology? Also, why were US drones radio jammed on going to see what happened? Great job Carlson, keep it up.

    1. i) that presupposes that a) something was dropped from the sky b) it was noxious
      ii) the official suggestion given is that this jamming came after under the assumed threat of a retaliatory response (removed link to avoid it being in endless waiting for this website to approve) see NBC.

      1. iii) what “Tom Sea” calls the “Rebels” have the USAF on call and all imaginable American weaponry for free. Also, they produce chemical agents with Turkish help and have been using them several times, as already documented,.

        iv) what business have US drones in Syria anyway? That’s a crime of aggression. There is an OPCW for that kind of investigations.

  2. Jesus, when did Tucker Carlson start making sense?

    Cajones aside, Tucker and Glenn forgot to mention that there is zero proof that gas was even used aside from a handful of White Helmets propaganda films.

      1. I just remember seeing him on other shows and thinking he was a total douche. He’s kind of a contrarian, which I can appreciate on some level because I am too in many ways, but it makes it hard to figure him out sometimes.

    1. Greenwald was on Democracy Now and said there’s overwhelming evidence that Syria is responsible for the chemical attack and previous attacks. Would have been nice had he addressed that with Tucker.

  3. Pure False Flag. Only a deaf, dumb and blind fool could not understand this. And Chump, I mean Trump is now on board.

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