CIA Whistleblower Ray McGovern Brutally Assaulted by Police at Haspel Hearing

78-year-old CIA whistleblower Ray McGovern had his arm dislocated by Capitol Hill police as he was brutally dragged out of the confirmation hearing for Trump CIA Chief nominee Gina Haspel today.

Watch the video:

197 thoughts on “CIA Whistleblower Ray McGovern Brutally Assaulted by Police at Haspel Hearing”

  1. This is what happens when you exercise your First Amendment rights in the Land of the Free(tm). Unless you are a white guy with a gun. Then the police stand aside.

    1. You have no such rights, Gomer, to interfere with a hearing or any other gathering without first being invited to speak. It’s called “common courtesy.”
      Using your warped logic, every time YOU wished to speak at some gathering of yours, I would have the “right” to speak out of turn and interrupt you! I seriously doubt you would tolerate my so called “first amendment rights.”

      1. It’s called civil disobedience – and we’ll use it as long as th State pretends to play God with peoples lives.
        Fight on, Ray!

    1. Of course you don’t.

      At that age shoulder joints, especially in males, become rigid. to pull an arm behind that persons back can be very painful and can cause substantial damage. The security person kept saying, “stop resisting” . Because McGovern’s arms were stiff from age, the security person felt resistance and pulled harder.

      These police/security were poorly trained. They needlessly subjected Mr. McGovern to injury and agonizing pain. Or was it intentional?

      1. There police use far more violence during most arrests in any big city

        McGovern is a media hound. He is just like Al Sharpton

        1. You’re kidding, right? You justify excessive use of force against a elderly person by citing police tactics in a US city?

          And no. Equating McGovern to Sharpton is absurd. But this, and other comments show what and who you are. Not worth civil discourse.

          1. Police do far worse all the time in big cities. And there are no cameras. McGovern is Al Sharton but with less charisma

            Why does nt McGovern take a trip to Syria and help some tortue victims there?

          2. False equivalency between Assad and civil disobedience. If we accept your point there would be no civil disobedience on the US and the thugs here would win.

          3. I sure you’re talking about the victims of torture by US and their allies.

          4. “Why does nt McGovern take a trip to Syria and help some tortue victims there?”(sic)

            Ray McGovern walks the walk. Look him up.

          5. This is the start of The World Landbridge, a long-standing concept of the Schiller Institute and LaRouchePAC. Peace through economic development of the entire planet; the end of empire at last.

            Are you a follower of Lydon LaRouche?

            I hope we can be enemies. I am okay if you are okay

          6. you are also an enemy of humanity and worshiper of a hate cult.

            Who the duck would want to be friends with a follower of Lyndon LaRouche. ?


            Has a follower of Lydon LaRouche ever contributed anything to the world in anyway?

            I am almost glad you are here you infectious creature

            you guys make Moonies look respectable.

          7. I haven;t been accused of corruption or taking bribes. Are you offering any money? I didn’t think so

          8. Every public estimate of the numbers of people killed in Syria that I have found comes directly or indirectly from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), run by Rami Abdulrahman in Coventry in the U.K. He is a former political prisoner from Syria, and he works with four assistants in Syria who in turn draw on a network of about 230 anti-government activists across the country. His work receives some funding from the European Union, and also reportedly some from the U.K. government

            Where is the evidence it is run by Mossad as claimed?

          1. Lucky they didn’t get training from Assad or Khaddafy

            “The Syrian city of Hama was the scene of a massacre in 1982 when President Hafez al-Assad, father of the current president Bashar al-Assad, razed the city to crush a Sunni rebellion, slaughtering an estimated 20,000 of his own people.

            Assad’s troops pounded Hama with artillery fire for several days and, with the city in ruins, his bulldozers moved in and flattened neighbourhoods.

            The 1982 massacre is regarded as the single bloodiest assault by an Arab ruler against his own people in modern times and remains a pivotal event in Syrian history.”


        2. Now the victims of the natzis and their kin embrace the fascist model. The abused become the abusers… The age old cycle. Time to watch Viva Zapata again!

          1. Nazi would apply to Saddam Khaddafy and Khoemni before it would apply to Israel.
            Yet you don’t use such words for them. Why not?

      2. Not even necessarily just age. I’m just a spring chicken (51), but I have rotor cuff tears and have in the past had “frozen shoulder” in both soldiers. I could probably take rear handcuffs without too much problem, but when the frozen shoulder was going on it would have been impossible for me to voluntarily get my hands behind my back like that and excruciatingly painful to be forced to.

        This was just police abusing a senior citizen because they can.

        1. Yeah. I’ve had that. Which was how I recognized McGovern’s distress in the video. Thanks for adding to this discussion on the subject.

        2. I had a full rotator cuff repair at about your age, and the surgeon told me that shoulder would always be achy. It is probably because of my attention to nutrition that it is less so than the other. Frozen shoulders are caused by the same thing as frozen hips and knees, worn out meniscus, which most doctors will tell you can’t regrow. Mine has.
          It was just police following orders. McGovern is a thorn in the side of traitors, just like Binney and Snowden.

      3. The security person kept saying, “stop resisting”

        That’s what they ALWAYS say.. Regardless.

      4. They’re well trained. They’ve been instructed that if you shout “stop resisting!” you can get away with anything, and it’s undoubtedly part of normal procedure.

    2. You probably wouldn’t have if you were underneath those three cops, either.

      1. I dont brrak the law. Bu seen much worse.i dont think the cops did anything wrong

          1. Use of a smart phone.

            But Assads daddy destoyed an entire city.

            Assad is a baby killer

          2. World war 2 was just

            The US has nmbeen on the right side of history.

          3. Glad the Nazis ere destoyed.
            .ask Koreans what they think of imperial Japan

            Glad the US won WW2 and glad u r the enemy

        1. Ah, a Gestapo apologist with a Jewish name. Enjoying a human being who is being assaulted by several husky young “men”. Do you know the Camp term “lagerkapo”? I don’t know if you’re Jewish or not. All I know is you have some anger about people not respecting your philosophy of Obey The Pig or Be Beaten Down. Lagerkapo. In the Texas Penitentiary they were called Turnkeys and Building Tenders, also Snitch-Bitches and a few other unpleasant names. the cops allowed them to beat up other prisoners. Lagerkapo is the german slang for the same thing. Jewish prisoners who worked for the Nazis were not common, but there were a few. Treason against one’s own family. You can embarrass yourself as much as you want. Not A Mensch would be a good nickname. Maybe you’re an agent provocoteur, playing the role of a Gestapo apologist. I prefer straight up honesty, but that’s just my druthers. That last word is from Al Capp’s comic “Li’l Abner” which you can look up in a library to find out what I’m saying. Or perhaps you’re really expressing your honest bigotry. In which case you’re just another infidel dog who eats pork with his left hand. Doesn’t bother me. Cops beating up a REAL man disturbs me. Too bad about your hypocrisy.

          1. Normal people, you know, ones who aren’t sociopaths, would hope that somebody not be hurt simply because he’s a Human Being, and not guilty of any crime, since all he did was point out that Trump’s nominee is a sadist who gets sexually aroused by other people experiencing pain. Kind of what you keep saying about yourself. Also, the “lady” Torture Freak and her organization told us that in 1991 Iraqi soldiers threw premature infants out of their incubators and stomped them to death. Which was a lie, proven very quickly to be a lie yet some Really Stupid People believed it. And still do. These same people keep pounding away on the Lies and strangely They Are The Ones Who Generated Those LIES you’ve been pounding. Also the million pounds of Nerve Gas in Iraq. Now, there’s more than that much Nerve Gas on Fort Carson at the junction of Fremont, Pueblo and El Paso Counties and the Army can’t clean it out without killing a million or more people Right Here In America. That’s just an aside, but the facts are that you keep banging on and on with propaganda that has already been debunked. Like you were paid to do it. Of course that’s not CONCLUSIVE proof but it’s plenty of evidence. So this guy who is 78 years old and has more balls than your entire organization, rebuked a Torture Freak and pointing out that she admitted being a Torturer. So, have you ever had enough courage to challenge your Masters? Or admit that you feel all sexually aroused by seeing an elderly Real Man being beaten by your Pig Heroes? That part is obvious. You don’t have the courage to challenge but you have the “courage” to cheer for the American Gestapo. There’s in the picture SIX of those “brave” badges beating down ONE elderly man because he said something they didn’t like and weren’t man enough to face him one on one. Just like YOU, perhaps?

          2. Saddam didn’t throw babies out the window but he did plenty of stuff which was just as bad.

            As for McGovern he doesn’t have the right to go where ever he wants to. Plus he is a media hound.

            As I said I am against torture for practical reasons.
            1) It is not all that effective
            2) It is not worth the flack
            3) It weakens the protections that US soldiers have when captured ( though most of them usually get tortured anyway)

            However I am not upset that Al Qadia members were tortured or that they suffered. Again Torture isn’t really effective nor is it worth all the trouble it causes. (So I am not in favor of it. ) But I am not sorry that Al Qaida members suffered it. They deserved far worse than they got.

            McGovern went to Putin’s Russia to give a medal to Edward Snowden. ( The Irony that Putin does all you complain about in the US just a far worse)

            Al McGovern media hound and a liar . I hope he wasn’t hurt mainly I don’t want him to have any sort of legal case against the US government. He doesn’t deserve a payout . I would much rather the money go to debt reduction than giving it to an Al Sharpton like clown.

          3. In other words people ALLEGED to be al Qaeda and ‘confessed’ under Torture, so it’s all conjecture on your part. And you cheer the PIGS for beating down somebody simply because he opposed your opinions, which were formed for you by your Masters. That and you enjoy seeing human beings in pain. I bet you personally would never have the courage to do anything of the sort UNLESS, LIKE YOUR COWARD PIG HEROES, YOU HAVE PLENTY OF BACKUP. See, I’m talking back to you and you ain’t going to do anything about it. Just another lagerkapo loudmouth. I pity you, but don’t sympathize in any way. It must be very painful to be such a hate filled coward. Maybe one day you will be healed. Probably not, though.

          4. I think most of Al Qaida are Al Qaida

            I support the police for taking away a desruptive opportunist

            I hope he is not hurt. It would awful to waste tax payer dollars on a pay out to that jerk

            I think Al Qaida ought to go to hell
            Khomeni followers deserve hell.
            Bathists deserve the fires of hell.

            The Klan deserves hell

            They desreve much worse than at Gitmo

            I am opposed to torture becuase of the problems it causes the US
            And i doubt it s effectiveness

            It is not worth getting involved in

            As for pain it bothers you unless it is jews American soldiers or their allies doing the suffering.

            Then you are all for it

          5. He was looking for a attention and probably money.

            The US police are not the Gestopo though you are a whako.

            The police did nothing wrong.

            I am with them.

            The bigots are the posters i am answering.

          1. not gonna argue with that…judging by all your shitposts you have alot of time on your hands ! stay classy genius

          2. No my time zone is different.(not the one that you are going to accuse me of either) Plus why are you posting here if you are busy working

            Classy is one word that would not describe you

          3. accuse you of a timezone ? fuck does that mean ? sensitive little fella arent we…and i called you classy i never called myself classy…genius

      1. I am with the cops. They did not do anything wrong

        McGovern eent to Russia to give an award to Edward Snowden

        Who lives where there are way more human rights violation than in the US.

        1. Snowden lives in Russia because that’s where he was changing planes when the US regime pulled the plug on his passport.

          Snowden has proven by his actions that he’s a thousand times the supporter of America that you are.

          1. I wonder is Russia more supportive of human rights than is the US? I would be you dollars to donuts that they are far worse.

          2. If it turn out that the Russians or Chinese got important US information because of what he did then I am worse off as would be most Americans because of what he did

            You care a lot more about principles than I do.

            I thinkbthe world is already so messed up that principles are a luxury

          3. Didn’t Snowden give US secrets to Russia after he went there.

            All in all we are all worse off because of his actions

    3. As a victim of a police pile on where they claim people are resisting….guess it has to happen to you before you see any abuse…may your eyes be opened before you ever have to experience that

  2. As part of their standard script, police can be counted on to utter the words “stop resisting!” in order to plant the idea in the minds of onlookers that the victim is resisting them, especially when the victim is helpless. It is standard practice for police, and it is pure theater. McGovern offered no resistance. It is easy to see that he was constantly off balance as he was being pulled along because the black-shirts were manhandling him.

    1. That soul-dead intonation of “stop resisting”, so common these days, should alert us to the fact that IT HAS HAPPENED HERE. Four brave men, valiant defenders of the conference room, could find no better way of handling a seventy-eight year old man who has given much of his life in the service of our country. This is what we have become and it is sickening.

          1. You people are intentionally targeting small children who are no threat to anyone and shooting them with weapons given to you by us..
            That’s a whole lot different than collateral damage that inevitably happens in any conflict.
            You’re engaging in genocide with malice of forethought.

          2. You people?? What do you mean by t hat.

            According to news reports tires and being burned and rocks and rockets and being used.


            Salim Joubran (Arabic: سليم جبران‎, Hebrew: סלים ג’ובראן‎; born 1947) is an Israeli Arab and former judge on the Supreme Court of Israel. He served as a Supreme Court justice from 2003, and became a permanent member in May 2004.[1] Joubran is the first Arab to receive a permanent appointment in the Israeli Supreme Court.

            I take issue with what you say


          4. RAWABI, West Bank — In the newest city in the wannabe state of Palestine, the developer Bashar Masri is putting the finishing touches on his mall. Not just any mall. “A shopping experience,” as luxe as any in Israel, with aspirational sneakers, designer handbags, all the international brands never available here before.


          5. Maybe but Assad Khomeni Saddam Hussein and Kadaffy killed many more more

  3. Both Ray and i make the two top and very dictatorial classes [or three if one includes clergy] nervous or even fearful; thus, also hateful of us.

    But i fear all three top classes and not for me but for people like R. McGovern, Hedges, et al.

  4. How did Ray get into that hearing? Is the notion of a ‘limited audience’ not completely lost? Hearings would go ever so much better if the ‘protest’ was limited to the high side of the bench.

    Torture isn’t in question, now that we’ve admitted it and stopped doing it. Imagine if Adolf had fessed-up and changed his ways in 1943? He’d have been a senior statesman.

  5. They needed 5 storm troopers to deal with 1 elderly man? Welcome to our American Police State where illegal aliens are welcomed and US citizens treated like criminals.

    1. Only 5 were used because McGovern is 78, If he was 50, they would have used 10, Our tax,dollars at work.

    2. “where illegal aliens are welcomed and US citizens treated like criminals.”

      The Police State is every bit as much aimed at “illegal” aliens, who have harmed no one, as it is aimed at US Citizens. And “illegal” immigration, along with the drug war, are the primary excuses the feds use to create and support the Police State and National Security State. Have you heard of “Real ID?”

  6. This shocking video represents one more sliver of evidence that the USA hath become a police state supporting a vast military dictatorship.

  7. Notice how fast McGovern was removed from the hearing? The presstitute media must maintain the fiction that they were unaware of the Haspels history.

  8. Would not be surprised bif McGovern sued the goverment and did this cause he was looking for some cash

    Kust like Al Sharpton

    1. Interesting negative speculation. Given he was injured by the government by what many would consider excessive force, I would expect that he could make a legal argument and win a civil lawsuit. Then again, it’s simply speculation.

    2. My, what an enlightening discussion! Thank you, Mr Stern,for,the frequent reminders that “Assad is a baby murderer”, as you write eloquently about the proxy jihadi wars going on here and there.

      This is going to get very messy.That’s something Ray McGovern knows for sure.

      War is a racket, darl– (General Smedley Butler)

      1. Around here they live Assad and Putin . ( cause they are not really antiwar)

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  10. I applaud McGovern. But it’s not as if Haspel’s nomination goes down, Trump will choose someone better. He’ll more than likely pick another Bolton. A woman’s touch, and a career officer to boot, at the helm of a rogue agency like the CIA would be better than a political pick like the hack Nikki Haley at the UN.

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