Professor Stephen Cohen on Tucker Carlson Show: Reaction To Trump’s Russia Comments Like ‘Mob Violence’

Professor Stephen Cohen on Tucker Carlson last night:

11 thoughts on “Professor Stephen Cohen on Tucker Carlson Show: Reaction To Trump’s Russia Comments Like ‘Mob Violence’”

  1. Two of the foremost ‘voices in the wilderness’ cannot believe the level of hysteria and stupidity in DC today!! What does this say about the elitist leaders.

  2. I hate Trump. I love Cohen. I’m learning to appreciate Carlson.

    I question Trump’s motives on Russia. He hasn’t convinced me that he’s devoted to peace. But if you call the bastard the devil every time he acts like a diplomat you just guarantee that he’s going to stick to consorting with the very worst demons of his nature. George McGovern would be sickened by today’s so called progressives. I am too. That’s why I’m an anarchist.

    1. “I’m learning to appreciate Carlson.”

      Carlson’s not as bad as most of his Fox brethren, but he can still be quite a partisan. As for Cohen, he is a gutsy guy for challenging his fellow left wingers. Kudos to him for speaking out against this insanity.

      1. Literally no one in this country knows more about Russia than Cohen. He’s a sage.

        Carlson still pisses me off quite a bit but he seems to have become saner since he ditched the bow-tie. I’m sure there’s a connection there somehow.

  3. We are psychologically blind to our own failures, and for many of us our union depends on waging self-righteous wars against evil. I think it goes back to our Civil War – or rather to the way we learn about that war. We believe it was a necessary solution to end a great evil. Never mind that the Northern states were as racist as the the South: e.g. “free state” Indiana’s 1851 constitution prohibited free blacks from entering the state and seriously considered ethnically-cleansing all blacks already in residence. Never mind that the war represented a collective failure not a victory, that it did nothing to manage the practical transition of slave to freeman. We glorify Civil War battles but learn nothing of Henry Clay the Compromiser. Just as extremists on both sides pushed us into that war, so today we push NATO to Russia’s borders, oblivious to the existential threat that poses to Russia.

    1. If you oppose war, you’re a communist! If you oppose war, you support slavery! If you oppose war, you’re a Nazi! If you oppose war, you’re an anti-Semite! If you oppose war, you’re for Saddam Hussein throwing babies on an open fire! I guess that makes those of us who oppose war the scum of the Earth. If so, then make the most of it.

  4. Even for one such as myself that despises the ruling elites the vitriol stuns me. It shouldn’t though. Those that cheered murder and mayhem in the middle east, north Africa and elsewhere on pretexts have no moral compass. When those such as Brennan spout about treason, they are both projecting and deflecting their own guilt.

  5. Regardless of how one feels about Trump, it is clear the Deep State is attempting a silent coup, using the MSM and Establishment politicians from both parties to do it. It is a disgrace. The US should be doing all that it can to work with friends and foe alike. The Neocons are constantly trying to gin up war and now they are using the Dems to do it. Russia is not our enemy.

  6. God bless Stephen Cohen! Tucker should have him on every night to make up for all the appearances of war monger Gen. Jack Keane on FOX News and FOX Business News.

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