Ron Paul on ‘Fort Trump’… In Poland?

When the Polish president came to town this week, he brought an offer of $2 billion toward the cost of putting in a permanent US military base on his soil. He even sweetened the deal by jokingly offering to name it “Fort Trump.” Joking aside, does establishing a permanent US military base so close to Russia’s border really do anything for US security? Or is it just a provocation? Is Russia really about to launch a land war to take over Europe? More in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Ron Paul on ‘Fort Trump’… In Poland?”

  1. Did Russia ever plan to invade West Germany, France and Italy ? NO. But the strong Communist parties in France and Italy whose goals were a Soviet France and a Soviet Italy, helped create NATO. Rep. Sen. Robert Taft opposed

  2. I suggest you watch the movie Jack Strong about Polish Colonel Ryszard Kuklinski who passed Soviet WW3 plans to the Americans in the 60’ies. Easier than reading a book. He pushed back the incipient WW3 World,War 3 and invasion of Western Europe by 60 years, precipitating a chain of events ending in the collapse of the Soviet Union. For this his only two sons were killed in strange circumstances, while he ended his life in hiding from the Soviets, under an assumed name. He did so because the plans called for nuclear bombing along the Vistula River which meant complete destruction of Poland. Think nuclear carpet bombing along the Mississipi. The fact that you dont know history, like 99.9% of Americans does not mean it does not exist.
    American are now meddling in polish politics. They will do squat diddly when and if Russia moves agains Poland (like it did in 1921,when Poles saved Europe from that invasion and again in 1945) , and Poland will pay the price for letting the US use the Polish territory for its foreign policy aims. And for this we are to pay 2 million to the US, instead of they paying Poland. Surely noone thinks US does something for other reasons than self interest?

    1. I think the US is 100% self interest, and I’m American, but, then again, it’s why I left.

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