The Corporatist War on Free Speech – Are We a Nation of Sheep?

What do we call it when the government outsources censorship to the private sector? And what about when those “private” companies are in bed with government? The latest social media purge of hundreds of alternative news sites guarantees that we will be less informed. Guarantees that our only inputs will be from the government-approved mainstream media outlets. They want to turn us into a nation of sheep. Will we allow them? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

10 thoughts on “The Corporatist War on Free Speech – Are We a Nation of Sheep?”

  1. Hell, yes, the US is a nation of sheep. You just now figuring this out?

    It’s been reported for several years now that both Google and Facebook were created with financial and other help from fronts connected to the CIA. All these social media companies were created to do the sort of social manipulation and control that the CIA couldn’t do on its own, and to extend its manipulations from the mainstream media – which is also well known – into the digital realm.

    And there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it, absent any control by the electorate of a corrupt Congress.

    If Ron Paul wants to do something, get legislation introduced that makes these companies “public utilities” which are not responsible for content uploaded to them and more importantly will be forbidden by law to censor that content except in circumstances where the content is already expressly illegal in any media, such as child porn.

    Until that is done, corporate censorship will remain and increase until the Internet is Balkanized into corporate fiefdoms from which little dissent is allowed.

    1. You do understand that this was a rhetorical question by Dr Paul? As far as introducing legislation? He retired from Congress after the 2012 session.

      1. You do understand sarcasm, right? And he has a son in Congress who can certainly introduce legislation.

          1. I explained what I wrote. Are you merely one more argumentative nuisance that clutters these forums who can’t comprehend plain English?

          2. Pretty obvious that “sarcasm ” doesn’t fit things like ” you just now figuring this out”. Try “rhetorical” instead.

            Then the ad hominem.

  2. Sheep customarily do not invade or overthrow other sheep’s pastures, infest them with terrorists, economically besiege them, or bleat hateful narratives about them. No Dr Paul, we’re Talking Monkeys who haven’t figured out how to share. The Alpha males circle around each other, baring teeth and sniffing buttholes (diplomacy), flinging poo and beating each other to death (propaganda and war). We also like to pretend a lot.

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